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The Official Newsletter of the PAROLE AND PROBATION ADMINISTRATION Region IX

2009 Issue No. 2

July to December 2009

DAPITAN SHRINE FTL HOSTS IMMERSION PHASE OF ICTP The Dapitan Shrine Field Training Laboratory (FTL), headed by community members. During the Closing Program held at the Zamboanga Del CPPO Jose Alan B. Santillana, hosted the six-day Immersion Phase of the In-Country Training Program (ICTP) on the Holistic Approach to Norte Convention and Exhibition Center in Dipolog City which was Volunteer Resource Development on September 6 to 11, 2009 at the graced by Honorable Administrator Ismael J, Herradura and ARD/ OIC Jeorgette C. Paderanga, CPPO Carolina Corpin of Tacloban City, Dapitan City Resort Hotel, Sunset Blvd., Dapitan City. Forty-five (45) participants, composed of twenty-seven (27) PPO Jill Rasuman of Bukidnon, and VPA Agustin Graciano, Jr. of Probation Officers and eighteen (18) Volunteer Probation Aides Zamboanga City, lauded the National FTL headed by Chief Facilitator (VPAs), attended the second of a two-phased program which started Ces Dela Cruz for the splendid training program which was a big with the Theoretical Phase held at the Cebu Grand Hotel in Cebu City boost in the advancement of the VPA Program, JICA and UNAFEI for their financial and technical support. on August 30 to September 6, 2009. The training also entailed During the Immersion strong Community Resource Phase, participants were given Development shown in the inputs on Teambuilding Tools, support given by Provincial Team Management, and Governor Atty. Rolando E. Theory of Development Yebes, Vice Governor Atty. Communication through film Francis B. Olvis, Exec. Secretary showing. Their schedule was Jay Adraincem, CEDAU Head also packed with paying Ronnie Pacilan, City Mayor courtesy calls to city officials, Dominador G. Jalosjos, Jr., Ccity visiting historical landmarks, Vice Mayor Patri B. Chan, City and conducting Information Ad mi ni s t r at or R odal i ci a Dr i ve s i n p r e -s e l e ct e d Adraincem, Exec. Secretary barangays, Orientation to new Alimarlo Dagpin, City Tourism recruits, and Basic Training to Officer Engr. Rodiolan Porlas, VPAs. A much-awaited affair Barangay Officials of San Pedro, was the interaction between Polo, Burgos, Barcelona, Opao, and among members of the Ilaya and Potungan. jabs Participants to the Immersion Phase of ICTP in Dapitan City. VPA Association, community Dapitan Shrine leaders and

New RD for R-IX Family RD Rosa H. Lacanglacang assumed office as the head of PPA- DOJ, RIX on October 1, 2009. She replaces Assistant Regional Director Jeorgette C. Paderanga who became Officer-In-Charge upon the retirement of RD Raquel T. Cainglet. Prior to this present assignment, RD Lacanglacang was at the helm of Region XII where she has served for six years. A sweet and amiable lady, RD Rose (as she is fondly called) holds the rank of CESO V and is an active member of the National TC Team. She hails from Ozamis City. - MB Floresca.

Mindanao PPOs, VPAs Attend Training in Pagadian City A total of 24 Probation Officers and 21 Volunteer Probation Aides coming from the different regions in Mindanao converged in Pagadian City to attend the training on Enhancing Life Skills in Drug Abuse prevention from December 2 to 4, 2009. The training is a joint effort between this agency and the Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB), the latter being the one who provided the funds for the 3-day activity. During the Opening Program held at the Capitol Grounds of the Provincial Government of Zamboanga Del Sur, the Honorable Governor Aurora E. Cerilles expressed her grateful appreciation to the DDB for conducting a training of this nature in this province as she has every intention of eradicating the drug problem in her turf before she steps down from office come 2010. The 3-day training will help Probation Officers and VPAs acquire the necessary skills needed to effect situation-specific skills that will lead to healthy lifestyle decisions and acceptable behavior among clients.

Harmonized Programs, Compartmentalized Reports Since the implementation of the Flagship Programs of the Agency, not to mention the other tasks and functions that need to be attended to, Probation officers have risen up to the challenge and showed that we are capable to provide the best service to our clients. Though the introduction of new concepts into our work is welcome, many lament the increase in the volume of work that this entails, and an even greater number agonize over the number of reports that is expected to be prepared and submitted. It has already ceased to be a wonder how we have easily harmonized our programs and integrated the same in almost all our office activities. We have easily and successfully blended Therapeutic Community, Restorative Justice and Volunteerism which, together, these components act as pillars that support the community-based treatment program of this agency. Ironically, our programs may be harmonized but our system of reporting is much too compartmentalized. Almost always, this fact becomes the source of much stress to the people in the field. Much time is given to the preparation of reports not because of strict attention to details but one could be overwhelmed by the number of reports needed or required per activity. It is no longer a surprise if one activity should be reflected in three separate reports considering the fact that our harmonized program is made up of three components. It is about time that this matter be acted upon. A committee has already been formed to come up with a solution to this felt difficulty. A comprehensive reporting system will mean less time sitting at our desks to write and more time looking into the —-meaningful rehabilitation of our clients. - mlsguangco


As I take my spot at the helm of this region, it is only with joy and not a tinge of apprehension that I assume my post as your Regional Director. My heart is at peace knowing that where God leads me, God is ahead of me. I count this assignment as pure blessing in a sense that I am now relatively nearer home and closer to my family as my home place is a mere 2-hour ride from the Regional Office. Equally important is that Region 9 provides new challenges for me as well as new working relationships with the personnel. Though only into my third month here, I have already gathered glimpses of hardworking people whose company I find light and refreshing. After spending six years in Region 12, Region 9 is now my new family. I am eager to continue what then RD Raquel has started, and hoping for you to continue the excellent performance you have shown. What I am ready and willing to offer is my knowledge and expertise either to complement or supplement what you already have. Together, let’s make Region IX take its rightful place as a model office of the Parole and Probation Administration. RD Rosa Editorial Staff of “Ang PAROLA” Editor-in-Chief:

Maria Lourdes S. Guangco

Associate Editor:

Marilou B. Floresca Nicasio D. Dujali

Managing Editor/ Layout/Photo Artist: Circulation Manager: Correspondents: Advisers:

Irvin Noel A. Guangco Alyssa May C. Zuasola Eusebia T. Codino FO CPPO/OIC, PIOs RD Rosa H. Lacanglacang ARD Jeorgette C. Paderanga

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L-R: Bing Codino, Marilou Floresca and Chary Cinco join other PPOs and VPAs from Mindanao during the Training on Enhancing Life Skills in Drug Abuse Prevention.

Sibugay clients plant “bakhawan” seedlings during a Mangrove Reforestation Activity.

RD Rose assists in organizing the Family Association of Zamboanga Del Sur PPO No. 1

SPPO J4eanette Requina (foreground) and PPOII Denia Bejer (background) role play a Counseling session during a Skills Enhancement Seminar.

A TC session at the Dipolog City PPO.

Ms. Anabella Estores as Resource Person during the Seminar on Social Graces for the Central Cluster and Regional Office Personnel.

Clients Enroll at WMSU—DES Seven active clients and dependents have been given the opportunity to enroll at the Western Mindanao State University—Department of Extension Services (WMSU—DES) for the second semester of Academic Year 2009—2010. The Zamboanga City Parole and Probation Office No. 2 (ZCPPO# 2) has tapped WMSU-DES and its community outreach program since 2004 and has intensified its campaign to interested clients and their dependents to avail of the free five—month skills training courses during its meeting held on October 20, 2009. In effect, four clients signified their intention to

personally take the opportunity while three other clients enrolled four of their dependents in the program. PPOII Ruben D. Garcia, Skills Training Coordinator of the office, facilitated the enrollment of the clients and the dependents. The coordination has been strengthened through a Memorandum of Agreement entered into between ZCPPO# 2, represented by CPPO Lizabel D. Caoile, and WMSU, represented by its past President Dr. Eldigario C. Gonzales in November 2004, through Prof. Lucio Somblingo, Dean of the Department, who is, likewise, an active VPA of this office. rdgarcia 3

Central Cluster Leads Efforts to Organize Family Members Field Offices Celebrate NACOCO Week Field Offices throughout the region conducted different activities in observance of the 2009 National Correctional Consciousness (NACOCO) Week, and relevant to its theme: “Be a light to others… Instrument of Healing and Reconciliation.” All thirteen offices visited the city, provincial, municipality or district jails within their jurisdiction to disseminate information regarding the Adult Probation Law, Parole and Executive Clemency, Flagship Programs of the agency, and JICL. Separate activities were lined up for clients, which included: Lectures on the Rights of the Accused (Zamboanga del Sur PPO No. 2), and Rights of Prisoners and Children (Zamboanga City PPO No. 1); Gift-giving (Dapitan City PPO); Guidance and Counseling on Values Reformation (Isabela/Basilan PPO); and, Mini Sports Fest with a TC session on “Healing” (Sibugay PPO). Clients also rendered free community services through various clean-up drives. These activities also involved the VPAs who either spearheaded or provided the resources needed. mlsg

TC Batch 9 Undergoes Live-In Training The ninth batch of clients of Zamboanga City PPO NO. 1 underwent a live-in training on the Realigned Therapeutic Community Program on November 26-28, 2009 at the Harmony Village, Sinunuc, Zamboanga City. All 37 participants breezed through the odds as they got themselves organized to join the different sessions starting from Day 1 to Day 3. Clients and staff were transported to the venue using vehicles provided by VPAs. The pool of facilitators was composed of the staff of ZCPPO No. 1 and ably assisted by CPPO Lizabel D. Caoile of ZCPPO NO. 2, CPPO Maria Lourdes S. Guangco of Zamboanga Sibugay PPO, CPPO Ludivina D. Flores and SrPPO Nicasio D. Dujali of Isabela/Basilan PPO. TC-trained VPAs who assisted in the course of the training included VPA George Santos, VPA Ma. Luz Gerundio, VPA Ester Del Rosario, and VPA Narciso delos Reyes. Despite initial resistance of some clients to the live-in training, the participants enjoyed the activities which made them journey through the process of self-awareness, discovery and self-renewal. Their bonding and camaraderie appeared to be well-entrenched that everyone looked forward to meet each other again during the start of Phase II on December 11, 2009. Gracing the Closing Program was City Administrator Antonio G. Orendain who likewise inducted the officers for TC Batch 9. - tatampos

Sustainable Tree Planting in the North In its desire to proliferate Sustained Tree Planting in the province of Zamboanga del Norte, the Parole and Probation Office in the area carried out another tree planting activity on September 22, 2009 along the national highway of Barangay Lower Inuman, Municipality of Sindangan. The activity is already the third of tis kind undertaken by the office. The first tree planting site was in Barangay Dapaon while the second was at the Department of Agriculture Nursery Farm in Biniray, 4 Katipunan.

Offices under the Central Cluster showed enthusiasm in seeking family support for a more meaningful rehabilitation of clients through the organization of family support for a more meaningful rehabilitation of clients through the organization of family members during the 3rd and 4th quarter of 2009. Towards this end, all five field offices have already conducted Orientation to family members and other significant persons in the life of clients. Leading the pack is Zamboanga Sibugay PPO which has already held Orientation activities for a total of 22 participants on September 16 and November 18. With the strong motivation and support from RD Rose Lacanglacang, Zamboanga del Sur PPO No. 2 held its Orientation on November 17 with 12 family members and 18 TC clients in attendance. This was held at the office of the Salug Valley Development Council in Molave. On November 19, Pagadian City PPO held a combined activity with Zamboanga del Sur PPO No. 1 where 15 family members attended. Being an active advocate of the Family Association, RD Lacanglacang personally assisted during the sessions which dealt primarily on self-introductions and establishing rapport between and among the participants. With their interest sparked, family members can be expected to give their full cooperation and support towards the full organization of a Family Association. mlsg

VPAs Spearhead Nutri-Feeding for Children Volunteer Probation aides of Zamboanga Sibugay were in the forefront of the Nutri-feeding program for children held at the Madrasah Center, Harmony Zone, Bangkerohan, Ipil on November 6, 2009. From the usual Jail Assistance which they have already incorporated in their Annual Program of Activities, members of the Sibugay VPA Association expanded their activities and diversified their beneficiaries to include other marginalized sectors of the community. According to CPPO Maria Lourdes S. Guangco, VPAs provided the resources, coordinated with the barangay officials, prepared the “arroz caldo”, and fed around fifty (50) children who are ten years old and below. Bangkerohan is one of the barangays which has registered a high number of undernourished children. Joining also in the activity were Resource Persons from the Municipal Health Office who gave a short lecture on Proper Child Care and Nutrition for parents and guardians which accompanied the children. An estimated one thousand and fifty (1,050) trees have already been planted with approximately sixty percent (60%) of these have grown big. The planted trees receive regular nurturing and maintenance by clients, VPAs and LGUs. The Zamboanga del Norte PPO considers Tree Planting a meaningful way to contribute to the synergy necessary in order to restore the quality of the environment. Through Community Word Service of clients, this office has already contributed to the rehabilitation of the denuded public lands. jfrequina

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Mindanao PPOs, VPAs Attend Training in Pagadian City The Official Newsletter of the PAROLE AND PROBATION ADMINISTRATION Region IX July to De...