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2014 /2015 annual report

The mission of Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette is to provide, promote and protect access to sexual and reproductive health care.

Stronger Together This past year has been one of tremendous growth and change for PPCW. Despite the untold challenges we faced last year, PPCW remains committed to be the provider of expert health care for thousands of Oregonians and Washingtonians; many who rely solely on us for services.

Stacy M. Cross President & CEO

BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2015-2016 Beverly Pearman Chair

Sita Symonette Vice Chair

Sally Brown Treasurer

Maureen Fallt Secretary

Isaura Ascensio Fletcher Chamberlin Kendall Clawson Kevin Díaz Steffeni Mendoza Gray Julia Harper Warren Jimenez Walter Larsen, MD Scott Nelson Mark Nichols, MD Charniece Tisdale Sharon VanSickle-Robbins

Last fall we opened a new health center in Milwaukie - Oak Grove, Oregon. With this new health center, we have increased the number of patients we serve in Clackamas County — an area that has one of the state’s highest growth rates of young people in need of PPCW’s services. The opening of this new health center furthers our mission of providing reproductive health care, no matter what. PPCW has placed educators in the communities where our health centers reside in Oregon, including Portland, Salem and Bend and also in Vancouver, Washington. Their role is to design education initiatives based on the community’s needs. This may include programs like Teen Council or more grass roots efforts such as parent or teen sexuality education workshops. PPCW will partner with Multnomah County and Portland Public Schools in the 2016-17 planning phase of Adolescents and Communities Together (ACT) — teen pregnancy prevention project. As well as opening the new Milwaukie-Oak Grove health center, PPCW now offers hormone provision, in addition to preventative care, to Transgender patients. We are thrilled to expand our services to cover this growing community. PPCW has served the women and families of Oregon and Southwest Washington proudly since 1963. With the addition of this new service, we’re excited to reach even more communities in need of high quality health care and education. The health of our patients and the communities we serve is our top priority, and we are committed to ensuring access to high-quality, affordable health care and information. In our fiscal year 2016 PPCW integrated its health equity, education, and outreach efforts, and brought them together under one umbrella. Under the direction of our Director of Equity and Inclusion, PPCW is working on an internal consensus of priorities for outreach,

the means to support them, and building tangible collaborations. As noted previously, PPCW continues to engage with many community-based organizations one-on-one, through organization outreach and educational programming. Importantly, our educational programs, Teen Council and Health Equity Youth Advocates (HEYA), reach into schools and communities where there are pronounced economic, health and educational disparities. Sirius Bonner, our new Director of Equity and Inclusion, has been with us for five months. Through interactions with leadership and staff at PPCW, Sirius recognizes a commitment to diversity throughout the organization and sees numerous opportunities to extend this commitment into practice. Sirius has put forward a preliminary plan to the board and senior staff with a focus on changing policy, the culture at PPCW, maintaining and building relationships with community partners, and creating an equity plan for the organization. The equity plan is slated to be finalized this spring. Our continued collaboration with political partners Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon and Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest is vital as they fight to keep Oregon and Washington among the most progressive states in the nation for reproductive rights. We want to recognize and thank you for your continued support for our organization. Without it, our health centers could not continue to provide the essential health care services to the individuals and families who need us most. Our doors are open to everyone and, as Planned Parenthood embarks on its one-hundredth year, we intend to keep it that way.

Care. No Matter What. July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015 Financial Summary

SUPPORT $2,890,543

Your Support Makes the Difference! Your generosity allows us to care for patients who would otherwise not have access to sexual and reproductive health care. Your continued support helps PPCW to invest in the future to bring high-quality, low-cost health services to our patients. Thank you for helping us fulfill our mission with your ongoing support and generosity.

REVENUE Patient Services Revenues & Program Fees $18,315,719 (89%) Patient Services & Education Grants & Contracts $1,946,012 (9%) Investments & Other Income $318,962 (2%)

$20,580,693 Total PPCW Revenue


EXPENSES Clinical Services $15,846,540 (73%) Administration $3,437,309 (16%) Education & Training $1,333,782 (6%) Development $928,152 (4%) Public Affairs $220,978 (1%)


s! volunteer r u o We ore tributed m n o c s r e e t at a 217 volun er hours, e t n lu o v 0 W! than 8,84 00 to PPC ,0 0 5 1 $ r ve value of o nteer? PCW volu ecome a P b to t n .o a W cw rg nteers@pp Email volu

What do a chemistry teacher (Catlin Gable, 20 years) and a physical therapist (OHSU, 30 years) have in common? A lot, if it is Edie and Elaine. After retirement, both decided to volunteer at Planned Parenthood where they met and discovered mutual tastes in movies, music, sewing, and recipes. Edie has been doing the yearly “purge” (when we had paper charts) since 1998 and Elaine started in 2006. They also make medication abortion packets, and do other valuable but time-

consuming tasks that PPCW staff is delighted to delegate. “It keeps us in touch with young people and we feel useful.” Edie has studied Spanish for many years and travels to a Spanish-speaking country annually. She is a voracious reader and is in two book groups. Elaine is interested in Jungian psychology and her family’s genealogy. They both enjoy making aprons, baby blankets, and potholders for various staff celebrations.

Having grown up before Roe vs Wade, both are immensely appreciative and supportive of Planned Parenthood’s vital mission.

2014/2015* honor roll of donors We are grateful to the many generous donors in our region who invest in Planned Parenthood. Your philanthropic partnership advances Planned Parenthood as a movement that improves lives and preserves the self-determination and wellbeing that are the right of every human. Thank you!

* This list represents generous gifts and pledges made between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015. Please accept our apologies for any omissions or errors. Please contact us at 503.775.4931 x 4 or to inform us of corrections.

Gifts of $100,000 and more Anonymous (1) Sylvi & Walter Larsen, M.D. Carolynn & John Loacker Patients of Planned Parenthood of Columbia Willamette

Gifts of $25,000 to $99,999 Marilyn Easly Estate of Roger Fessenbecker Doris Huff & William Haden Kathleen & Nils Jensen Nancy Leavens & Treece Wright Diane & Michael O’Meagher Samantha Richardson Christine & David Vernier Hansjorg Wyss Estate of William M Morgenroth Mintkeski Family Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation Oregon Department of Revenue (Tax Payer Checkoff)

Gifts of $10,000 to $24,999 Anonymous (1) Kathleen & David Altman Bonnie New Family Fund of the Greater Houston Community Donald Brandshaft Evona Brim Florence & Earl Dyer Ed Cauduro Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation Christine & Carl Farrington Katherine O’Neil & Toby Graff Elizabeth Steiner Hayward M.D. & Michael Hayward Laura & Lyle Henderson Peter Heuser Jessie Jonas Katherine & Gordon Keane Muriel Lezak Lindsey McGrath & Tom Schneiger Nancie McGraw Teresa Miramontes Loren Parks Reid Family Fund Katrina & Edward Wheeler

Gifts of $2,500 to $9,999

Anonymous (10) Sophie Alweis & Lance Grebner Harriet Anderson Courtney & David Angeli Jean & Ray Auel Holly Bard Beck Charitable Trust Kathleen Bennett Bernard Dale Easley Trust Jesse Blanchard Betty & Burnwace Brace Broughton and Mary Bishop Family Advised Fund Sally Brown & John Pitt Carol Bunten, M.D. Doreen & David Chemerow Jean Coleman Edith & Robert Davis Cara Denver & Justin Samples William Dickey Jennifer & Jeff Dougherty Malissa Duniway-Holland & Stephen Holland Jaimie Easley Chester Evans Van Buren Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation Maureen Fallt Skye Frome Tierney Germer Amanda Giermann Cheryl & Kenney Griffiths Fred Gullette Lawrence Heald Rachael & Alex Hofmann Diane Hogan Pat & Robert Hunter Susan Jackson McAnulty Katherine & Warren Jimenez Barbara Johnson & Thomas Ryll Ann Kingston Margaret Kushner Lincoln Charitable Fund Sharon Lohrmann Denise & James Mahoney Katherine McDowell & Ken Lerner Jo Ellen & Samuel Miller Ashley-Renee & James Nye Cheryl Olseth Susan Popp & Gordan Noraine Patricia Raley Tonya & Andrew Roe Rosemarie Rosenfeld

Charlotte Rubin Carol & Frank Sampson Schamp Family Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation Andrea Schwartz-Feit Serrurier Family Fund Of The Oregon Community Foundation Y. Sherry Sheng & Spike Wadsworth Holly Silver Loren Smith Karen & Jeremy Solomon Speroff Family Foundation Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation Penny & Frank Starr Barre & Robert Stoll David Stutz Susan Hammer Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation Sharon VanSickle Robbins & William Robbins Heather Westing & Kyle Gunsul Peggy Wier Nancy Woodworth & Donn Callaham Nancy Wyden

Gifts of $1,000 to $2,499

Anonymous (15) Susan Ackley Estate of Barbara Adamski Leonie & Karim Alaeddine Rachel & Adam Albright Dottie & Andrew Allen Karen Allphin Jennifer & Brett Andres Sona Andrews Pamela & Ernest Ankrim Ruby Apsler Anita Archer, M.D. Leslie Bach Sydney & Bill Baer Julia & Robert Ball Mary & Thomas Bartlett Heather & Lester Baskin Robin & William Bennett, M.D. Cheryl Bickle & John Eldridge Leslie Blok & Tod Wooldridge Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici Ernest Bonyhadi William Brandt Norma & Jack Braziel Leslie Breaux Ann Bremer & Earl Molander Sharon & Steven Brenner

Ulista Brooks Loulie Brown & Brannon Lamp Emma Burbank Vicki Byers Ida & Michael Cahana Mark Callaghan Adrienne & Steven Casey Paula & John Chaffey Dennis Chang Annemarie & Peter Charness Lin Clark Deanna Cochener Barbara Cohn Mary & Jon Cottrell Marsha & James Curtis Estate of Walter Danson Patricia De Young, M.D. Yvonne Deckard Michael Deklyen Patricia Dennis Matthew Denton Ronald Dodge Linda Donnelly Marte Sheeran & Linda Duchek Karen Ellmers Marilyn & Edward Epstein Eugene and Layton Borkan Family Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation Shauna Ewing & Krishna Balasubramani Deborah Evans Linda Eyerman & William Gaylord Tiffini Feliciano Mary Fellows & John Russell Alyce Flitcraft & Richard Solomon Gloria Flower Molly & Ronald Foerster Theresa Ford Warren Ford Marc Franklin Marjorie & Tom Frazier Alison & Dean Freed Colleen & Stanton Freidberg, M.D. Steven Frumkin Jessica Funaro Michelle Ganow-Jones & Trevor Jones Robert Geddes Wendy Gerlach Karen & Richard Gleason K. Reed Gleason Erica Goldman Laura Good

Diana & Steven Gordon Erin Graham Nancy Grech & Ronald Beilstein Belinda Green William Greene, M.D. Terry & David Griffiths Cheryl & Kenney Griffiths Trust Sonia & Alvin Grossblatt Karen & Harry Groth June Gupta Phyllis & Ken Hayes Julia Harper & Mark Porter Bente & Michael Heenan Anna Helm The Hetherington Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation Janie & Gary Hibler Kate Hibschman & Jesse Batty Dorothy Higbie Sue Ann Higgens & David Stout Kathleen Hillman Anne Himpens Newton & Michael Newton Paul Hodge Leslie & Stephen Holcomb Sally & Raymond Hollemon Maryanne & David Holman Kathryn Holmes & Charles Henrikson Becky & Lee Holzman Jan Hugo Susan & Harold Husby Barbara Husseini Judy Jacobson Sig-Linda Jacobson, M.D. Arthur Jaffe Nick John John Pendleton Shirley & David Johnson Michael Kale Cindy Kanies Myron B. Katz Joyce & Alan Kaynard Patricia & Brent Kehoe Melisa & John Kern Joan Kingsley Kay Kitagawa & Andy Johnson-Laird Virginia & Ted Koontz Cassie & David Kottcamp Merle & John Kovash Gretchen & Michael Kriss Kathryn Krygier & Howard Barney Stephen Kulyik Carole Laity, M.D. Mark Lambert

Jacqueline & Craig Lane Patricia Langdon William and Emmy Lawrence Family Fund of The Oregon Foundation Laurie Lechevalier-Litvin & John Litvin Dorothy Lemelson Senka Lenn & Dan Metziga Kathleen Lewis Amy Light, M.D. & Michael Robins Helen Lilley Kevin Lillico Jennifer Lin, M.D. Heather Loechle Peggy & Marine Lynch Jennifer & D. Carter MacNichol Linda & Kenneth Mantel Gayle & Jerry Marger Yvonne Matthews David May Gabriel Mayland Michael Mccaffrey & Shawn Tvrz Charles McCarthy Karen McCune Susan McDermott Isabel McDonald Lisa Mckee June McLean Laura Mehren, M.D. Stacey Melnick Betsy & John Messer Peter Michaelson Elise Menashe & Jay Miller Bonnie Messinger & R. S. Mullinax Jack and Kate Mills Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation Katharine Mills Susan & Larry Mollahan Madeline Moore Jenny & Hugh Morrison Deanna & Wilfried Mueller-Crispin Barbara & Gregg Munster Clay Myers Samuel Naito Susan Near Laura Nepveu Robin Hiatt Nicol & Gorham Nicol Danielle & Sanders Nye Meghan O’Neil Lucinda Parker & Stephen McCarthy Robyn Parnell & Mark Waggoner Beverly Pearman Christine & John Pendleton Andrea Petkus & Shaban Demirel Donna Pierleoni & Christopher Morris

Anna & Isaac Potoczny-Jones Alice & Michael Powell Molly Privratsky Linda Rahm-Crites Bobbie Regan & Barrett Stambler Elizabeth Reilly Juanita Remien & Michael Prager Laurence & Lilly Resseguie Jonathan Rettman Elizabeth & William Rhoades Flauren Ricketts Robert Ringland Janet Roberts & Edgar Clark James Robertson Alida Rol, M.D. & Thomas Harburg, M.D. Ronald E. & Ivy L Timpe Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation Mary Rosenberg William and Nancy Rosenfeld Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation Judith & Laurens Ruben Josh Russell Mike Russell William Rutherford John Ryan Halle & Rick Sadle Cassandra Sagan & Bruce Morris Rajkumar Sarda Delores & James Saunders Jeanne & Stephen Schapp Owen Schmidt Kimberly Schmith & Steve Evers Sarah & Dave Schrott Trink & Ernie Schurian Nicholas Seagraves Patricia Serrurier Brian Shipley Jinny Shipman & Richard Kaiser Linda Siegert Karen Simonsen Toni Smith Estate of David Bruce Smithhisler Alice & Guy Snyder Edith & Paul Sobel Al Solheim Karen Southwick & George O’Hanlon Elena Speroff Julia Staigers & Gerard Koschal Margery Stark Lisa & Gregory Stecker Lisa & Jon Stine Corby Stonebraker Carol Studenmund & Jay Hutchins

Amy Subach & John Anderson Steven Sullivan & Yan Soucie Sue & Von Summers Peter Suriano Jennifer Tate Carol & Frank Sampson Mark and Melody Teppola Family Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation Daniel Thomas Larie & Richard Thomas Kim Thomas & John Morrison Kathy Thurow & Harlan Shober John Transier Ann Turtledove-Jaffe & Michael Jaffe Amy Tykeson & John Teller Mary Ellen Ulmer Peter Vennewitz Lauren & Steven Vicharelli James Vigen Sara Voden & Joel Leoschke Robin & Benjamin Vose Anne-Marie & Kyle Walden Mary Waldo Jody & Jan Ward John Warren Jennifer Waters Julia & William Wayne Jennifer Weprin Valerie Wildman & John Replinger Marjorie Winzenried Michelle Wright & Loren Minnick Heidi Yorkshire & Joseph Anthony Christine Zambito & Karl Wiegers Ph. D. Suzanne & Stephen Zimmerman

Foundations & Corporations Foundations

Anonymous (5) E.C. Brown Foundation Campbell Family Foundation Cochener Family Foundation Equity Foundation The Flora Family Foundation Freidberg Family Foundation The Generations Fund Summer Lea Hillman Foundation Isis Foundation The Ralph and Adolph Jacobs Foundation McGraw Family Foundation Meyer Memorial Trust The O.L. Moore Foundation Newcomb Foundation Pfizer Foundation Richard and Mary Rosenberg Charitable Foundation The Harold & Arlene Schnitzer CARE Foundation Rose E. Tucker Charitable Trust The Oregon Community Foundation The Oregon Jewish Community Foundation The Paulus Foundation Mary McKinney and Flay Ezell Fund of the Wentworth Foundation The Zephyr Charitable Foundation Inc.


Anonymous (6) American Endowment Foundation Workplace Giving Campaign Angeli Ungar Law Group LLC B&G Builders Buchanan Angeli Altschul & Sullivan LLP Chevron Humankind Employee and Matching Gifts Campaign CREDO Cupcake Jones FamilyCare Health Plans Goat & Yeti

IBM Corporation Employee Giving Program Janet Hoffman & Associates Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the NW Community Employee Giving Legacy Health System Liberty Mutual Employee and Matching Gifts Program McDowell, Rackner & Gibson Microsoft Corporation Employee Giving MODA Health Employee and Matching Gifts Program Morel Ink Oregon Health & Science University Portland General Electric Company Employee and Matching Gifts Campaign Regence Group/Cambia Employee Giving Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt Soler Production Company Synergy Women’s Health Care The Schwab Fund For Charitable Giving Truist Workplace Giving Campaign United Way of the Columbia-Willamette United Way of Deschutes County Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program Vernier Software & Technology Employee and Matching Gift Program We are very grateful for the corporations and businesses that support Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette. The businesses listed above are those who gave cash gifts. We wish we could list all businesses who support us with gifts in kind.

Legacy Society Membership recognizes supporters who have ensured Planned Parenthood’s future by including the organization in their estate plans. Legacy Society

Anonymous (9) Allison & Cliff Anderson Elaine & Jonathan Austin Sydney & Bill Baer Elisabeth Barker Gail Bergevin Ethel Birnbach Eden Rose Brown Susan & Paul Brown Ruth Burkholder Christine Calzaretta Mary Cammann Donna Capodacqua Michelle Cardinal Elizabeth Caston Bonnie & Trent Cave Roseanne Clark Margaret Cook & Mark Stocker Helen Dalton Peter Dehn David Delaney Julie & Henry Dennis Margaret Doherty Evelyn & Harris Dusenbery Dawn Dutton Florence & Earl Dyer Mitzi Ellis Beth Erickson Barbara Euler Maureen Fallt

Alyce Flitcraft & Richard Solomon Helen Fleckenstein Marjorie & Tom Frazier Ruth Gallagher Laura Good Carol & William Greer Tina Hair Margaret Hamm Susan Hammer Lawrence Heald Emily Herbert, Ph.D. Peter Heuser Lewis Hinkle Leslie Howell G. A. Hoyt Elizabeth Hyde Warren James Amanda Jarman Martha Jarrard & Stan Defler Jordis Jensen Maurine Johnson Samuel Johnson Dori & Robert Jones Jacqueline Zimmer Jones & Mike Jones Kristine & George Karnezis Alex Karter Mike Katz Jan & Terry Kerrigan Ann Kingston Phyllis & John Kirkwood Jamila Kisses

Merle & John Kovash Edward Labinowicz Terry Lambeth Suzanne Lamon Carol Landsman & Steve Hassett Kathryn Leech Muriel Lezak Constance Lively Phyllis Llambias Joann Macey Leslie Mackenzie & Michael Morey Nichole Maher Arnetta Swan and Eugene McCoy Isabel McDonald Katherine McDowell & Ken Lerner Nancie McGraw June McLean Vicki & Walt Mintkeski Bonnie New Ann H. Nicholas, Ph.D. Carole Nuckton Sherry Oeser H. Allan Oliver Marilyn & Charles Paesch Lark Palma Ruth Parker Elizabeth Perry Andrea Petkus Jenny Pietka Robert and Rebecca Post Alerita Purvine Deborah Rankin & Lawrence Heald

Jane Robinson & Michael Sands Rosemarie Rosenfeld Judith & Laurens Ruben Charlotte Rubin Lynette Sahnow & Jeffrey Jones Carol & Frank Sampson Kimberly Schmith & Steve Evers Nancy Sellers B. J. Seymour Annie Shapero Y. Sherry Sheng & Spike Wadsworth Barbara Splawn Anne Stacey Mary Stevens & Thomas Hard Arnetta Swan & Eugene McCoy Marilee Syme Jennifer Taylor Ivy & Ronald Timpe Lois & Horace Todd Ann Turtledove-Jaffe & Michael Jaffe Evans Van Buren Christine & David Vernier Ginger Walter Mabsie & Steve Walters Robert & Margaret Weil Elizabeth Winsche Patricia Wold Christine Zambito & Karl Wiegers Ph. D.

To find out more about the benefits of giving to Planned Parenthood and the unique impact you can make by supporting our services and work, please contact Margot Martin at 503.775.4931 x 4. Thank you for your support!

To save money and be more environmentally responsible, PPCW prints only a few copies of our Annual Report. Instead, the full report is available online for all our supporters to view at This allows us to put more money toward health services for our patients and education programs for the community. Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette 3727 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Portland, Oregon 97212 503.775.4931 For health care and appointments: 1.888.576.PLAN (7526)

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FY 2014-2015 Annual Report  

FY 2014-2015 Annual Report  

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