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WE ARE THE PEOPLE OF PLANNED PARENTHOOD. We defend the right of all Ohioans to control their own bodies. We serve everyone, regardless of immigration status, race, religion, gender identity, or sexual orientation. We fight for affordable, equitable health care and education because they are fundamental human rights. This work is as hard as it is important. Our staff members, volunteers, donors, and allies can carry on, year after year, because we know we are not alone. We are there for each other, just as we are there for our patients, our communities, and our mission. Standing up for others takes compassion and courage. At Planned Parenthood, no one stands alone.

Dear members of our Planned Parenthood family, We are pleased to share with you the 2018 Annual Report for Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio. As we reflect upon the many successes and obstacles from last year, we are awestruck. Between the state and federal legislative battles that placed access to health care — including reproductive health care — in its sights, a resilient and nimble Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio team was able to provide health care to a record number of patients, especially those who live in communities that are medically underserved, in rural areas, or that have been historically marginalized. We expanded our sex education programs to serve over 40,000 young people throughout Ohio. Our advocacy organization, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio, thwarted numerous attempts to defund our health care services and education programs. Many people may wonder how Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio navigated through such a challenging year, but we know that we persisted because of you. Together, we accomplish the extraordinary. Each member of our Planned Parenthood family — whether you are a patient, client, donor, community partner, or volunteer — empowers us to serve Ohio communities that rely on Planned Parenthood. Inspired by your incredible support, our staff and clinicians wake up every day, galvanized and confident. They work tirelessly to protect our mission and to ensure that all Ohioans, regardless of their age, gender identity, ethnicity, sexual orientation, immigration status, or religion, have access to affordable, safe, and compassionate health care and sexual health education. Truly, it is because of your support that Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio can stand resolute in our commitment to continue to protect all Ohioans as we strive to strengthen ourselves, our families, and our communities. Together, we understand that health care is a basic human right that should be available to everyone who needs and wants it. To make this a reality, we must continue to lift up our voices and proclaim that we the people want and deserve life, liberty, and the pursuit of great health care — no matter what. In this together,

Iris E. Harvey President and CEO

Jennifer McNally Chair, Board of Directors




Hadley and Patti Morgenstern-Clarren

“We want to be on the front line helping women get the services they need.”

When Hadley and Patti married more than 40 years ago and settled in Shaker Heights, one of the first philanthropic donations they made as a couple was to Planned Parenthood. Patti explains, “I’m a strong supporter of a woman’s right to control her own destiny, including making her own health care decisions. The mission of Planned Parenthood aligns perfectly with that and so we decided to become donors.” In addition to making generous financial contributions throughout the years, the Morgenstern-Clarrens have also donated their time. Patti is a former board member and Hadley is a current board committee member and volunteer. As a retired physician, Hadley spends one day each week volunteering for non-clinical tasks, something he calls one of his goodwill projects. Hadley and Patti understand that it is a critical time for our organization. “We are in a time when opponents of a woman’s right to choose are well organized and well financed,” Patti explains. “Those of us who support choice must do the same. We can’t take anything for granted.”


People’s lives are being changed. “Many of our patients that experience an unintended pregnancy have limited access to affordable and reliable birth control. We know that making effective birth control accessible is a critical strategy for decreasing the rate of unintended pregnancy in Ohio and across the country,” stated Dr. Adarsh Krishen, Chief Medical Officer for Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio. With generous support from the Crane Family Foundation, we launched a program that offers qualifying patients long-acting reversible contraception, or LARC, at no charge after they receive abortion care.

Now, because of the Crane Family Foundation, patients can choose to select the LARC method that is best for them, regardless of their ability to pay. By supporting this bold approach to increase access to the most effective forms of birth control, the Crane family empowers women, men, and young people in communities across Ohio to make choices that directly affect their lives and futures.

Expanded access to effective contraceptives empowers individuals to make decisions with their futures in mind. PLANNED PARENTHOOD OF GREATER OHIO 2018 ANNUAL REPORT



Roberta Aber, Akron-area supporter and advocate

“Planned Parenthood stands for women’s empowerment and that will be as important in succeeding generations of women as it has been in my lifetime. My bequest to Planned Parenthood is for those succeeding generations.” — Roberta Aber

Roberta Aber was the CEO of Planned Parenthood of Summit, Portage, and Medina Counties for 25 years. Throughout her life, Roberta has devoted herself to health care administration, and remains passionate about serving others. Roberta made the decision to extend her philanthropic support for generations to come. Members of the Legacy Society help ensure that our patients will continue to receive the care they need and deserve well into the future. So many of our supporters and advocates have had personal experiences as patients of Planned Parenthood, and are committed to providing nonjudgmental health care to any Ohioan in need for the next century. When Roberta included Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio in her estate plans, she engaged a simple process that established her lasting legacy. If you would like to leave a lasting gift to Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio, please contact Susan Melnyk at or speak with your estate planner.

ALL GIFTS MATTER: PATIENTS HELPING PATIENTS When patients check out after their appointments, we ask if they would like to make a small donation, in whatever amount they can afford at the time. Although there is no pressure to give, most still do, even though many are living below the Federal Poverty Line. These are truly gifts from the heart. They want to help another patient afford care, as they’ve been helped. Or they want to show their appreciation for the wonderful care they received from our compassionate clinicians. Whatever the reason, we were profoundly humbled to discover that, in 2018, those donations — some as little as one dollar — added up to nearly $88,000. Our patients stand with us, as we stand with them.

”I am blessed to have your services. Everyone should get tested and stay safe.” — Melissa, Youngstown Health Center patient


Marissa White, Peer Educator

Teens often turn to other teens with questions about sex and relationships. This is why we offer the Peer Education Program, which prepares teens to help their friends and classmates by arming them with facts and training them to identify and counter myths and fears.

Peer Education Programs were offered last year in Cleveland, Columbus, and Toledo, and reached nearly 4,000 young people. And the program continues to grow, thanks in part to an increased investment from our initial funder, the Women’s Fund of Central Ohio.

“Our Peer Educators are smart, compassionate, and committed,” says Meghan Ross, a Community Health Education Specialist who has been working with our Peer Education Program for nearly four years. “They care deeply about their communities and want to make sure that every person they speak to has access to accurate, nonjudgmental information about their reproductive health.”

Each new group of Peer Educators develops a strong, supportive community. For some of these young people, especially those who live in conservative areas, Peer Education meetings are the one place where they can be themselves and have the deep, honest conversations about sexual health that they so desperately need and deserve.




Ohio is the only state that has not adopted a standardized health education curriculum. This void in the education of our young people leaves parents without an authoritative resource when navigating complex and difficult conversations with their children about relationships, sexuality, and reproductive health. Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio has filled this void to become the largest provider of sexual health education in the state. We are committed to helping parents gain the communication skills they need to talk with their children about sexuality. Last year, we launched our Parent Circles program in Mansfield. Research and our experience tell us that it is better for all concerned when young people feel comfortable turning to parents, or other adults they know and trust, when they are ready to talk about their changing bodies, sexual health, and healthy relationships. All of the parents who graduated from this program reported greater comfort discussing sexual health topics with the young people in their lives.

“We wish we had a program like this when we were younger. It would have been easier to talk to our parents and not feel ashamed. This program helps make these conversations less awkward.” — Diana and Omar

QUALITY CARE, EVERYWHERE: STRENGTHENING COMMUNITIES ACROSS OHIO “Our Athens Health Center serves a rural community that is medically underserved, so piloting the Cervical Cancer Screening Program in this community filled an existing gap in the health care landscape,” said Lillian Williams, Vice President of Health Services. In partnership with Planned Parenthood Federation of America, our health care providers identified a significant need in the heart of Appalachia for regular screenings for cervical cancer. “When my mother was diagnosed with cancer, it scared me. It frightened me even more when we learned that rates of cervical cancer, and the risk of dying from this type of cancer, were greatly increased for women who live in this part of Ohio,” said Danielle, a patient at the Athens Health Center. “I immediately went to my local Planned Parenthood health center to be tested. I was thankful that I could be seen very quickly, and that the visit was covered with my health insurance.”

“Patients like Danielle are the reason this cancer screening initiative is so important to Ohio communities,” said Williams. “With the additional support for the cervical screening program, our clinicians were able to further increase the need for regular testing by enhancing patient education. Our team experienced the highest increase in testing participation in the program. This critical cancer screening ultimately saves lives and makes families and communities stronger.”

“With the incidence of cancer and mortality rates ahead of national averages, we are excited to launch this program at all of our health centers in order to impact this statewide health crisis.” — Lillian Williams, Vice President of Health Services

Services such as cancer screenings keep patients informed about their health and offer peace of mind. PLANNED PARENTHOOD OF GREATER OHIO 2018 ANNUAL REPORT


PUTTING FAITH INTO ACTION Last spring, Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio joined with Equality Ohio and the Ohio Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice to organize “Holy Callings: Advancing Reproductive Health and LGBTQ Justice,” a summit for faith leaders from a variety of denominations and traditions. The intent was to explore topics surrounding and connecting faith, reproductive freedom, and the LGBTQ community. The keynote speaker was Bishop Yvette Flunder, Senior Pastor at City of Refuge United Church of Christ in Oakland, California, a spiritual community that embraces all cultures, faith paths, gender expressions, and sexual/affection orientations. Speakers, who came from all over the country, encouraged activism and advocacy grounded in deep spiritual faith, while supporting choice and reproductive justice.

Crazy Faith Freedom Choir

At Planned Parenthood, we know that many of our patients come from marginalized or underrepresented communities. When our patients enter our health centers, we show them kindness and understanding. We ensure they know that to us, their lives and their struggles are real. We stand with the women, men, and young people of Ohio who are often forgotten, excluded, or shamed. And, we are eager to work with and learn from other organizations, including faith communities, that support those important stakeholders throughout Ohio. “Perhaps the most important part of advocacy is visibility. In debates about any issue, it is easy for each side to view the other as unknowable, which helps to dehumanize. Being a visible advocate for a cause helps to give it a human element. It makes it harder to agree with policies that adversely affect a group, because they start to realize that that group is made up of people like themselves.” — Sam, a summit participant


Traci Person, Regional Field Manager

Ahead of the 2018 midterm election, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio launched its first statewide Super Political Action Committee (Super PAC) to ensure that reproductive health and rights were central to candidates’ messages. The group is called Planned Parenthood Votes Ohio, or PPVotes Ohio. With the support of our volunteers and donors, PPVotes Ohio became the largest independent volunteer door-to-door canvassing effort in the state, which contributed to record voter turnout in Ohio’s largest counties. As a trusted voice for Ohioans, Planned Parenthood held elected officials accountable for protecting the rights of all members of our communities, with a special focus on access to affordable reproductive health care that includes the right to safe, legal abortion. Supporters throughout the state turned out to canvass, rally, and hold fundraising events. Together, we helped send more reproductive rights champions to the Ohio House and Senate, and returned Sherrod Brown to the United States Senate.

Last year, as in many previous years, our supporters lifted their voices and stood strong with Planned Parenthood patients against national and statewide legislation intended to ban abortion, shame and humiliate Ohioans, and limit affordable health care. As we look to the year ahead, we expect similar threats to Title X (the national family planning grant that has been around for more than 40 years), additional limitations to Medicaid, and legislation that likely will place Roe v. Wade at risk. Your unwavering support gives us the strength to face each challenge. We are Planned Parenthood, and no one stands alone.



The Numbers SOURCES OF REVENUE Contributions: individuals, foundations, private grants, bequests



Title X grant: health and education services



State and federal grant revenue



Medicaid and Medicare reimbursements



Patient self-pay payments



Private/commercial insurance payments



Other revenue






EXPENSES Health services

$ 16,565,395

Education and outreach



Government and community relations






Management and general






Net change in assets before investment activity



Investment income



Net change in assets



A complete copy of our annual audit is available for review upon request. Contact: Barbara Singhaus, Chief Financial Officer | 216-446-6206 |

“Giving is a universal opportunity. Regardless of your age, profession, religion, income bracket, and background, you have the capacity to create change.” — Laura Arrillaga-Andreesen At Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio, our work is not possible without philanthropic support from our very generous supporters. Without you, we would not be able to continue and grow our services for our patients. From our board, staff, and patients, we thank you for your continued investment in our work. Susan Melnyk, Vice President of Development

INDIVIDUAL DONORS President’s Circle

Supporters at a level of $50,000 and above. Anonymous (1) Mary Anne and Don Flournoy E. Marianne Gabel Holley and Rob Martens Deborah and Ronald Ratner Susan and James Ratner Sheryl Sandberg

Leadership Council

Supporters at a level of $25,000 to $49,999. Anonymous (1) Jean Droste Rebecca Dunn Elaine G. Hadden Ilana Horowitz Ratner and Charles Ratner Melodee Kornacker Mary Lazarus Jane and John McCoy Corde Robinson and Grant Morrow Barbara and Arnold Siemer Elizabeth Siemer Mickey and Cheryl Weinstein Sue Wright


Supporters at a level of $10,000 to $24,999.

Anonymous (3) Carol Andreae and Jim Garland Bill and Patty Babcox

Sally Bernhardt Bill and Gail Calfee Janet and Daniel Calhoun Casto Family Geoff and Katie Chatas Sue Colucci Loann Crane Georgia and John DallePezze Barbara Deering Hank Doll Lin Emmons Christine and W. Thomas Farquhar Char and Chuck Fowler Chann Fowler-Spellman and Edward Spellman Cathy and Larry Goldberg E.J. Heer Anne and Tom Hilbert Maxine W. Houck Ms. Nancy Joyner Carol Lasser and Gary J. Kornblith Hattie and Robert Lazarus Fund Bob and Karen Leon Carol and Gil Lowenthal Jennifer McNally and Michael Flamm Jean McNamara Patti and Hadley Morgenstern-Clarren Philip Neshkin Ann and Gerald Newsom Gayle and David Noble Molly Perkins Pat Pogue

Shelly and Mark Saltzman Hershel B. Sarbin Lee Shackelford Larry H. Snyder, Esq. Chris and Tom Sumner Bobbie and Alan Weiler Cydney Weingart Hugh Westwater


Supporters at a level of $5,000 to $9,999.

Anonymous (3) Michael Anspach Jennie Berliant Nicholas and Melissa Bittner Jeri Block and Bobby Schottenstein Stanley Blum Lauren Bonfield and Stephen Keyes Betty and Keith Bowers Ms. Anne Bramman and Mr. Jerry Davis Ken and Kit Brown Christopher Burke Nan Cohen and Daniel Abrams Jeanette and George Conger Beth Crane and Richard McKee Daniel and Christie Crane Jameson Crane and Laura Dehlendorf Mr. and Mrs. John A. Galbraith Judith Gerson Asmita and John Goldblum Linda and Robert Gorman

Suzanne and Tom Gross Paul Heldman Elizabeth P. Hollow Harry and Sandy Holmes Jill and David Katz Jill Kingsley Dolores Kleinman Christopher Knight Diane and Arthur Lavin Andrew Levitt Margaret M. and Philip Lloyd Dianne and Herb Newman Lauren and Andrew Norelli Chris Parsons Barbara and Thomas Piraino Anne and Bill Porter Anne Powell Riley Lisa A. Quinn Drs. Susan and Thomas Quinn Patricia Radloff Julie and Peter Raskind Audrey and Albert Ratner Joseph Ruby Sandy and Bob Schwartz Linda and Gary Sirak Gayle Smith Jerome Smith Sandra and Richey Smith Jennifer Allan Soros and Jonathan Soros Jeanne Deibel Tyler Vivian von Gruenigen Diane Weaver Georgia E. Welles Nanci and David Westrick Dr. Robert C. Williams and

Emily C. Williams Sandy and Tim Wuliger Ellen and Dan Zelman


Supporters at a level of $1,000 to $4,999.

Anonymous (25) Roberta Aber and William Rich Jane and Stanford Ackley Mr. Jonathan Adams and Dr. Pamela T. Conover Rabbi and Mrs. Jonathan J. Adland Joan and Thomas Adler Kenneth Adler Bobbi Jo Allan Sandy Anderson and Lynn Readey Abel Applebaum Kate and Ric Asbeck Lori Askeland Mowgli Assor Dr. Jean Atwood and Michael Kirkman Edgar and Janine Avila Stacy Baca Shawn Baker and Jeffrey Naylor Ellen Barry Frances L. Beck Joseph E. Beck Norman K. Beck Jan Beeman and Paul Burstadt Ellen and Guillermo Bernal Melanie Biche Janet and Charles Biscotti



Advocates Continued Christy and Chuck Bittenbender Kim and Bart Bixenstine Kimberly Boehm Mary Jeanne and William Bohannan Amy and Randy Borntrager Beth and Bob Brandon Barbara and David Brandt Nancy Brennan Kathleen M. Brinkman Erin Brizius Tara Broderick and Kevin McMunigal Catherine and John Brody Mike and Jane Broecker Arthur V. Brooks Holly and Bill Brooks Corrine M Brown, Ph.D. Elinor Brown Norah J. Bruner Jack Buckingham and Babette Gorman Carolyn Buller Mrs. Eileen E. Burg Colleen Burke Martha Burke Mary Jean and Thomas Buschman Keri Butler Linda Butler and Steven Nissen Doreen M. and Richard L. Cahoon Joseph Callahan Kathryn Campbell-Kibler and David Mortman Dr. Patricia A. Cannon Debbie and George Chapman Judith Charlick Jennifer Chen Kathleen Christ Jill and Paul Clark Todd Claypool Brad and Lisa Cohen Tanya Conrath and Matthew Sweeney Jeff and Margie Coopersmith John Corlett Barbara and Evan Corns Robin Cotton Ann Crane and John Wolff Mr. David M. Crane and Ms. Elizabeth Dang Jamie Crane Paige and Michael Crane Luann Croy Cynthia Cummings Sally and Pitt Curtiss Peter W. Danford Patricia and Nathan Dappen Lynne Darcy Andrew Dauber Paul Davis Vivian and John Davis Stephen and Judy Denning Jeanne and William Dennler Jackie Derrow and Steve Kutnick Sherri Desmond Janet and Edward Diamond Dianne Digianantonio Jenny Diguardi Nicole Disalvo Joseph Dolwick Mary S. Douthit Lori Droste and Carrie Gray Donor Advised Fund Carol Hershey Durell Dr. Thomas T. Egelhoff Mary Beth and Mark Einerson Nancy and Stephen Falk Julia Falenski White and

Paul Giorgianni Daniel and Linda Farrell Steven Faulkner Kay Feagles Lori and Paul Fenton Michelle Fischer-Hersh Barbara Francisco Michael and Jane Frazin Lois Freedman and Mark Munetz Dr. Miriam L. Freimer Diane Furno Judy Garel Mary Jo Garrison Nan Gelhard Gita Gidwani Mary and William Glaeser Catherine H. Gledhill Harriet Goldberg Sylvia Goldberg Lisa Goldman David Goodman and Barbara Hawley Lisal and Donald Gorman Manish Goyal Mr. Isaac Greber and Dr. Mabel Greber Mary Jo Green Tiffany and John Grinstead Marie and Charles Grossman James Grote Carol and David Gstalder Karen Guzzo Loraine and David Hammack Bruce L. Hammond Pat and Bill Hanavan Barbara Hanselman Suzanne Hanselman Abigail Harding and David Goldberger Martha Harding Sondra and Stephen Hardis Russell Hardy Mary and Willis Harris Sara and Brent Hartman Karry McMillin Hatch and Jonathan Hatch Lawrence Hatch Thomas Hatch Wayne Hedrick Julie and James Henahan Michelle Heritage and Tanisha Robinson Nance Hikes and Michael Melampy Linda E. Hilbert Andrea and Eric Hill Evan Hill Scott Hill Robin Hitchcock Hatch Karen Hixson Julia Hoch Christopher Holding Sue Hollingsworth Michael and Jane Horvitz David Huey Alexandra Huguelet Eric W. Hummel Dudley and Elizabeth Humphrey Barbara and Ronald Hupman Lisa Ingram John Isidor Deborah Johnson Gloria Jones Kathy Jones Mike and Laura Joyce Susan V. Juris Patty and Steven Kalbfleisch Mrs. Katherine I. Kanzinger Rachel Karpman Karen and Douglas Katz

Dr. Lisa Keder and Mr. William J. Pohlman Ann Kiggen Earl D. Kilchenman Denise Kipfstuhl Laura Klebe Judith E. Kleen and Robert S. Mills Richard Klein John Kobacker and Cathe Kobacker Bruce Korr Laura Kovach Joseph and Hollie Krause Adarsh Krishen and Bob Tazuma John and Judy Kropf Katherine Kropf and Nick Tepe Susan B. Kruder Aurelia Krugliak Lynne Lancaster and Thomas Carpenter Timothy Landes Wayne P. Lawson and William R. Mitchell Lexie and Trip Lazarus Mary and Robert Lazarus, Jr. Fund Shelly Lazarus and Ned Grossman Marcia W. Levine Jill Levy Helen Liebman and Thomas Battenberg David A. Lindsley Mr. and Mrs. David C. Lloyd Charles and Mary Ann Loeb Lisa Lomax Norris and Jeffrey Norris Dr. Peter B. Lucas Susan Lucier Nancy and Thomas Lurie Lisa Lystad and Mark Warren Steven and Linden Madara Rupal B. Malani Sarah Malcolm and Earl Clausson Roger Marble Margaret and Richard Margolis Dorothy and Richard Marsh Pamela Mascio Thomas Mason Liz Maule Gleason and Jim Gleason G. William McIntyre Paula McLain Paula J. Mealey Diana and Daniel Medalie Gail and Don Mewhort, III Heather Michaels Paula Miller and Milt Fullen Lois Mills Dr. Janet L. Minc and Mr. David C. Minc George A. Misencik Living Trust Barbara Mixon and A. Malachi Mixon Ann Moneypenny and Michael Kleinman Marge and Dan Moore Amelia and Marc Morgenstern Mary and Daniel Morrison Hazel Morrow-Jones and Charles Jones Karen and Neil M. Moss Susie Murphy Dr. and Ms. Frank W. Myers Jennifer Myers Jane P. Mykrantz Lynda and Stephen Nacht Lorraine and Daniel Nelson Kathleen Newell

Dr. Georgia L. Newman Colleen Nissl and Roger Sugarman Thomas O’Brien and Ebru Buyuktanir Ms. Katherine Offutt Deborah O’Neill Mr. Jonathan Orser Jane and Jon Outcalt Anne and Donald Palmer Judy and Marc Parnes Robert Patoff Mayor Steve M. Patterson and Dr. Cornelia A. Patterson Norma Pecora, Ph.D. and Duncan Brown Doug Perkowski Ellen Peters Sydney E. Peterson Jonathan Petuchowski and Leslie Yenkin Julia S. Phelps Nancy Pierce Malcolm Pittman Robert Pohowsky Lisby and Dan Pollock Gregory and Janet Polzer Sandra Pond Elizabeth Porcello William and Ginny Post David Porter and Margaret Poutasse Wallace L. Pretzer Charlotte A. Prior Gene Pusateri Gwendolyn and Roger Rains Mr. and Mrs. Alfred M. Rankin, Jr. Mrs. Alfred M. Rankin Margaret and Richard Ransohoff Mathew Ratner Judy and Bob Rawson Sarah Rayburn Mitva Patel and Vinaya Reddy Jackie Reichenbach Carolyn Reiser and Karren Shorofsky Donor Advised Fund Leslie and Paul Reynolds Larry Rhodes Lauren Rich Fine Robin Richmond Kelee G. Riesbeck Ellen Rittgers Hugh Robinson Alita and Rick Rogers Jan Roller and David Abbott Sarah Ronis Solveig T. Root Dr. Arnold Rosenblatt and Mrs. Linda Rosenblatt Margaret and Alan Rosenfield Susan Rosenstock Stanley D. Ross Katharine and Robert Ruhl Shawn Russell and Mark Belasic Eliza and John Saada Robert Salem and Mark Mockensturm Josh and Aimee Sanders Jean and Stanford Sarlson Sandra Sauder Joanna Saul Dorothy Sawyer Jonathan and Marcy Schaffir Lisa and David Schauer Ira Scheer Paul and Karen Schlather Priscilla L. Schwier Mary and Noelani Scotton Sally and Larry Sears Christine and James Secor

Drs. Ximena and Daniel Sessler Don and Teckie Shackelford Dr. William L. Shaul Cherie and Steve Shechter Kim Sherwin Alex Shifman Michael and Anita Siegal Bruce Slater Mary Jo Slick Carter Smith Lynne E. C. Smith Cynthia Snyder Dr. Bettie V. Sogor, Ph.D. Lillian Soldat Mr. Donald Solomon and Dr. Deirdre O’Connor Mary Spalding Jan and Lowell Steinbrenner Kathleen and Robert Stenson Luther and Elaine Stevens Philip and Valerie Stichter Debbie Stimmel Cita Strauss Dr. Douglas Stuart Kerr and Mrs. Mary Ann DuMond-Kerr David Sturbois and Carol Blue Alexa and John Sulak Nancy Sullivan Genevieve Szuba Julie and Stephen Tamarkin Brian Taylor Dr. Dennis J. Taylor Maureen and David Teed Mr. and Mrs. Harvey J. Thatcher Stephanie Tolleson Pamela Tomlinson Kerstin and Leonard Trawick Carol J. Tusick Emily Tuzson Marianne Udow-Phillips Moira and Wulf Utian Beverly and Robert Vail Thomas Vandini Mrs. Ann Von Saas Mrs. Marilyn Wagmiller Jody and Herb Wainer Karla Bell and Mark Wallach Connie and Craig Walley Carole Walters Douglas and Holly Wang Dr. Edward Warren and Dr. Sandra Bellin Mary Weatherhead and Steven Feldman Missy and Robert Weiler Jennifer Wells Marilyn and Bruce Wentworth Sallie Westheimer Lisa Westwater Steven and Karlene Weyl Helen Whitehouse Susan and Samuel Wilkof Ann Williams Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Williams Anne Wilson and Jay Klemme Helena Winterbottom Benjamin G. Wisner, Jr. and Sonia R. Kruks Charlotte and Richard Witkind Fund Elizabeth H. Wolf Frederic D. Wolfe Lynn Wood Jane Z. Woodrow Amanda J. Woods Dr. David O. Woodyard Miriam and Bernard Yenkin Susan and Nathan Yost Barbara and David Zaas Partington



President’s Circle

President’s Circle


United Way of Summit County

AmazonSmile Foundation KSU School of Art Gallery Club

Supporters at a level of $50,000 and above. Anonymous (3) Cleveland Foundation The Columbus Foundation Crane Family Foundation The George Gund Foundation Katherine Holden Thayer Fund No. 3 George Garretson Wade Charitable Trust

Leadership Council

Supporters at a level of $25,000 to $49,999.

Brush Foundation Max P. Gottfried Testamentary Charitable Trust Mt. Sinai Health Care Foundation The Perkins Charitable Foundation Richland County Foundation The Siemer Family Foundation The Women’s Fund of Central Ohio


Supporters at a level of $10,000 to $24,999.

Akron Community Foundation Florence Simon Beecher Foundation The George W. Codrington Charitable Foundation Joanne & John DallePezze Foundation The W. Henry Hoover Fund Landman-Goldman Foundation The S. Livingston Mather Charitable Trust Elizabeth Ring Mather and William Gwinn Mather Fund The Pollock Company Foundation The Pollock Personal Foundation

The Reinberger Foundation Wohlgemuth Herschede Foundation The Morris and Emma Woodhull Fund of The Columbus Foundation

The GE Foundation The Eleanor and Benjamin Gerson Memorial Fund for Planned Parenthood of Cleveland of the JCF The Kate Hanna Harvey Memorial Fund No. 1 Champions The Higley Fund Supporters at a level of Hubbell Foundation of the $5,000 to $9,999. Delaware County Foundation 1848 Foundation “J.C. Kellogg Foundation Fund” of Jane Friedman Anspach Family the Community Foundation of Foundation, Inc. New Jersey Ruth H. Beecher Charitable Trust Litchfield Fund of the Akron Bicknell Fund Community Foundation Robert and Esther Black Family Leonard G. Martien Fund Foundation Mattlin Foundation The Britton and Perkins Fund David and Inez Myers Foundation, The John Domrose Foundation Cleveland, Ohio for Personal Rights, Inc. Pavey Family Foundation The Kate Hanna Harvey Memorial Sam & Kathy Salem Fund No. 2 Philanthropic Fund The Betsey C. Kaufman Fund for The Frances and Lillian Schermer Planned Parenthood Charitable Trust The Montei Foundation The Shackelford Family The Nina West Fund of The Foundation Columbus Foundation Lisa and Michael Sharon Family Pamily H. Proctor Charitable Charitable Fund Foundation Robert and Eileen Sill Family The Sisler McFawn Foundation Foundation Thatcher Family Fund Donald L. Solomon Women Have Options - Ohio Foundation, Inc. Women’s Endowment Fund of the The Stocker Foundation Akron Community Foundation Swan Charitable Foundation Mabel Breckenridge Wason Advocates Fund A Supporters at a level of The S. K. Wellman Foundation $1,000 to $4,999. Whiting Williams Fund Anonymous (1) Warren P. Williamson, Jr. Fund of Adams Legacy Foundation the Youngstown Foundation Baird Foundation, Inc. The Wolfe Family Charitable Paul and Dina Block Foundation Foundation Foundation for Family Health The Youngstown Foundation Fuller Family Foundation Support Fund The Garda Family Fund

Supporters at a level of $50,000 and above

Leadership Council Supporters at a level of $25,000 to $49,999.

Colortone Staging & Rentals, Inc.


Supporters at a level of $10,000 to $24,999. Columbus Flea Crane Group United Way of Wayne and Holmes Counties

Supporters at a level of $5,000 to $9,999.


Supporters at a level of $1,000 to $4,999.

Anonymous (1) Baldwin Wallace University Civic Fund Fresh Mark Columbus Business and Professional Women Fireline, Inc. First Presbyterian Church First Unitarian Universalist Church of Columbus Joybinge Inc. Kroger Community Rewards Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences Silver & Associates, Inc. Women of Temple Israel


Iris E. Harvey

Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio Jennifer McNally Chair Sandra Anderson Vice Chair Kate Asbeck Treasurer Susan Quinn, OD, FAAO Officer Without Portfolio Hilary White Secretary Ellen Barry Barbara Broome, PhD, RN, FAAN Fritz Byers, JD Mary Jo Green Lyla Blake-Gumbs, MD, MPH Derrick Hall, JD, PharmD, MBA

Iris E. Harvey Stephen Keyes, JD Rob Martens Kimberly Moses, JD Jonathan Petuchowski Deborah Ratner Joseph Ruby Victor Ruiz

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio

Bridgette Tupes Chair Jennifer Sconyers Vice Chair Kathleen M. Brinkman, JD Secretary Julie S. Henahan Treasurer Jon Adland, Rabbi Carol Andreae

OFFICERS & SENIOR LEADERSHIP Randy Borntrager Linda Gatten Butler, MSW, ACSW, LISW-S Leo J. P. D’Cruz Rebecca J. Dussich, JD Valeri Furst Iris E. Harvey Sysilie Hill Alicia Huckaby, DO Melissa Mitchell, JD Sharen Neuhardt, JD Jan Roller, JD Robert Salem, JD Jodi Segal Anita Preeti Somani, MD Maureen Teed

Iris E. Harvey

President & CEO

Lauren Blauvelt-Copelin

Vice President of Government Affairs & Public Advocacy

Mary Chenevert

Director of Corporate & Executive Affairs

Diego Espino

Vice President of Community Engagement

Nicole Evans

Susan Melnyk

Vice President of Development

Barbara Singhaus

Chief Financial Officer

Lillian Williams

Vice President of Health Services

Erica Wilson-Domer

Vice President of Finance

David Wittkowsky

Vice President & Compliance Officer

Chief Marketing & Communications Officer

Adarsh Krishen, MD Chief Medical Officer



EMPOWERED HEALTH CARE ACROSS OHIO Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio works for healthy bodies and healthy communities by maintaining 19 health center locations in communities throughout North, East, and Central Ohio. Akron Athens Bedford Heights (Family Planning and Surgical) Canton Cleveland East Columbus Franklinton Kent

Lorain Mansfield Medina North Columbus Old Brooklyn Rocky River Toledo Warren Wooster Youngstown

Our patients rely on Planned Parenthood for a wide range of health services: Abortion services, birth control, breast cancer screenings, emergency contraception, HIV testing and referrals, HPV vaccines, LGBTQ services, pelvic exams and Pap tests, pregnancy tests and options counseling, sexually transmitted infection testing and treatment, and urinary tract and vaginal infection treatment.







Profile for PPGOH

We The People: 2018 Annual Report  

At Planned Parenthood, people never stand alone.

We The People: 2018 Annual Report  

At Planned Parenthood, people never stand alone.

Profile for ppgoh