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3 Tips to Creating Powerful Landing Pages • Running a Successful PPC Campaign


3 Tips to Creating Powerful Landing Pages

If you are going to run a successful PPC campaign, then you already know that you need a successful landing page. The page must be user friendly and convince the buyer to convert their interest into buying the product.

Each PPC campaign should have its own page. With more customers than ever before using mobile to access the Internet it is vital that the landing page be mobile friendly or you need to create a separate landing page for mobile users.

Make the Page Scannable

The page should be easy to scan. Internet users will look at a page for less than six seconds before they make a decision to look at the page further or move on to another page. Therefore, make the material easy to scan. Never present a long set page without breaks.


Choose the colors of your landing page very carefully. Certain colors connect better with different audiences. Remember that different colors connect best with different audiences. In addition, remember that different colors have different meanings in different cultures. If you are running a PPC campaign with specific location based keywords remembering this can be particularly important.

Researchers have found that even within a country, different ethnic groups relate differently to different colors. Major brands have found sale increases from 7 percent to 41 percent simply by changing their colors and the same can be true of your landing pages.

Use the Logo

A company’s logo is one of their most valuable assets. Therefore, when designing a landing page, make sure to feature the company logo prominently. This ensures the viewer that they have reached the right place. If you want the customer to move from the landing page to another page, the logo should be on every page.

Following these three tips will ensure that you have created a great landing page. After you have created a page, create another page. Then, test the two against each other. If you need instructions on how to conduct these tests make sure to see PPC Ads That Sell for those instructions.

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Tips to creating powerful landing pages