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June 2011

June 2011

The Bulletin

President’s Message Membership and Leadership With six months of 2011 almost over, as GBA President I am still learning to become a better leader. Many thanks to the Past President, all of the Officers and Board Members, the COO, Bulletin Staff, Committee Members and Business Manager for all of their hard work in fulfilling their duties. All of them have businesses to run, jobs to do and family to take care of. They generously reserve time in their busy schedules to service PPGBA. Our first priority is to offer the best to our members by bringing in excellent

speakers, presenting valuable seminars, and organizing informational four nights workshops. We aim to give you the best return possible for your membership fee investment. Before you join any association you should ask yourself “Can my membership help my business to grow and what kind of benefits will I earn?” Unless you get substantial benefits by joining, you are wasting your money. I joined GBA over 25 years ago. Throughout the years I have gained a massive amount of knowledge and made many networking friendships as a result of my membership. If you have any suggestions that would improve our service to the PPGBA members, please let me know. I will make every effort to implement your ideas.

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June 2011

The Bulletin

The Bulletin is published by the Professional Photographers of the Greater Bay Area, Inc., (PPGBA), a 501(c)(6) non-profit trade association. PPGBA is an affiliate of the Professional Photographers of America and the Professional Photographers of California. The Bulletin Staff Editor: Kimberly Sayre, Cr.Photog.,CPP 415/515-6370 Art Director: Lise Smith Advertising: Kimberly Sayre Articles and comments are invited; publication is subject to editorial approval. Editor reserves the right to edit all manuscripts for brevity and/or clarity of content. Articles are the opinion of the author and do not represent the position of PPGBA. No responsibility is assumed for unsolicited contributions. Submissions will not be acknowledged or returned unless they are accompanied by SASE. Deadline is the 20th of the month. Submissions may be shipped to PO Box F, San Mateo, CA 94402, or emailed to 2011 PPGBA Officers and Board President: Paul Tsang, M.Photog.Cr. First Vice President: Mischa Purcell Second Vice President: Alexis Cuarezma Treasurer: Paul Salcido Secretary: Nano Visser Directors: Jeanne dePolo, CPP(‘11); Eliot Khuner(‘11); Joe Valenzuela(‘12); Lori McIntosh(‘12); Robert Ash(11); Ruel Cordero(12) Past President: Marc Benjamin, M.Photog. Cr., CPP Committees Audiovisual: Alexis Cuarezma Competition: Mischa Purcell Membership: Jeanne dePolo, Photographer: John Spicer, Jr. Programs: Mischa Purcell Webmaster: Marc Benjamin PPGBA Business Manager: Fred English PO BOX F San Mateo, CA 94402-0018 T: 650/367-1265 Golden Gate School Director: Martha Bruce PO BOX F San Mateo, CA 94402-0018 T: 650/367-1265

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Editor’s Message Continuing education... continued... June 2011 As I look back over all my old editor’s messages, I definitely see a recurring theme... continuing education AND feeding your soul for photographers is essential! April and May were certainly great months for me in that regard because between the Lighting Seminar from PPGBA, and my week studying with Jenn Hudson at Texas School, and a little SEO workshop, my poor little brain is exploding with technique, inspiration and business projects!

My week with Jenn Hudson was amazing. At the lighting seminar before I left for Texas, I was sitting with Marc Benjamin in the hotel lobby, and his words to me were, “that might just change your life...” He was so right. This class was exactly what I needed. A break from the technical aspects of shooting for a living, and the permission and encouragement to be an ARTIST. Everyone was whispering all over Texas School about our class... The class with an analog facebook wall where we could write notes and comments to each other, share work, and be inspired. The class that made couture gowns out of fabric and binder clips... The class that was driving around carts filled with

buckets of warm water to keep our model warm while we photographed her in a tank surrounded by all kinds of organic materials... The class that had signs on the door that said, “Room under Safelight” as we painted emulsion on paper, ran outside and exposed digital negatives in the sun, and came back in and processed the prints... ahhh... the smell and feeling a being in a darkroom again was intoxicating, and that thrill of seeing the print come up in the chemistry.... (NOTE: for those of you digital folks who never worked in a darkroom, you need to find some time to experience this thrill for yourself - the rest of you get it!) The class that painted organic cleaning solution on National Geographics mags post year 2000, and smooshed together two images and when peeled apart created the most unique and cool textures to use on images... The class that made physical collages with encaustic medium and a variety of transfer and other techniques... The class that made their own filters and shot cool stuff through them... continued page 12

Mission Statement PPGBA exists to support and encourage the professional, artistic and educational growth of its members; to promote public awareness of the profession; and to provide a forum of fellowship and exchange of ideas in an open and friendly atmosphere.

June 2011

The Bulletin

This Month’s Meeting Family & Group Lifestyle Portraiture

Don MacGregor will give insight into how he built his studio business around families and family portraiture. He feels that becoming the family photographer

for their clients has allowed them to create a relationship with their clients that keeps them coming back and offers very strong referrals. He will discuss studio design, family groups and

group posing, lighting and business building. This program will establish the skills that can quickly make posing groups easy and fun. Most photographers today pose groups without thought to individual people and create a compressed group. The skills we will show and practice will allow you to put groups together fast and most importantly…with individual representation. MacGregor Studios started in 1974. The studio has grown from a humble beginning in an apartment to a 500 sq ft store front and finally to a 3500 sq foot building in Vancouver. The studio has gone through several changes over the years. Wedding

photography has comprised approx. 40% of the studio business and has been consistent over the years. Graduation portraits were a foundation in the 70’s and 80’s. The 2000’s saw a dramatic focus on Lifestyle family and wall

portraiture which now comprises almost 70% of the studios sales. Currently, the studio focuses on wall portrait and wedding work only and low volume.

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June 2011

The Bulletin

This Month's Program Don MacGregor brings more than 40 yrs of experience to this program and his enthusiastic “high energy” approach will keep you motivated all evening. He has earned all his professional credentials from professional photography associations and regularly visits the awards podium. Most importantly, Don brings real life experience running a successful business with an honest down to earth attitude. Don has lectured across Canada, the United States and is a recipient of PPA’s and Canada’s national awards for his dedication to professional development in photography.

PPGBA Monthly Meeting Thursday, June 16th at the Best Western/Grosvenor Hotel, 380‑S. Airport Blvd., S. San Fran­cisco. For directions, please call the hotel at: (650) 873-3200 or go to:

Meeting Reminders:

Program begins begins at at 7:30 7:30 •• Program Please wear wear your your name name badge. badge. •• Please Competition entry entry deadline deadline is is 7:45 7:45 •• Competition Networking and and hors hors d’oeuvres d’oeuvres begin begin at at 7:00 7:00 •• Networking Monthly print print judging judging follows follows speaker/s speaker/s presentation presentation •• Monthly

Please no phones/ beepers ringing or conversations during the speaker/s presentation. Please be courteous and step outside the meeting room.

June 2011

The Bulletin

Photos provided courtesy of: John Spicer, Jr.

Last Month’s Meeting

June 2011 The Bulletin 

Photos provided courtesy of: John Spicer, Jr.

Last Month’s Meeting

June 2011 The Bulletin 

Photos provided courtesy of: John Spicer, Jr.

Last Month's Meeting

June 2011 The Bulletin 10

Last Month’s Print Competition Results Print competition was held at the May 19th PPGBA Photo provided courtesy of: John Spicer, Jr.

meeting. The print judges were Zee Bezabeh, Dennis Urbiztondo and Mischa Purcell. The print handlers were Randy Wong and Joe Valenzuela. Print of the month goes to Alexis Cuarezma for his print titled “Young Ambition” with a score of 81.

Portrait: Highest scoring Portrait entry was “Young Ambition” by Alexis Cuarezma with a score of 81. Gold Ribbon: “Heads Up” Lori McIntosh


“Hidden Beauty” Nathaniel Wilson “A Timeless Moment” Rich Frye

Highest scoring Commercial entry was “Heavy Metal Mechanic” by Randy Wong with a score of 81.

Blue Ribbon:


“Quiet Moment” Alexander Reginster “Arabian Summer” Lori McIntosh

Highest scoring Wedding entry was “Amber” by JP Constanza with a score of 80.

Illustrative: Highest scoring Illustrative entry was “Path of Enlightenment” by Joe Ercoli with a score of 80.

Blue Ribbon: “Dreaming of This Day” Arnell Magtira

Gold Ribbon: “Shrieking Heron Takes Off” David English Blue Ribbon: “Fire Cloud” Robert Ash

June 2011

The Bulletin


Editor’s Message continued from page 5

The class that went to the world’s coolest photostudio in McKinney, Texas to explore the over 100 year old flour mill that one of our class mates is lucky enough to have as a shooting space... The class that learned about classic painters and modern artists, and got

to think up new ways to extend a special product line to the clients who want more than just imagery in two dimensions. Everyone wanted to know what THAT class was doing... So blessed to have met such kindred spirits in Jenn & her fiance, Josh, and my fellow classmates. It did, indeed, change my life and I am very grateful. Here are some highlights...

June 2011

The Bulletin


Board Report On April 21st the Professional

APA and ASMP events on

MOTION - To have an

Photographers of the Greater Bay

Facebook and Meetup if asked to

official presence at the July

Area Board of Directors meeting

by those organizations (with text

SmugMug meeting. Addendum

was held at the Grosvenor Hotel,

and hot links) as long as Paolo

by E. Khuner to authorize 3

South San Francisco.

wants to do it. Passed.

free admissions plus unlimited

MOTION - To grant life

MOTION - To pay next

membership to M. Loeb (25 year

quarter’s $76 Meetup fee

member), Passed

and track the results to see if

MOTION - To cross-promote

½ price tickets to the August PPGBA meeting only. Passed.

worthwhile. Passed.

In Memoriam volunteered for our association

cousins, nieces and nephews. A

to reach out to photography

Life Celebration, held on June 4 at

M. Jackson passed away in May

colleges in the Bay Area and was

the Grandview Pavilion, Alameda.

after her battle with cancer. Based

responsible for recruiting several

The family requested that, in lieu

in Alameda , she was a PPGBA

student members.

of flowers, donations be made to

by Julie Olson

Former PPGBA member Rhonda

member for several years, and an

In addition to her passion for

alumni of Golden Gate School

photography she loved golf and

of Professional Photography.

travel. She is survived by her

Very friendly and outgoing, she

spouse of 35 years, Connie Bates,

“Susan G. Komen for the Cure” at:

her mother, sisters, aunts, uncles,

June 2011

The Bulletin


New PPGBA Members May 2011 Teague Ashburn *APW San Francisco 415/307-7827 Serena Hartoog *ST Los Gatos 408/491-4378

Wayne Hess Star 66 Video Pacifica 650/359-9022 wlhess@sbcglobal,net

*New Members Key A AS C P

...... ...... ...... ......

Active Aspiring Commercial Portrait


...... ...... ......

Student Sustaining Wedding

Maurice Ramirez *APW Maurice Ramirez Photo Design Alameda 510/882-2522

Cover Story The image shown on this month’s cover

creating this year. This image was created

was highest scoring from the Portrait

on location at King’s Boxing Gym inside a

catagory and print of the month for May

full size boxing ring. It was made with the

this year and titled, Young Ambition. It was

Canon 5dmk2 at F14, ISO 100 and with the

created by Alexis Cuarezma

help of two amazing assistants”

Alexis tells us, “This is another portrait out of a series of boxing portraits that I’m

June 2011

The Bulletin


Buyer’s Guide Albums, Frames & Mats

Equipment & Supplies

Fine Art Albums 646-416-2386

Keeble & Shuchat 650/327-8515

J. Orr Moulding & Chop 510/483-1848

Photo Sales West 415/420-5278

Philip Mauer PhotoMount 800/321-3686

Workshops Golden Gate School of Professional Photography 650/367-1265

Photo Labs

Pixido 800/799-0557

Reprint Mint/Lamiframe 510/352-1400

Bay Photo Lab 800/435-6686 408/625-7903

Please favor our sustaining members and major advertisers with your business. They have shown their support for PPGBA! PPGBA does not recommend or warranty the products/services of any vendor, supplier, or manufacturer.

Action Zone Looking for photography events and educational opportunities in the Bay Area and beyond? Here are some links to our fellow organizations with programs and seminars all over the area.

June 2011

San Francisco San Francisco Santa Clara Sacramento North Bay East Bay

The Bulletin


Calendar of Events

UnClassified Ads

June PPGBA Meeting

HELP WANTED Thursday, 6/16 at 7:30pm - Don McGregor Grosvenor Hotel, South San Francisco

July PPGBA Meeting

Talented Photographers to shoot events and portraits. You set compensation. We offer you a great way to fill in empty dates. Please call Scott at Photo

Thursday, 7/21 at 7:30pm - Brian Smith Grosvenor Hotel, South San Francisco

International at:


Wedding Photographers

I’ve photographed hundreds of weddings since starting solo at age 15, and never had a single unhappy customer. Let me teach you how to thrill your clients and their guests. I’ll share

To Place an UnClassified Ad in the Bulletin

everything I know, covering all phases

Unclassified ads are $20 for up to 40 words for members, $30 for up to 40 words for nonmembers. Each additional 40 words for $10. Payment by Mastercard/Visa is due before publication. All ads MUST contain your name. Help wanted or position wanted classified ads are FREE. Editor may re-write these ads for space considerations. Deadline is the 20th of the month. To place an ad, send an email to: PPGBA’s Business Manager Fred English at

of your craft, and can even accompany you to your event, shall you desire. My technique is a proven winning formula; let me teach it to you. I am a Brooks Institute Graduate, April, 1982. Ron Schreier 415/407-7533 Needed: Pocket Wizard TransmitterS Are you switching to the latest radio technology? If so, I need some Pocket Wizard hot shoe transmitters. Eliot Khuner 510/524-3569 Berkeley, CA

June 2011

The Bulletin


June Bulletin  
June Bulletin  

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