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“Imagination will take you everywhere.” Albert Einstein


n residential aged care, dementia affects over 70% of elders. They can experience depression, self-isolation and react adversely to their environment and unmet needs. We know that stress levels in staff is also a common problem.

Play Up to your potential. Our Play Up Valets are professional performers with special skills working in aged care and dementia. In regular visits, they interact with residents using humour to spark imaginations and emotions. They support staff as well with creative communication skills that can make their work more enjoyable and meaningful. Improved job satisfaction can reduce staff turnover and unplanned leave.

A smile is a curve that straightens out a problem. Having Play Up in your aged care service will continue the positive effects that were demonstrated in the world-first published, randomised controlled trial known as the SMILE Study where the results showed: ● ● ●


Reduced agitation, isolation and medication Reduced number of falls in elders. Elders and staff are happier and energised.

“A good sense of humour helps us in many ways. It helps us understand the orthodox, tolerate the unpleasant, overcome the unexpected and survive the unbearable.” Gene Brown, Author.

Blue Care breakthrough “Following the 12 week pilot, staff felt their work at Blue Care had meaning and purpose, they were more enthusiastic and their workplace had a positive atmosphere… One resident who (usually) sat quietly and hardly spoke blossomed, starting slowly with one or two words. It wasn’t long before she was greeting the Valet and exchanging conversation. Linda Taylor, General Manager Blue Care South Coast Queensland.

Integrating with clinical care. We collaborate with care professionals to reach desired outcomes. Play Up helps registered aged care facilities meet Standards 2.7, 2.8, 2.13, 2.16 and Standard 3 Care Recipient Lifestyle in the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency Accreditation Standards.

The arts keep us healthy and connected and can bridge gaps in age, culture and beliefs in a way that words often cannot. Play Up helps humanise institutions and is vital in providing quality in care.

Work with us. Play Up is putting the SMILE Study research into every day practice, reaching thousands every week from our cities to outback country towns. Talk to us about a program tailored to suit your needs as a facility or individual.

T (02) 8354 1953 E

The Arts Health Institute is a national organisation delivering world leading programs with breakthrough results. We bring the arts and health together to change worlds.

Photos: © Jarra Joseph-McGrath.

“Music is a universal and powerful influence.” Dr Amee Baird, Clinical Neuropsychologist


It is well documented that one of the last things that elders and people with dementia lose is their ability to enjoy music. Sing Out Loud uses the unique power of music and human connection to bring elders together to reduce isolation, depression and anxiety.

More than a ‘music program. Each week, an Arts Health Institute musician with special training creates a 90-minute experience with over 100 songs chosen over different genres. Our choirs involve song, but our maestro’s aim is to know the choir members individually, their musical taste, hobbies, leisure activities, and previous life interests, work and relationships.

Enjoyable and meaningful outcomes ● ● ●

Improves emotional function and social inclusion Reduces agitation and aggression Enhances cognitive abilities for elders with and without dementia Creates interaction with elders, staff, family and community.

Our maestros use cheeky humour and favourite songs from the past to spark conversations, laughter, percussion, friendships, poetry and story telling.

Sing Out Loud choirs can be a lovely way to promote your service, community events, open days and special events. “The key is socialising, asking opinions, getting the room chatting and laughing and singing a lot! Pretty much every song will trigger a conversation.” Rose Grayson, Maestro - Arts Health Institute

“It’s hard to find the words that adequately describe the wonder, engagement and rapt pleasure that we saw residents and clients experience at the Sing Out Loud concert on Wednesday.” Rochester and Elmore District Health Services.

Easily implemented and cost effective. Embraced by residential and community aged care services around Australia, these structured, therapeutic social groups are fun, stimulating and rewarding. The weekly 90 minute sessions involve: ● ● ●

An appropriate room and seating supplied for groups 10+ Morning or afternoon tea to create a special social event Books or photo copies of music (to be discussed with maestro) A concert can be a goal of the choir.

Sing Out Loud at your place Sing Out Loud is available nationally, in residential aged care, retirement villages and community settings. The choirs also have the ability to link with local primary schools for eight weeks during school term. Learn more at

Find out more. T (02) 8354 1953 E

The Arts Health Institute is a national organisation delivering world leading programs with breakthrough results. We bring the arts and health together to change worlds.

Photos: © Jarra Joseph-McGrath.

“Vastly improve quality of life, regardless of cognitive or physical status.” Dan Cohen, founder Music & Memory


n hundreds of care facilities throughout the U.S.A. and Canada, Music & MemorySM is helping thousands of individuals living with chronic cognitive and physical impairments. It is now exclusively delivered in Australia by the Arts Health Institute.

The power of personalised playlists. Music & Memory is a systematic way to provide personalised playlists of beloved music on iPods. Personally meaningful music helps to awaken the mind, restore identity and reconnect individuals with caregivers, family and friends.

So simple, yet so effective. ● R  educes

depression, anxiety, even pain are happier and more social  elationships among staff, participants and family deepen R  veryone benefits from a calmer, more supportive social E environment  upports care delivery, reducing time lost to behaviour S management  here is growing evidence that a personalised music T program gives professionals one more tool in their effort to reduce reliance on medications.

● P  articipants ● ●

“Despite the enormous sums of money spent on mood and behaviour altering medications that are often not particularly effective, nothing compares to these iPods when it comes to improving quality of life.” Tony Lewis, President and CEO, Cobble Hill Health Centre, Brooklyn, New York.

Like to know more about Music & Memory and accreditation for your registered care facility or community service? T: (02) 8354 1953 E:

Training webinars. Training webinars are available all year round for your staff to learn how to implement and maintain an organisationwide process for personalised music.

Work with us.

Personalised music is no cure but it may well be the best therapy currently available to millions living with dementia, depression and loneliness. It can relieve boredom, empower choice, enable memory and provide avenues for genuine communication with loved ones and caregivers. (Music & Memory, U.S.A.)

Be accredited to provide Music & Memory in your service and join the international Music & Memory network. Re-accreditation applies annually.

Find out more: T (02) 8354 1953 E

The Arts Health Institute is a national organisation delivering world leading programs that bring the arts and health together to change worlds.

Photos: Š Jarra Joseph-McGrath.

The Heart of Leadership

– transforming aged care through playful leadership A two day workshop for aged care professionals and senior managers such as clinical managers, facility managers, case managers, operations managers and anyone who leads a team. To lead or not to lead, that is the question. When we think of leaders, who springs to mind? Who are the good ones? What are the qualities that make a good leader in aged care? Am I a leader? Do I want to be?


he aged care sector is undergoing continual change. It needs leaders that are strong, creative, dynamic, skilled and emotionally intelligent. The day to day running of aged care can be very task oriented. We have become very good at solving problems as they occur.

Explore surprising new perspectives! In the Heart of Leadership workshops we take a step back and look more systematically at the patterns of behaviour and communication that are occurring in our workplaces. You will gain awareness of how appropriate they are and practice the skills to confidently challenge and change these patterns in a dynamic work environment change.

Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I may remember, Involve me and I learn. Benjamin Franklin

We will explore activities and exercises that are both engaging and relevant to today’s aged care environments. The aim is to provide practical, creative solutions to the day-today challenges that leaders face in aged care. Participants will gain personal insight into their leadership and communication styles.

Unleash your EQ. We use theatrical, playful techniques to bring the workplace into the workshop. By bringing our authentic, creative, emotionally intelligent selves to our leadership role, we will build trust in the work place, resulting in engaged, skilled and enthusiastic staff that live the organisation’s vision and values and in turn, lead a culture of excellence. The result for individuals is a renewed sense of purpose and self-fulfillment. Our primary aim in this workshop is to create a safe, fun and challenging environment where participants are supported as they develop and explore their role as leaders in Aged Care.

Presented by:

Maurie Barlin – Relationship and Support, Arts Health Institute.

Andy McDonell – Arts Health Academy Co-Director.

Learning outcomes:

• G ain fresh insight on how effective leadership can transform aged care.

• B e able to differentiate between leadership and

management styles. Understand the need for leaders to have a high level of emotional intelligence to be effective. Appreciate how creativity is a powerful element of leadership. Learn to be present and engaged, bringing your whole self to the workplace. Gain insight into communication and coaching styles to solve challenges faced by leaders. Develop effective strategies to lead teams using creative thinking. Discover how play creates connection and engagement, develops relationships and brings about cultural change.

•  •  • 

“It is good to explore the mindfulness of your own emotions and where you’re at as a leader and dealing with things that crop up in your leadership role – and that to be playful brings out the best in people. They’ve brought out a side in me that I think was always there but I was just a bit frightened to show. I would absolutely recommend it to not only people in aged care but it covers a range of occupations. It’s been fantastic.” Simone Albury.

•  •  • 


• W  hat is leadership? • E xploration of leadership styles and self-awareness

of personal style. Exploration of emotional intelligence and our behaviour as a leader under stress. Ability to stay present through mindfulness and breath. Communication techniques: talk, support and empower your staff. Practical skills to help mentor and coach. How to navigate difficult conversations. Practical tools to lead culture change framed by the FISH! principles. Exercises and games to bring play into the room to discover why our unique playful self is important to the workplace and our ability to lead. Connecting with staff and residents through relationship and playfulness – understanding the role of status. The need to establish strong networks and supports. Understanding teams and using story to create change. Use of case studies to explore and reflect on leadership, coaching and meeting the unmet needs of elders.

•  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

Content linked to Aged Care Standards • • • •

1.9 Continuous improvement 1.3 Education and Staff development 1.5 Leadership and Planning 1.6 Human resource management

Simone Albury – Therapy and Lifestyle Centre and Elderwise Supervisor, Strathearn Village, Scone.

Course details: Two consecutive days of face-to-face workshops in a lively and enjoyable group. Qualification: Arts Health Institute Certificate of Attainment. Course pre-requisite: Working as or aspiring to be in a leadership/ management role in health care, especially aged care. Assessment: (optional) Interactive experience – participation in exercises and games designed to gain personal insight into leadership style and discovering the playful self. Demonstration of how to inspire and empower staff through coaching and mentoring (especially around difficult conversations). Use of story to communicate personal and organisational vision and goals. Cost: $990 including GST.