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I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve started writing this Dispatch about the exhibit RACE: Executive Sudhir K. Agrawal, President Joy R. Bowen, Treasurer Casey Shannon, General Counsel Cindy Childress, Secretary/Friends President Natalie Prater, Friends Vice President Elect Ron Coleman, Vice President/Chair Planetarium Capital Campaign

TRUSTEES Jerry C. Beyl Peggy Bodine James T. Dalton Stephen R. Franklin Jim Harwood Gene Henson Odell Horton, Jr. Lisa Lichterman Leach

John Levesque David Liebetreu Rita Moore Brent Nair Edward M. Rafalski Kevin Thompson Margaret H. West

Are We So Different? Each time some voice in my head whispers, “Someone might take that the wrong way,” or “You might offend someone.”

“You might, you might, what if, what if?” My hesitancy is a personal example of why we need this exhibit and the dialogue it can create. It won’t erase our problems. It is a chance for each one of us to make things better in our personal part of the world. So, to that voice in my head: enough already! I can’t change the past. I will make the future. Same goes for you. You can start by experiencing this exhibit. I hope you will.

HONORARY TRUSTEES Richard S. Bodine William L. Reed John D. Walt Immediate Past President

Jeffrey R. Wills

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pink palace museum hours: Monday - Saturday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Sunday: 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm CTI THEATER OPEN MON - SUN SHARPE PLANETARIUM OPEN TUES - sat bella caffe OPEN during museum hours Pink Palace Museum, Theater & Planetarium 3050 Central Avenue • Memphis, TN 38111

For Showtimes & Ticket Information: 901.636.2362

Lichterman Nature Center hours: Tuesday - Thursday: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm Friday - Saturday: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm Lichterman Nature Center 5992 Quince Rd. • Memphis, TN 38119

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Mallory-Neely House hours: Friday - Saturday: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm Mallory-Neely House 652 Adams Avenue • Memphis, TN 38105

Find the Shrunken Head! The Shrunken Head has escaped from his case and is hiding somewhere in the Museum Scope! A master of disguise, the Shrunken Head could be large or small, change color, or even be black and white! Our staff detectives have determined that he's hiding somewhere in pages 2 - 4. Help us find him for your chance to win four CTI Theater passes. Let us know where you think he is by emailing the following information to Winner will be determined at random from all eligible entries and contacted by email. Deadline for entries is Jan 31. Your Name: Your Address: Page #: Location on Page:

Magevney House hours: 1st Saturday of the month: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm Magevney House 198 Adams Ave • Memphis, TN 38103

For Tour & Ticket Information: 901.523.1484


Congratulations to Norma Haynie for being our Nov/ Dec 2013 winner! Nov/Dec 2013 - Shrunken head can be found on p.2 near Santa's hand.

race: are we so different?

It's a simple truth. People are different. Throughout history, these differences have been a source of community strength and personal identity. They have also been the basis for discrimination and oppression. The idea of "race" has been used historically to describe these differences and justify mistreatment of people and even genocide. Today, contemporary scientific understanding of human variation is beginning to challenge "racial" differences and even question the very concept of race. RACE: Are We So Different?, developed by the American Anthropological Association in collaboration with the Science Museum of Minnesota, is the first national exhibition to tell the stories of race from the biological, cultural, and historical points of view. Combining these perspectives offers an unprecedented look at race and racism in the United States.

explore race further with our community partners University of Memphis Marcus Orr Lecture Series, February 20 Race-girl: How an Artist Tackled a Touchy Subject, and How It Tackled Her, damali ayo. Hattiloo Theater Presenting Black Pearl Sings. March 20 - April 6 Playhouse on the Square Presenting the Diary of Anne Frank. March 14 - 30 Rhodes College • February 13 at 6pm Blount Auditorium. Aram Goudsouzian, “Down to the Crossroads: Civil Rights, Black Power, and the Meredith March Against Fear.” Memphis Center Conference • February 27 - March 1 "Public Memory: From the Civil War to Civil Rights" Tennessee Historic Marker Commission Permanent historic marker commemorating the deaths of the two sanitation workers. This was the spark for the Memphis Sanitation Workers Strike, that brought Dr. M. L. King, Jr. to Memphis. (Dedication February 1, 2014)

Everyday Experience of Race Race is embedded in virtually all aspects of American life. Explore social and personal experiences of race in familiar settings such as home and neighborhood, health and medicine, and education and schools. Discover that race and racism are not inside our heads, but in fact are built into our laws, traditions and institutions. Science of Human Variation Racial and ethnic categories, which have changed over time, are human-made. Scientifically, no one gene, or any set of genes, can support the idea of race. This section focuses on what current science knows about human variation and our species' history. History of the Idea of Race Race has not always existed. Sorting people by physical differences is a recent invention, only a few hundred years old. Discover how the development of the idea of race is closely linked to the early development of the United States.

Additional Pink Palace Exhibits I Am An Icon Featuring an original “I Am A Man” placard carried by the striking Memphis Sanitation Workers in 1968, and other interpretations of those words. The association of the phrase “I Am A Man” with the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King has made it an iconic symbol throughout the world. In Our Own Backyard Learn the sad but inspiring story of the segregated history of the Pink Palace Museum and the students who staged a nonviolent action, ultimately leading to the opening of our Museum equally to all visitors.

programs and special features RACE Discovery Days Interactive experiences for visitors to learn the history of race, the role of science in that history, and the subtle and obtrusive expressions of race and racism in institutions and daily lives. 9am-12noon, every Thursday and Friday during the exhibit. Diversity Dialogues Facilitated discussions about RACE led by Common Ground, allowing audiences to participate and reflect on their experiences in learning about and experiencing race as a factor in their lives and community. (group reservations required) Spanish Panels Five translated panels explaining scientific, historic, medical, and cultural perspectives on race. Locker Project School lockers decorated by students, community groups and families, representing their views on race and what it means to them.


free lectures Pink Palace Mansion Theater Reception with light refreshments before each lecture

February 6, 2014 • 5pm - 7pm

March 20, 2014 • 5pm - 7pm Memphis Race and Religion: Kneel-ins Dr. Stephen Haynes, Rhodes College, with introduction by Dr. Peggy Bodine

March 30, 2014 • 2:30pm - 5pm

Mid-South Racial Past University of Memphis professor Dr. Beverly Bond

Race and Jews: Why One Has Nothing To Do With The Other Rabbi Micah Greenstein, Temple Israel

February 20, 2014 • 5pm - 7pm

April 3, 2014 • 5pm - 7pm

Mid-South Racial Present Commercial Appeal columnist Wendi Thomas

March 6, 2014 • 5pm - 7pm

Mid-South Racial Future: A Latino Perspective Dr. Pablo Davis

Beyond Race: The “Other” Rachel Shankman, Facing History, Facing Ourselves

April 17, 2014 • 5-7pm Genetics, Race and Medicine Dr. Jim Dalton, GTx Corporation

locally sponsored by Kathy and JW Gibson


a whole 'nother dimension!

closing january 11, 2014 for renovations re-opening March 1, 2014


You asked, and we can't wait to deliver! The Pink Palace Museum is one of the most beloved places in the Mid-South. Not only can you hang out with a shrunken head, grab a bite to eat, and gaze at the stars, you can do something truly amazing travel all over the world without ever leaving Memphis! With films that take you into space, on African safaris, and even deep under the sea, it's easy to see why the CTI Theater is a favorite among visitors. But as awe-inspiring as it is, let's face it something is missing. In 2014, the CTI Theater will close its doors to make way for a whole new experience. But don't worry! When one door closes, another one opens, and this new door is one you'll definitely want to walk through! Since opening the theater, we have shown wonderful and exciting films, but it's time to say goodbye to film and hello to the world of giant screen 3D digital! Stay tuned to our website for more updates on the theater's renovation and the arrival of 3D at the Pink Palace!

Oceans in space

wonders of a winter night

January 4 - March 1

December 7 - March 1

This is a beautiful story about the origins of life in our Earth’s oceans. It is truly our story and in light of the recent discovery of hundreds of other solar systems, it leads to current research into the possibility of life on other planets. Narrated by Avery Brooks of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

A seasonal favorite created right here for Memphians! This program gives a guided tour through the night sky of the winter season. In it we highlight the constellations, their related stories, and astronomical events of the season, as well as some interesting historical notes.

Seed swap

the butterfly series

January 25 / 10am - 1 pm

February 18 / 10:30am - 12pm & 6pm - 8pm

Exchange plant seed materials, purchase seeds and other items collected by Lichterman volunteers, and seeds purchased for resale, plus a "Must Have List" of butterfly plants, presented by the Tennessee Federation of Garden Clubs, District One. $3 per attendee.

Noted author, speaker, and educator Rita Venable will lead a discussion on her new book, Butterflies of Tennessee: Field and Garden. Presented in collaboration with the Tennessee Federation of Garden Clubs, District One. $5 per lecture attendee.

Free for Tennessee Federation of Garden Club members.

The science of beer January 17 / 6 - 9:30pm Love the brew? Learn about it too! Join us for The Science of Beer and learn all about this beloved beverage. In this 21 and over event, you'll get to taste beer from local professional and home brewers as well as talk with them about the science behind beer brewing. Take a closer look at hops, malts, and yeasts and learn the physics behind beer pong before decorating your own beer koozie and making a pretzel necklace! A taco bar will be provided by Bella Caffe and several other food pairings will also be available. Space is limited, so purchase your ticket today! $30 members / $35 non-members $10 designated drivers Tickets must be purchased in advance. No tickets will be sold during the event. Call 901.636.2362 or visit


books, toys, & DVDS

Winter is a great time to visit the Pink Palace Family of Museums and use your member benefits! Come in from the cold, visit our exhibits, and see a Planetarium show with your passes or your $1 Discount. Mark your calendar so you don’t miss the member party for our RACE Exhibit January 30. Hungry? Visit the Bella Caffe for lunch or coffee and a snack. You can use your member discount and get 10% off there and in the Museum Store. Share the Pink Palace with your friends and family by buying them a Gift Membership or suggesting they join. Call 901-636-2406 for more information on benefits of membership.

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Make History, Science & Nature Come Alive With Lively Learning for All! LICHTERMAN NATURE CENTER Privet Pull - Select dates in Jan & Feb, 9am - 12pm

Help rid LNC of invasive exotic plants! Email to volunteer.

PINK PALACE MUSEUM RACE: Are We So Different? - Feb 1 - May 4

Help visitors explore the everyday experience of living with race. The Science of Beer - Jan 17, 5:15pm - 9:30pm

Check-in and direct visitors, serve food, or assist at an activity station.


Fridays or Saturdays, 3-hour shifts once or twice a month.

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Mission Statement: The Pink Palace Family of Museums inspires people to learn how history, science, technology and nature shape the Mid-South. Through rich collections, thought provoking exhibitions and engaging programs, we encourage our diverse community to reflect on the past, understand the present and influence the future.



SP Oceans in Space opens

LNC Privet Pull 9am - 12pm

HP Magevney House open LNC Privet Pull 9am - 12pm

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PP RACE: Are We So Different? opens


PP RACE Science Night 5:30pm - 7:30pm

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LNC Privet Pull 9am - 12pm


LNC Seed Swap 10am - 1pm

LNC Privet Pull 9am - 12pm


LNC Butterfly Lectures 10:30am - 12pm & 6pm - 8pm


LNC Privet Pull 9am - 12pm

LNC Privet Pull 9am - 12pm

mars quest butterfly lecture pt. 2 LNC PLANT SALE Watch our website for more information on these and other exhibits and events at the Pink Palace Family of Museums! / P!NK PALACE MUSEUM


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