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5 Social Media Sites You Should Be Using Know Where Your Target Audience

It is vital that you know where your target audience heads to when they are using the Internet.

There are literally hundreds of social media sites, but it is impossible for most business people to create custom content for each of them.

When arming yourself with this information, you are able to create your brand quicker, recover former clients who may have forgotten about your product and segment your audience based on their preferences.

When looking at social media sites, make sure to consider these five choices.

1. Facebook


Facebook is the second most popular site on the Internet, being surpassed only by Google. Over 900,000,000 people visit this site each month.


Many do it multiple times a day. Therefore, it is important for most businesses to be advertising on Facebook on a regular basis.

2. Twitter


Twitter is the second most popular social media site on the Internet with over 310,000,000 unique monthly visitors.


When creating content for Twitter, remember to keep it short and memorable so that people will want to pass it on to their friends at greater rates.


This allows your company to experience even greater exposure to new audience members who often view it as a recommendation from a friend.

3. LinkedIn


LinkedIn sees about 250,000,000 unique hits each month.


When using LinkedIn as a marketing tool, it is vital to remember that the more people that you follow and the more people that follow you, the more successful your marketing will be.

4. Pinterest


About 150,000,000 people visit Pinterest each month, and like Facebook, many people visit several times each month.


When marketing on Pinterest, remember that you need to create unique content that displays well in a photo.

5. Google Plus


About 120,000,000 people visit Google Plus each month.


In order to target this segment of your customer base, encourage people to add you to their Google Plus circles every time you send a marketing email.

When you capitalise on the power of these sites, you are greatly expanding your customer base allowing you to introduce your brand to even more customers.

You are also reminding people of the products that you have available.

Perhaps, most importantly, however, it is an easy way to target audience members with the content they will find most useful.

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5 social media sites you should be using