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Are you an Australian Expat? If yes, then there are few better places on the internet for you than What is Ozable? It is a social discussion forum created for assisting Australian expatriates to live in a foreign land without encountering any difficulty. When an Australian leaves the country to relocate in another nation, he/she is bound to face a host of problems. International relocation is difficult not just for Australians, but for people from all other countries of the world. has however successfully ensured that living in a foreign country becomes a cakewalk for all Aussie expats. The best thing about this forum is that it doesn’t only assist people who are in or have plans of moving into prominent countries of the world, for instance, Unites States, Unites Kingdom, United Arab Emirates etc. it is helpful for Aussie expatriates irrespective of the place they live in or are planning to move into. Ozable has separate forums created for the Aussie expats in different parts of the world; the forums you will find here are as follows: 1. Canada: You can submit questions and posts here to know and share information about working and living in Canada. 2. Middle East: This is the home for Aussie expats in countries like Dubai or UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman and other nations within the Arabian Gulf region. 3. Far East Asia: If you are in or have plans of relocating in countries like China, Japan, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore or any other nation of Far East Asia as an Aussie expatriate, this forum is for you. 4. Europe: Are you in Australia and have plans of relocating in a European country, or already living in one as an Australian expat? If yes, then this forum will answer all your questions and find solutions to all your problems. 5. New Zealand: This forum might surprise you as New Zealand is the next door neighbour of Australia; however, you must remember that New Zealand and Australia are separate nations and if you relocate in this country as an Australian expat you will have to live differently. The forum is thus a great help for Aussies moving into the land of Kiwis. 6. USA: Aussies planning to move into the United States or already living there should post their queries and take part in discussions on this forum. In addition to the six forums mentioned above, there are separate forums created for Australian expatriates living in all other parts of the globe and expats planning for returning to their motherland Australia.

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