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RESILIENCE 2016 ANNUAL REPORT July 1, 2015—June 30, 2016



Communities where sexual and reproductive rights are basic human rights and where every person has the opportunity to lead a healthy and meaningful life. 2

Dear Friends, After eight years of service on Planned Parenthood boards, I am honored to chair Planned Parenthood of the Heartland’s Operating Board. I came to this new position knowing the dedication that Planned Parenthood supporters show – but when the national video attacks were launched just two weeks into the new fiscal year, I learned what a tremendous privilege it is to serve alongside the tenacious individuals who make up this organization. At the start of the fiscal year we implemented a new five-year strategic plan for PPHeartland, which became crucially important as we responded to a variety of internal and external pressures, including: • • • • • •

ongoing attacks in the media a gunman’s attack on the Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs, which required us to expedite planned security upgrades declining patient numbers, exacerbated by political attacks two lawsuits in Arkansas, necessary to protect health care access for the patients we serve defunding attempts by state legislatures in Iowa and Oklahoma staffing challenges.

Faced with these same circumstances, others may have given in to the opposition and closed their doors. Instead, we stayed true to our mission and met our challenges with grace, responsibility and resilience. We looked at PPHeartland’s place within the context of the larger Planned Parenthood Federation of America and strategized how we would best serve our patients while maintaining a sustainable business model. The most immediate result of this work was the transition of our three health centers in Arkansas and Oklahoma to another affiliate that is both geographically aligned and culturally well-suited to take them on. While this decision was difficult, we are proud to have upheld our promise to our communities: Planned Parenthood is here, no matter what. The unforeseen challenges we faced in FY16 cannot be understated; they also left their mark on this fiscal year's financial results. While the transition of Arkansas and Oklahoma operations was not effective until October 20, 2016, PPHeartland took a significant write-off. However, rest assured: PPHeartland is a strong affiliate. We are strong because of champions like you, who give courageously, who advocate fiercely and who unequivocally trust Planned Parenthood in the face of baseless opposition. Thank you for your brave hearts and resilient spirit. Together, we are Planned Parenthood. With gratitude,

Barb Jacobson, EdD Board Chair



To provide, promote and protect reproductive and sexual health through health services, education and advocacy. 4

Dear Friends, This year was defined by resilience and by resolve. It was a year in which Planned Parenthood of the Heartland – like every other Planned Parenthood affiliate and our national organization – faced significant challenges, but stayed standing. Throughout the year, we successfully responded to blistering attacks and unjust laws based on false and baseless accusations. These attacks precipitated the unanticipated additional work necessitated by audits, investigations and lawsuits. Despite these pressures, we kept our focus on our day-to-day work to deliver our mission. During this year, we adapted to an increasingly harsh environment and implemented our new five-year strategic plan. We set in motion a plan to geographically realign our health centers in Arkansas and Oklahoma, preserving our mission in the four states we serve. Oklahoma and Arkansas have been an integral part of our affiliate for five years; these decisions were not made easily. However, as a result of this work, we are a stronger affiliate, poised to move forward. I am incredibly proud of our amazing staff and their commitment to our communities. Some of our achievements include: • serving 52,963 patients • providing 3,635 education programs to 55,414 participants • adding 42,433 new supporters to our advocacy network • keeping staff, board and supporters abreast of the quickly changing landscape. Our resiliency came from our strong foundation and roots, the unwavering support of longtime donors, volunteers, board members and staff, and the passionate, first-time support of thousands who recognized the injustice of the attacks and decided to act. We also experienced an outpouring of love and gratitude from current and former patients whose lives are markedly different because of the health care they received from Planned Parenthood. So while I am happy to share with you the many details of our operations and how we have worked tirelessly to stabilize, strengthen and grow, I hope you will take the opportunity to read their words, too. We have included just a small selection of the thank-you notes we’ve received, which illustrate the true, tangible depth of your support. With your help, we got through one of the most difficult years in Planned Parenthood’s history – nearly a century of transforming women’s health and empowering millions of people worldwide to make informed health decisions, forever changing the way they live, love, learn and work. We are incredibly grateful. Warmest regards,

Suzanna de Baca President/CEO 5

Operating Board Barb Jacobson – Chair Cheryl Morton – Vice Chair Cyril Mandelbaum – Treasurer Jim Wohlleb – Secretary Teree Caldwell-Johnson Jason Dunn Stephanie Horten Jean Imray Jason Lehman Jennifer Magilton Murray Newbern Dr. Stephanie Morgan Ron Rosenblatt Dr. Robert Shaw Susan Ugai Suzanna de Baca – President/CEO

Foundation Board of Trustees Robert Becker – Chair Fran Fleck – Vice Chair Nancy Lowenberg – Treasurer John McNee – Secretary Richard McArthur Catherine Dietz-Kilen Curtis Fisher Barb Jacobson Natalie Mason Murray Newman Mike Woods Suzanna de Baca – President/CEO


Planned Parenthood Voters of Arkansas Board Sarah Brewer Thompson – Chair Glen Hooks – Vice Chair William Goolsby – Secretary/Treasurer Maria Báez de Hicks Vicki Cook Frederick Gentry Ann Hair Angela Hunter Tricia Larson Dr. Marvin Singleton Suzanna de Baca – President/CEO

Planned Parenthood Voters of Iowa Board*/ PAC Steering Committee Robyn Mills* – Chair Shayla McCormally* – Vice Chair Debra Moore* – Secretary/Treasurer Susy Robinette* – PAC Chair Alicia Claypool – PAC Vice Chair Debbie Gitchell – PAC Secretary/Treasurer Margaret Borgen Tyler Coe Jann Freed* Judie Hoffman Natalie Koerber Linda Langston* Jill Nelson* Phyllis Peters Betsy Shelton* Marie Walker Barb Yankey* Suzanna de Baca – President/CEO

Planned Parenthood Voters of Nebraska Board Mary Ann Holland – Chair Paul Landow – Vice Chair Christa Yoakum – Secretary/Treasurer Margaret Kirkeby Randy Moody Bob Mundy W. Don Nelson Suzanne Rogert Sue Ellen Wall Katie Weitz Suzanna de Baca – President/CEO


Thriving Reproductive and Sexual Health Services

Patient Financial Status Federal Poverty Line

19,047 Undeclared 995 250% + 1,223 201% - 250% 2,527 151% - 200% 4,182 101% - 150%

2% 2% 5% 8% 47%

0% - 100% 25,069

Patient Ages under 18 8%

ages 18-24 42%

ages 25-44 47%

over 44 3%

Services Provided 43% 35% 7% 4% 3% 3% 2% 2% 1% <1%

116,193 95,026

STI Testing Contraception Pregnancy Testing Breast Exam Pharmacy Contraception/Delayed Pap Test Abortion Family Practice Colposcopy & Biopsy

18,029 11,339 8,377 6,848 6,257 4,987 2,022 467

Contraception by Type 18,788 41% 5,995 13%


Oral contraception


3,166 7%

3,156 7%

3,020 7%

Emergency contraception



1,437 3% NuvaRing

295 1% Patch

Navigators participated in 315 outreach and enrollment events reaching 5,794 individuals, and they enrolled 434 individuals in a qualified health plan

Strategic Priority #1

Thriving Reproductive and Sexual Health Services “I grew up fairly poor as a teenager during the early 1970's. Planned Parenthood took care of most of my medical needs and all of my gynecological needs, especially birth control. They basically helped keep me from early motherhood, which in some small way also helped me graduate high school, travel, get married, have children that were planned, and eventually become a registered nurse myself, ministering to the health care needs of others. I will always support and defend Planned Parenthood."

– PPHeartland patient and supporter

“The treatment I have received from Planned Parenthood health care providers has been the kindest, most compassionate medical attention that I have received anywhere. Their employees and volunteers have gone out of their way to help me to a degree that I have almost never experienced in other medical facilities. Knowing that they work under continual threat of violence, and yet provide an exceptionally warm, supportive environment for their patients, I am doubly humbled by the courage and empathy I have encountered there.”

– PPHeartland patient

Because nearly half (47%) of our patients are at or below the federal poverty level, many of them receive health services solely because of your generosity. We provided nearly $3.3 million in uncompensated care in FY16.


Education with Impact

Education programs

3,635 Education participants

55,414 PPHeartland educators are trained in multiple curricula and programs to address sexuality across the lifespan, from school-based education to LGBTQ inclusivity, to helping parents/adults talk with youth, to training other community based organizations. We use evidence-based curricula that are proven to be effective in reducing STDs, HIV and/or teen pregnancy.


Strategic Priority #2

Education with Impact “Teen Council has made a lot of opportunities for me and my peers in my community. I’m constantly giving people information, as well as free condoms and lube. I’ve been able to properly inform my peers about sex and consent, and I am able to answer questions about STI’s. It feels really awesome to be informed and have the ability to properly articulate the information that other teens have questions on.”

– PP Teen Council Member

In a year of new advances, our educators and partnering organizations proudly brought the following initiatives to the Heartland: • With funding from the Women’s Fund of Omaha and in partnership with community organizations, we provided onsite and offsite STI testing through the Adolescent Health Project, targeting youth ages 15-24. In FY16, the project provided over 3,200 STI tests and treatment for more than 400 individuals. Additionally, our health educators in the Omaha/Council Bluffs area launched Teen Council, a peer-to-peer sex education program. • Thanks to a 5-year cooperative grant with the Office of Adolescent Health, we began to implement evidence-based curricula in select Nebraska and Iowa communities where the teen birth rate is higher than the national average. During our inaugural planning year, we piloted the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative across five counties: Dakota, Douglas (NE), Woodbury, Pottawattamie and Mills (IA). • Health educators in Southeast Iowa partnered with the local department of public health to conduct school-based STI testing as part of Burlington Community High School’s Health and Resource Fair.


Powerful Advocacy


attended Speak Up – No Matter What lobby days in Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska and Oklahoma



were "virtual" lobby day attendees

3,516 IOWANS

signed our petition to reject state legislators’ attempts to defund Planned Parenthood

In FY16, 42,433 new supporters joined our Voter Activation Network (VAN), the database our advocacy team uses to contact potential and existing supporters – bringing the total to 219,172. PPHeartland supporters sent 2,630 letters to their state representatives asking them to protect access to affordable family planning, medically accurate sexual health education, and safe, legal abortion.


Strategic Priority #3

Powerful Advocacy “So many people view Planned Parenthood as dealing solely with ‘women’s issues,’ but they’re really more broadly people issues and social justice issues. As a man who cares about justice, equality and health care, I benefit from this organization, so I try to be a vocal ally. By bringing progressive people together to speak the same language and walk in the same direction, we can get past these same unjust fights we’ve been embroiled in for far too long.” –Glen Hooks, board member, Planned Parenthood Voters of Arkansas As expected, legislative sessions were tough across our affiliate. We saw lawmakers who don’t believe a woman has the right to make her own health care decisions use a variety of futile tactics to attack reproductive health and rights. We faced attempts to defund PPHeartland, restrict and ban abortion, limit youth’s access to evidence-based sexual health education, and more. But because of dedicated advocates like you, we prevailed against these attacks and ensured that people continue to have access to high-quality health care.


Organizational Vitality

PPHeartland’s strategic priority, Organizational Vitality, is focused on engaging our board members and staff in our mission of service. At all times, but during FY16 especially, the safety of our staff and patients was a top priority. By stewarding our financial resources to invest in our valuable people resources, we create a resilient organization our boards and staff are proud to serve. • We reduced overhead costs by upgrading our phone system, moving our administrative headquarters, and selling properties.

• And we made necessary renovations to health centers, thanks to the generous support of donors.


Strategic Priority #4

Organizational Vitality “My journey at Planned Parenthood started out as a challenge, but caring for patients has proven to feel like a calling. I do it because when I was a very young woman, someone very close to me had an abortion. The staff was cold and disconnected, and she had no one but me. When Burlington began offering medication abortions, it brought back these memories, but it didn’t deter me from doing my job. On the contrary, I became organized, focused and determined to do exactly the opposite of everything I remembered about that experience. My team and I engage our patients, we truly educate, and we are as compassionate as we know how to be. I go home every night proud to be an employee of Planned Parenthood of the Heartland.”

– Dawn Tatro, Burlington Center Manager

Throughout the year we made ardent strides to establish a meaningful workplace culture by emphasizing agreedupon workplace values and services standards. We also invested in professional learning and leadership development opportunities for staff.


Philanthropic Culture of Communities

In FY16, 1,934 new donors joined the Planned Parenthood family, showing their support by giving $283,543 16

Strategic Priority #5

A Philanthropic Culture of Communities “Over the last few years, the rhetoric against Planned Parenthood has been getting worse and worse… I’m no stranger to this type of politics, but after seeing the shooting in Colorado, the antichoice bill in Texas, and the loss of clinical privileges for medical abortions at a Planned Parenthood clinic at my alma mater, the University of Missouri, it’s obvious that the kind of vitriol directed at PP is having tangible and often horrifying effects. “But despite all that, you all are doing an incredible job. You’re coming in to work and making real differences in women’s lives. I haven’t forgotten how many of my close friends growing up have been able to live happier, more productive lives because of the services you offered, whether contraceptives, abortion or general health care.” – New PPHeartland donor FY16 was a year of unprecedented challenges, beginning with a series of highly edited, illegally obtained videos attempting to misrepresent Planned Parenthood’s brand, our providers and our patients. These malicious attacks sparked media frenzy and a number of fruitless investigations, but they also sparked something greater: the courageous fervor of our supporters nationwide. Those who had never made a gift before gave. Those who have a legacy of giving gave even more. Former and current patients shared their stories, wrote their representatives and showered our providers with baked goods, flowers and notes of kind gratitude. We were humbled and we were reignited by people like you, who refuse to be daunted by political bullies. Your voices rang clear: We stand with Planned Parenthood – no matter what.



The reality of the rapidly changing health care landscape caused us to face some hardships in 2016. We made difficult decisions in order to continue providing the highest level of care to the greatest number of people. But we are proud to say that, because of your strength of heart and how our communities have mobilized in the face of opposition, our spirit is more resilient than ever. We are Planned Parenthood, and we are here to stay â&#x20AC;&#x201C; no matter what. 18

Philanthropy Across our Communities Nebraska • 235 volunteers spent 2,384 hours phone banking, conducting outreach, providing clerical support, and assisting public affairs and education staff - Total value $51,290 • 181 Lincoln-area supporters raised $71,684.50 at Generations Strong: Tree with Roots in December • 253 Omaha-area supporters raised $80,593.55 at Moxie in April Arkansas • 225 volunteers gave 2,368 hours phone banking, conducting outreach, providing clerical support, and assisting public affairs staff - Total value $45,328 • 134 Northwest Arkansas supporters raised $14,786 at The Bash in September • 297 Central Arkansas supporters raised $92,876 at Garden Party in May Iowa • • • •

1,350 Book Sale volunteers worked 18,382 hours, valued at $409,000 An additional 315 supporters spent 2,112 hours phone banking, conducting outreach, providing clerical support, and assisting public affairs and education staff - Total value $47,006 313 central Iowa supporters raised $187,004.50 at Garden Party in June 67 eastern Iowa supporters raised $34,405.00 at Vision in June

FY16 was a year of both unprecedented challenges and Oklahoma overwhelming support. The reality of the health care • 107 volunteers gave 1,767 hours phone banking, conducting outreach, providing landscape, of course, means we faced some hardship. clerical support, and assisting public affairs staff - Total value $37,990 We made some difficult decisions in order to continue • 163 Tulsa-area supporters raised $109,895 at Generations providing Strong in November the highest level of care to the greatest number of people. But we are proud to say that, because of your strength of heart and how our communities have mobilized in the face of opposition, our spirit is more resilient than ever. We are Planned Parenthood, and we are here to stay – no matter what. 19

2016 Statement of Financial Position As of June 30, 2016




Current Assets Cash and Cash Equivalents

Liability and Net Assets



Current Liabilities $4,156,105


Current Portion of Long-Term Debt



Patient Accounts Receivable, Net



Accounts Payable



Grants Receivable, Net



Accrued Salaries and Related Taxes



Current Pledges Receivable, Net



Accrued Paid Time Off



Inventory of Materials and Supplies



Deferred Revenue





Other Liabilities



Prepaid Assets Other Current Assets and Discontinued Operations* Total Current Assets





Total Current Liabilities



Liabilities, Discontinued Operations*



Long-Term Debt





Total Liabilities







Pledges Receivable, Net



Temporarily Restricted



Beneficial Interest in Assets Held by Others



Permanently Restricted



Total Net Assets



Property and Equipment, net Long-Term Investments Other Assets

Other Assets Total Other Assets

Net Assets Unrestricted

Total Liabilities and Net Assets Total Assets









*As of October 20, 2016, Planned Parenthood of the Heartland completed the divestiture of PPAEO. This impacted FY16 financial statements and is reflected in separate lines for assets, liabilities, and discontinued operations activities.


2016 Statement of Activity Year ended June 30, 2016 Unrestricted

Temporarily Restricted

Permanently Restricted



Revenues $10,034,858






Patient Service Revenue






Government Grants






Private Grants






Book Sale Revenues






Special Events





























































Investment Income Net Realized Gain on Investments Net Unrealized gain on Investments Loss on Sale of Property and Equipment Miscellaneous Income Net Assets Relased from Program Restrictions Total Revenues Expenses Program Services Clinical Services Public Affairs and Education Total Program Services Supporting Services Management and General Fundraising Total Supporting Services





















Affiliate Assessment Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc. Total Expenses OPERATING GAIN or (LOSS)

(447,112) **




Loss from Discontinued Operations (PPAEO)*




Change in Net Assets




Net Assets - Beginning of Year











Net Assets - End of Year




(1,880,987) **


*As of October 20, 2016, Planned Parenthood of the Heartland completed the divestiture of PPAEO. This impacted FY16 financial statements and is reflected in separate lines for assets, liabilities, and discontinued operations activities.


**Discontinued PPAEO operations resulted in a $1,433,875 loss for FY16. The operating loss for Planned Parenthood of the Heartland and its Foundation was $447,112 due to a loss on the sale of two buildings. Combined, the total loss for the fiscal year was $1,880,987.

Health Centers

In FY16, Planned Parenthood of the Heartland proudly served patients in four states: Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska and eastern Oklahoma.

Arkansas Fayetteville** Little Rock**


Ames Burlington Cedar Falls Cedar Rapids Council Bluffs Des Moines – Rosenfield Des Moines – Susan Knapp Des Moines – West Dubuque* Iowa City Keokuk Quad Cities Sioux City

Nebraska Lincoln South Omaha – Northwest

Eastern Oklahoma Tulsa – Midtown & Family Practice Center**

*Health center closed April 2016. **Under management of Planned Parenthood Great Plains, effective October 20, 2016



Thanks to your support, Planned Parenthood of the Heartland provided $3,293,717.29 in uncompensated charity care. 23

RESILIENCE 1.877.811.7526 66

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Planned Parenthood of the Heartland 2016 Annual Report  

Planned Parenthood of the Heartland 2016 Annual Report