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Enormous Labour Demand in Engineering Demand for technically skilled specialists is growing as a result of the boom in the manufacturing industry. Companies are offering many jobs and as in most other European markets, in the Czech Republic, too, the shortage of labour is reaching extreme levels.

GROWING AND FIRMS ADDRESS JOB SEEKERS ABROAD At the end of 2016, the number of vacancies in engineering and the manufacturing industry exceeded the 80 000 level, according to official sources, with some 40 % of them being skilled labour positions. In addition, analyses have revealed an abysmal difference between the number of vacancies and that of technically educated graduates, with universities unable to supply a sufficient number of technicians to fill the gap. Regrettably, the outlook that the situation will improve within the next few years is not too optimistic. If companies are unable to fill their vacancies in accordance with their plans, they become less flexible and open to the idea of hiring labour from abroad and employing less skilled work| 10

ers, whom they must first train and invest money in their education.


COMMUTING TO WORK IS STILL A PROBLEM In 2016, companies had problems with finding skilled quality experts – quality engineers, quality managers; also much sought-after were good designers acquainted with the CATIA programme (both mechanical and electro engineers), technologists, process engineers and production efficiency specialists. Job seekers on the other hand are most motivated by financial remuneration, good location of the workplace, career advancement and a pleasant working environment. In general, readiness to commute is very low in the Czech Republic, although in this

sector job seekers are among the more flexible, which is given by the nature of the sector itself. In this respect, a very important factor is the length of commuting time and related costs. This can be compensated by commuter benefits and in senior positions the use of a company vehicle for private purposes.


GROWING, COMPANIES ARE NOT AGAINST INDIVIDUAL AGREEMENTS According to Hays, the long lasting shortage of manpower in the manufacturing sector puts pressure on wages. In 2016 remuneration of skilled workers grew, depending on the position and sector, by from 5 % to 10 %. The remuneration amount is strongly influenced by the job



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