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Onstream Media Webcasting Onstream Media has combined the reach of the Internet with the needs of public and private companies, financial institutions, entertainment & event venues, educational facilities and the government for cost-effective web-based broadcast (webcast) communications. Onstream Media Webcasting is a scaleable, service-based application and network offering that provides streaming media Internet broadcast solutions to a rapidly expanding market. Today, through our proprietary Webcasting software and network infrastructure, our webcasting applications assist in delivering audio, video, slides, and graphic material in both live or searchable archived environments, fully interactive Q&A sessions and audience polling, with a full range of viewer statistics and reporting. Our experience has been successfully implemented within marketing, communications, executive, sales, training, public relations, and investor relations departments. These users have found consistent and measurable results that demonstrate the efficiencies and advantages of web-based broadcasting. Onstream Media now delivers web-based broadcast applications through our robust streaming infrastructure, and through partnerships with premier Content Delivery Networks (CDN’s) Akamai and Nine Systems and InterNap, our co-located broadband delivery partner. This delivery infrastructure also incorporates comprehensive first and last mile connection services (T-1, DSL, satellite, microwave, etc) connecting client sites and corporate meeting venues into the Onstream Media network. When combined with our proprietary software development initiative, the Visual Webcaster Suite, and a global channel of production service providers, Onstream Media is strongly positioned to deliver secure and redundant web broadcasting applications to all key industry segments.

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Event Types, Services and Features Audio Webcasting Onstream Media event producers and a network of professional audio technicians are ready 24/7/365 to make your audio webcast a success. Whether your event is a conference call, earnings announcement, crisis communication, or speech-on-demand we will provide the preevent planning, testing, back up recordings and Dual Line Secure Streaming (DLSS) to ensure a superior webcast. Audio event types include: • Live Audio Events with On-Site technicians • Audio Conference Calls (streamed both live or on-demand) • Archive-Only “On-Demand” Audio… via phone OR tape • Multi-Room, Multi-Day, Multi-Speaker events Video Webcasting Video webcasting is the most economical and cost effective way to capture the attention of your audience. Onstream Media provides everything needed to deliver a successful video webcast, including production planning, video technicians, event producers, pre-event planning and testing. We can acquire a video feed by satellite, fiber, ISDN or IP connection. All events include backup recording and 90-day archive hosting. Adding a viewer-controlled or presenter-controlled slide show will enhance the viewer' s experience. Our exclusive Visual Presenter software allows for the quick uploading and control of your PowerPoint™ presentation. Event types include: • Live Video Events with On-Site technicians • Live Video Events via video conference connection (ISDN or IP) • Archive-Only Video… via videotape, satellite downlink, or Telestream over IP Onstream Media Webcasting Feature Options The webcasting platform software has been designed to optimize the event’s delivery and enduser experience. Features included are designed for both direct and interactive exchange. They include: • Registration page with SQL DB reporting • Real Player, Windows Media Player and Live Phone Option Launch Page • Self-load graphics for registration and launch pages • Presenter-controlled PowerPoint slides are fully synchronized with audio/video stream • Slide Show can be controlled by multiple presenters • Accepts PowerPoint uploads via browser • Delivers fast and efficient JPG graphics to end-user avoiding large downloads • Slides are received and stored on fully secure server • Multiple PowerPoint presentation can be uploaded for one event • PowerPoint presentations can be re-sequenced for last-minute agenda changes • All events can be Indexed for easy on-demand audience access Multi-Media • Audience Polling feature • Speaker Photos for non-video events • Moderator-Controlled Q&A • URL Push capabilities • Reservation e-mail confirmation feature • On-Demand Polling for compliance and e-learning applications • Events monitored continuously in real-time by professional encoding technicians • 90-day On-Demand hosting is standard with optional extension • Post-event Reporting

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Content Management Onstream Media offers its clients multiple content management solutions featuring pay-per-view, dynamic interfaces, detailed audience data, and keyword search. We provide corporations with a highly secure managed archived system enabling them to retrieve their content for a wide variety of uses on-demand. Live Event Production Onstream Media producers work with you to plan your live presentation from your corporate offices, outside venue or from broadcast studios. Experienced professionals handle all advance planning, including on-site preparation, Internet connectivity, camera crews, lighting, audio systems and much more. On event day, our technicians handle every aspect of the production, from preparing the video and audio acquiring the signal from satellite, telephone or high-speed ISDN lines... then encoding the data to be streamed over the Internet. We provide complete end to end production and Technical Management including: • Advance Event Planning and Coordination • Event & Registration Web Page Design • Pre-event end-to-end Testing and Rehearsal • Full In-house Video Production and Editing • All Internet Connectivity • On-site Certified Web Technicians • Optional Satellite and Fiber downlink • Post-event Editing and Archiving • Experienced Producers available to handle all advance planning, including on-site prep, Internet connectivity, camera crews, lighting, audio systems, etc. • Custom Web Page development available for any event • Full In-House video production and editing capabilities Web-based Registration and Launch Page Tool • Event ordering is fully Online and available 24/7 • Event URL’s for distribution available IMMEDIATELY • Real Player, Windows Media Player, or BOTH available • All event web pages may optionally be designed and modified by you through userfriendly tool • Customizable registration page… including custom questions (Yes/No, Multiple Choice, Fill-in-the-blank) • Safe Harbor/Forward-Looking Statement option available • You can upload logos, photos, and other images, arrange them on page as desired, add captions, specify email links, and include html code as desired…at no additional cost • Various levels of password protection available

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Onstream Media has combined the reach of the Internet with the needs of public and private companies, financial institutions, entertainment...