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4 Steps to Raise Your Quality Score

The higher your quality score, the less you will need to bid on a PPC keyword.

In addition, the higher your quality score, the lower the cost of conversion. When you have a higher quality score, your return on investment instantly goes up.

Therefore, it pays dividends to raise this number. When looking to raise your score, make sure to consider these four areas.

Keyword Research

The most successful quality scores starts with great keyword research.

While major corporations can afford to go after the most sought after keywords, most people with smaller budgets need to look at long-tail keyword opportunities.

For instance, if you are trying to sell shampoo, instead of using shampoo try using a particular brand name, product name or target people in a certain geographical location.

Keyword Organisation


After you have discovered what you think are the right keywords, then see how you can effectively group them together.


Using grouped keywords allows you to target your PPC ads to the targeted audience and will raise your quality score.

Refine Always

You already know that PPC advertising is a very competitive field.

Therefore, you should always be looking to refine your current ads to produce better results.

You should always be trying to create a new ad that will be more effective than your current ad.



In the past, there were many theories about where the keywords belonged on a landing page.


Now, instead of worrying about where the keywords are placed, it is much more important to offer viewers of the landing page, information that is reliable, factual, informative, and accurate.

Following this procedure allows you to raise your quality score.

In return, you will pay less for your keywords.You will also enjoy a higher click through rate.

The best news of all is that you will have a higher return on investment.

4 steps to raise your quality score