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Winsong Farm

This booklet shows a few of the things the horses have taught us. We hope you enjoy it. Two quotations sum up life at Winsong Farm: -“Find the Magic within You!” -“If you can dream it, you can do it.”

The BIG SMILE is one of the first things we teach the horses.



The horses are playing the carrot/cone game. At first the carrots are placed beside the cone. Later the carrot is partially under the cone. Finally the carrot is totally under the cone. The horse learns to “find it�. Over a period of time he learns to pick up the cone. In the photo below, Picasso uses the skills he learned in the carrot/cone game to pick up a toy.



Zeloso “Hold it.” and “With me.” These words encourage the horse to carry objects.

“Push” (and “hold it”)

Pax is combining his love of carrying the toy and the fun he has pushing the big ball.


“Push” is learned with the Big Ball and with the carpet.


Blue Horse after horse figures out that nudging the rolled up carpet produces a treat.


Pax “Touch”

The Winsong Farm Equine Orchestra is based on “Touch”.

Socs Touching activates many things.

Allen and Kye


Ray and Picasso

The “EASY” button is easily activated if the horse uses his teeth. If he uses his soft nose, it’s difficult to push hard enough to hear “Now THAT was EASY!”

“Hold it.”

“Hold it” helps the horses fetch the mail and learn how to paint.

One of the ways horses learn is through imitation.

The horses recognize different name cards and can take them to specific people.

The pedestals serve as a “home base� and an excellent place to teach new things.

Pierre, his drum and the horses.

The horses are echoing the beats of the drum.

Picasso plays the drum peddle with Jorge accompanying.

The horses recognize colours and letters.

Zelador plays with a puzzle.

Zeloso demonstrates that he can touch the ball with his nose or with his hoof when asked.

Zeloso at liberty with his Spanish Walk while Zelador performs his piaffe at liberty.

The bow, jumping and trotting in unison. All performed at liberty in a large arena with the horses happily choosing to do what is asked.

Here’s Kye (age twenty-one) enjoying cantering at liberty and meeting the audience. Kye started learning tricks and working at liberty when he was twenty years old.

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