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july 21 - october 14 July/August 2012

To The Arctic

bigger than t-rex

cti imax速 theater

June 16, 2012 - March 8, 2013

To the Arctic


Tornado Alley

June 16, 2012 - March 8, 2013


March 3 - NOVEMBER 16, 2012

Visit for showtimes.

Pink Palace Exhibits

Elvis at 21 July 21 – October 14, 2012 In 1956, Alfred Wertheimer photographed a young and relatively unknown Elvis Presley. Wertheimer’s images, taken before record-setting singles, broadcast specials, and hyped Hollywood films, reveal a rock ‘n’ roll legend on the verge of superstardom. Special Tribute Week Hours August 10 - 15 / 9am - 9pm Elvis at 21, Photographs by Arthur Wertheimer was developed collaboratively by the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service, the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery, and Govinda Gallery, and is sponsored nationally by HISTORY™.

© Alfred Wertheimer. All rights reserved.

Bigger Than T-Rex: Giant Killer Dinosaurs of Argentina Jun 23 – Sep 23, 2012 The Pink Palace Museum hosts a horde of ferocious beasts this summer with the largest collection of the largest carnivore bones ever seen in the Mid-South. See massive skeletons from Argentina, use state-ofthe-art robotics, and get dirty in a dinosaur dig pit. Aspiring paleontologists can touch Giganotosaurus teeth and Velociraptor claws, spin the mighty Wheel of Dinosaur Misfortune, and make rubbings from recreations of real-life dig sites. Created by famed paleontologist Don Lessem, Bigger Than T-Rex: Giant Killer Dinosaurs of Argentina vacations this summer at the Pink Palace Museum. You should too!

Memphis Celebrates

King Cotton Feb 11, 2012 through Oct 14, 2012

April 21, 2012 through October 14, 2012

T-rex naming contest! name our new t-rex!

Nominations accepted through August 5

Our new exhibit, “Bigger Than T-Rex” features a brand new addition to the Pink Palace Family of Museums….our very own permanent T-Rex. But he/ she needs a name. Go to our website and click on the “Name the T-Rex” button. Fill in your information and your T-Rex name. You could win your own plush T-Rex. The top four names will be decided this fall with a public vote. Nominations will be accepted through August 5. Voting will be August 11 through September 23. We’ll announce the winning name October 1, complete with prizes for the person who submitted the winning name and a random winner from all voters. If more than one person submitted the winning name, we’ll draw randomly from that group. Be a part of the Pink Palace and help name our new T-Rex!

Sharpe Planetarium Hubble Vision 2 Jun 9 – Sept 8

The Hubble Space Telescope has provided incredible images in unprecedented detail and made an astonishing array of discoveries — from nearby objects in the solar system to the most distant galaxies at limits of the observable universe.

Starlit Nights Jun 16 – Sept 8

Join our fanciful tour of the brighter stars and constellations found in the summer night sky! This program that is part “live” gives visitors a guided tour through the current summer night sky. It includes constellations and related stories, visible planets and how to see them, and any special astronomical events to see this summer. Recommended for ages 4 and up.

Lichterman Nature Center FREE Scarecrow Workshop! Saturday, August 18, 2012 - 10am A Memphis area master gardener will provide a free seminar about scarecrow lore and construction tips. Get tips on making the coolest, greenest or even scariest Scarecrow around!

Wild Lunch

Trail Blazin’ Volunteers

Tuesdays – Saturdays (12pm)

4th Saturday monthly (9am – 12pm)

Watch the Backyard Wildlife Center’s animal keepers feed the animals at 12 noon. Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday: Box Turtle; Wednesday: Red Tailed Hawk; Friday: Snakes.

Organized by Volunteer Mid-South. Trail Blazers help keep our pathways clear. Bring your gloves and we’ll provide the lemonade.


Volunteers Make History, Science & Nature Come Alive With Lively Learning for All! PINK PALACE MUSEUM

Traveling this summer? Remember your Membership Card. The Pink Palace Family of Museums is reciprocal with 300 museums worldwide. See a complete list under “Become a Member” on our website.

“Elvis at 21: Photographs by Alfred Wertheimer” Exhibit If you are an Elvis fan, be a part of this exhibit chronicling the year “1956,” a rare moment in history before Elvis became an icon. Train July 20 or July 21 to be an interpreter. Call or email to sign up 901.636.2438 / or visit

Have you seen an IMAX® film lately? IMAX Club Level Members and above see all films for FREE before they open to the public.

Congratulations to our Volunteer Joseph Oliver

New benefit for Members! You now get a $1 discount on Planetarium shows.

Recipient of the 3rd Place Senior Volunteer of the Year Award at the Volunteer Mid-South “Spirit of Giving” Awards Luncheon in April.

Call 901-636-2406 for more information on benefits of membership.

Museum Store

Facility Rentals

Elvis is in the building! Stop by the gift shop for all things Elvis and more!

Pink Palace 901.636.2394

Lichterman 901.767.7322 ext.113

Items pictured are not to scale.



ound S cience S

Thursdays and Fridays through August 3, 2012

12:00 noon

Sound Science Listen up for a sound adventure. Find out all about sound with hands-on activities. You’ll get an earful! Programs are regularly scheduled for Thursdays and Fridays through August 3, but groups of 33-100 can schedule any weekday! Admission: $4.25 for children and seniors, $4.75 for adults For Members: $4.00 for children and seniors, $4.50 for adults Please call 901.636.2389 for programming details or 901.636.2362 for reservation information

friends of the pink palace

The friends of the Pink Palace

The Friends of the Pink Palace is the support group for Memphis Museums, Inc. Please visit us at one of our meetings, and consider joining us! We enjoy good times together and support the Museum! Call 901.636.2408. We’ll see you there!

supporters Donations $25,000 & UP Mr. and Mrs. Dick Bodine

$250 - $499 Mr. and Mrs. Steve Pike

$100 - $250 Dr. and Mrs. Alberto Broniscer Dr. and Dr. Steve Buckingham Cetacea Sound, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. G. Blair Macdonald Mr. and Dr. Theodore Poplos Ms. Diane Reddock Trezevant Manor

UP to $100 Mr. and Mrs. John Fain Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Lurie Memphis District Dietetic Association Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Pappas Ms. Judy Royal Mr. and Mrs. Brett Shanaman Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sleep


Cummins, Inc - $5,000 First Tennessee Foundation/ArtsFirst and ArtsMemphis $25,000

Director’s Circle Mr. and Mrs. Sudhir Agrawal Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Beyl Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bodine Ms. Joy R. Bowen

For membership information: 901.636.2406 To make a contribution: 901.636.2412 Ms. Cynthia Buchanan and Mr. Jim Covington Mr. and Mrs. John B. Coleman Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Coleman Ms. Jan Connor Dr. James T. Dalton and Dr. Stephanie Scott Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Franklin Ms. Sara L. Hall Mr. and Mrs. Gene Henson Mrs. Janet Hooks Mr. and Mrs. Odell Horton, Jr. Mrs. Lisa Lichterman Leach Mr. and Mrs. David Liebetreu Mr. and Mrs. Brad Martin Dr. Rita Moore Mr. and Mrs. Steve Pike Dr. Edward M. Rafalski Mr. Casey Shannon Ms. Ruth Lyn Wells Margaret H. West, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Wills

Advocate Mr. and Mrs. Matt Bond Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Ordman Mr. Thomas Shelton and Kay Jackson

Benefactor Drs. Daniel and Abby Baker Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bancker Dr. Robert Donato Ms. Gayle Evans Dr. Shawn Hayden Mrs. Ann J. Huckaba Mrs. Bernice H. Hussey and Dr. Hal Brunt Dr. and Mrs. Tom Rhodes

Mr. David Sanford and Mr. William Sanford Mr. and Mrs. Michael Uiberall Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Vanderslice Mr. and Mrs. Jim Vickery Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Walker Mr. and Mrs. Craig Weiss

Palace Guard Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Balla, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Pervis J. Ballew Ms. Faith Barcroft Mr. Dennis D. Black and Mrs. Helen G. Beeman Mr. and Mrs. Scott Bohon Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Carpenter Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Carter Mr. and Mrs. Mark Caskey Comprehensive Counsel Network Mr. and Mrs. Winston J. Daws Mr. and Mrs. John Fain Dr. and Mrs. J. T. Francisco Dr. and Mrs. Mervyn Israel Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Krug Mr. and Mrs. Andrew LoCascio Mr. and Mrs. Matthew McCrory Mr. Charles H. McNutt Mr. and Mrs. Millard Oldham Mr. and Mrs. James A. Pitcock Mr. Theodore Poplos and Dr. Stephanie A. Storgion Mr. and Mrs. David L. Quinn Drs. Richard and Carol Ranta Mr. Donald Stanley and Mrs. Tekla E. Littlefield Ms. Sharon E. Taylor Dr. and Mrs. Otis S. Warr, III Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Williamson Mr. and Mrs. John Zanella

Board of Trustees Executive

Jeffrey R. Wills, President Sudhir K. Agrawal, Sr. Vice President/President Elect

Joy R. Bowen, Treasurer Casey Shannon, General Counsel Jan Connor, Secretary/Friends President Cindy Childress, Friends Vice President Elect


Jerry C. Beyl Peggy Bodine James T. Dalton Stephen R. Franklin Gene Henson Odell Horton, Jr. Lisa Lichterman Leach John Levesque David Liebetreu Rita Moore Edward M. Rafalski Margaret H. West

Director’s Dispatch I learned the word charisma when John Kennedy ran for President. It seems an innocent time now, and, even if it wasn’t, I was truly innocent. So, I remember news commentators felt obliged to explain this high falutin’ word they used to describe that certain something he had. You could add him up—the good looks, the war record, the beautiful wife, the wealth and position—but for many he was more than the sum of his parts. And that extra bit was charisma. And so it is with each of the attractions we are featuring in this issue. They all have that extra something. Elvis at 21 gives us a look at the world’s most charismatic rock and roll icon when he hadn’t yet become that. He was a kid who had caught a break alright, but, as you will see, he could get off the train in Memphis and walk home unbothered. A year later, he changed the world and his world changed, too. Bigger Than T-Rex presents the most charismatic group of animals ever—the dinosaurs. The focus is on Argentine dinosaurs, especially the enormous Giganotosaurus. The Gig may be bigger than a T-Rex, but we will have our own roaring T-Rex to supplement this temporary exhibit. And the big news is that our T-Rex is our T-Rex. He is going to stay right here in Memphis through the generosity of our Board President, Ron Coleman. Of course, he has to have a charismatic name if he is going to be part of the family. For details on how you can help name him, see “T-Rex Naming Contest!” in this issue. Finally, our new IMAX® film, To The Arctic features the charismatic Polar Bear. These creatures are the world’s largest land carnivore. They are cute enough to be in a soft drink ad and powerful enough to tear a seal apart in a Memphis moment. We even have a venerable mounted one in the Mansion to give you a sense of what it is like to meet one face to face.

We have even more here and at Lichterman Nature Center. I hope you will come see it all.

Steve Pike, Director of Museums


Immediate Past President

Ron Coleman

EX-OFFICIO Janet Hooks Steve Pike

The operation of the Pink Palace Family of Museums is a successful public-private partnership. In this joint venture, the City of Memphis provides 50% of the operating cost with the remaining 50% provided through charitable giving and earned revenue by Memphis Museums, Inc. Museum Scope Editor, Ronda Cloud Museum Scope Designer, Samantha Chron volume twenty-TWO, issue Four Museum Scope, issn 0145-6555, is published six times a year by the Pink Palace Family of Museums, 3050 Central Avenue, Memphis,TN 38111. Annual subscription is provided with a value of $6.50 per paid membership. periodicals postage paid at Memphis, TN. Postmaster: send address changes to Museum Scope, 3050 Central Avenue

“The science programs at the Pink Palace Family of Museums are an integral part of our students’ learning experience. They are not just nice. They are necessary.” - Dr. Rita Moore, Science Coordinator, Office of Academic Operations, Technology and Innovation - Memphis City Schools

Our Mission is to inspire learning to enhance our region’s schools’ learning experiences. o More than 45,000 square feet of Exhibits space o 4 Classrooms, 2 Labs and our Discovery Theater for TN, AR and MS curricula-aligned programs o More than 65 acres of lake, meadow and forest o More than 145,000 Students: School Groups Attendance for FY11 and of those o More than 64,000 experiences for Title I Students including FREE ADMISSION to Exhibits, Planetarium shows, Lichterman Nature Center and instructor-led Education Programs plus o More than 53,000 students per year use our Suitcase Exhibits outreach program in their classrooms o More than 460,000 visited our “family” in FY11 and o We are the West Tennessee State Museum of Science and Technology by Resolution of the Tennessee State Legislature!

We need your help to continue to provide unique and inspiring educational experiences to our area school children - - many of them at no cost. All student experiences are subsidized at approximately $10 per student. We can only do this with your continued help!

Yes! I want to help! ____ 5 Children, $50 ____ 10 Children, $100 ____ 15 Children, $150 ____ 20 Children, $200 ____ 25 Children, $250 ____ Children x $10, $_____

NAME ________________________________ ADDRESS _____________________________ CITY/STATE ZIP________________________ PHONE / EMAIL ______________________ _______________________________________ (so we may contact you if we have questions) Or donate online at

Mission Statement: The Pink Palace Family of Museums inspires people to learn how history, science, technology and nature shape the Mid-South. Through rich collections, thought provoking exhibitions and engaging programs, we encourage our diverse community to reflect on the past, understand the present and influence the future.


Pink Palace Museum Elvis at 21 opens


Lichterman Nature Center Scarecrow Building Workshop

Thursdays & Fridays thru August 3 Pink Palace Museum Sound Science Thursdays & Fridays in July Pink Palace Museum Sound Science

August 10 - 15: 9am - 9pm Pink Palace Museum Elvis at 21 Special Tribute Weeks Hrs.

pink palace museum hours:

Lichterman Nature Center hours:

Monday - Saturday / 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Tuesday - Thursday / 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Sunday / 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Friday - Saturday / 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

SHARPE PLANETARIUM OPEN TUESday - saturday Pink Palace Museum, IMAX® & Planetarium, 3050 Central Avenue • Memphis, TN 38111

Lichterman Nature Center, 5992 Quince Rd. Memphis, TN 38119

For Showtimes & Ticket Information:

For Program & Ticket Information:

901.636.2362 P!NK PALACE MUSEUM


901.767.7322 ext. 100


A Memphis Museums, Inc. Publication

Pink Palace Museum Scope - July/August 2012  

Pink Palace Museum Scope - July/August 2012

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