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What constitutes a comprehensive surveillance system?

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Table of Contents What constitutes a comprehensive security & surveillance system for transit?


By Lori Jetha

About Seon


Teamwork: the most important component


By Steven Winnefeld

About Safety Vision


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What constitutes a comprehensive security & surveillance system for transit? By Lori Jetha create video evidence to resolve litigation. A comprehensive system should include video playback software capable of creating an evidence clip in minutes. Playback software must be able to display multiple camera views simultaneously, with bus signals and a map to overlay bus location and speed, all on one screen such as in Seon’s vMax View. This software should also provide the ability to blur faces for privacy and protect against unauthorized access through a proprietary video file format. To pro-actively manage system maintenance a web-based healthcheck feature will provide security and fleet maintenance managers visibility on system health, anywhere with Internet access.

Playback software should be able to display multiple camera views simultaneously, with bus signals and a map to overlay bus location and speed, all on one screen such as in Seon’s vMax View.

Safety is the primary concern for public transit operators and a core expectation of transit riders. But what constitutes a ‘comprehensive’ security and surveillance system for transit? This definition may vary by transit system, but there are five things that every surveillance system should address. Support safety goals & objectives There are many transit safety technologies available but priorities will vary by agency. The first step in building a comprehensive system is to proactively map identified security risks to technology needs. If complete visual coverage of the bus is a priority, then consider adding more cameras per bus and a digital video recorder (DVR) capable of recording high-definition video channels. Seon’s HX16 Hybrid DVR can record video from both analog and IP cameras allowing transit agencies to add IP cameras to improve resolution for select camera views while ensuring acceptable video retention timeframes. If live access to video to protect operators is an issue, then your security solution should include a live video streaming solution. If you plan to stream live video, also ensure that your digital video recorder has dual streaming to record both a high-resolution stream for detailed incident review, and a second low-res stream for cellular transmission. Reduce financial impact of lawsuits Reducing liability costs is a major focus for Public Transit, so any transit surveillance system should make it easy to locate, review and

Improve response to incidents One transit security manager said it best, “Incidents are going to happen, but the key to a good surveillance system is the ability to easily find the bus involved and download the video evidence needed to quickly respond to a situation.” With increasing demands for video for criminal investigations and injury claims, searching for video evidence needs to be efficient. Installation of a panic button allows drivers to mark video for later review. To speed access to video and vehicle data (bus signals and GPS coordinates) a comprehensive video system should have an industrialgrade wireless network in the bus depot with video management software to automatically download video with marked alarms. Choosing the right vendor is critical when dealing with wireless video downloading. Ensure that the video system vendor employs Certified Wireless Network Professionals (CWNP) to build and test the wireless network to verify coverage and bandwidth is available for video downloading. Increase driver & passenger safety Camera placement is critical to delivering on the promise of driver and passenger safety. While there is a trend towards high-resolution cameras to improve views outside the bus it is equally important to ensure you have enough cameras to prevent any gaps in visibility inside the bus, especially in high incident-prone areas, such as the bus entrances, driver seat, and fare box area. Give drivers the tools to alert security staff to an on-board emergency and trigger recording of the incident. A panic button connected to the on-board surveillance system can trigger recording of a special camera view of the driver in case of assault, if union agreements prevent you from continuously recording drivers. It can also transmit a live security alert via email or on-screen in a real-time vehicle tracking application. Promote learning & improvement For every incident it is important to determine if there are any “takeaways” that can be used to improve your safety and training program. A comprehensive mobile surveillance system is scalable and adaptable, to allow you to respond to new security needs quickly and easily. Lori Jetha serves as marketing manager for Seon. Seon manufactures bus surveillance system equipment and are experts in wireless system design. | BUSRIDE


ABOUT Seon is the leading manufacturer of video surveillance and fleet management solutions for public transit and school transportation. Since 2007, the company has been consistently ranked in the IHS Report on the Mobile Video Surveillance market, as the #1 provider of mobile surveillance equipment to the bus and coach industry. Seon’s video surveillance technology helps transit agencies proactively monitor passenger and operator safety and reduce the effort and expense of on-board incident investigations. In business since 1999, Seon has a mission to increase safety of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. Today, the company has over 200,000 surveillance systems in place at thousands of public transit and school bus properties throughout North America. As part of the Safe Fleet family of brands since 2014 – we are the leading global provider of safety solutions for fleet vehicles. Our team of highly qualified electronics and mechanical engineers designs superior quality surveillance systems. Every year, Seon invests significant funds in product research and development, ensuring each solution matches our client’s present and future needs. While our technology helps keep passengers and drivers safe, we also help our customers protect transit operators through our Stop Violence Against Drivers education and awareness campaign. The goal of this program is to bring attention to the issue of operator assaults and provide the transit industry with resources and solutions to help stem the tide of violence against operators. To learn more about this program, visit In this Digital Supplement In this digital supplement, we share our advice on how transit security and risk managers can ensure they invest in and continue to maintain a comprehensive surveillance system.





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Seon’s transit surveillance solutions give you greater visibility into on-board events even in real-time. Track bus location, access data wirelessly, and ensure operator, passenger and pedestrian safety and security with Seon.

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Teamwork: the most important component By Steven Winnefeld

Every transit agency knows mobile surveillance equipment is not “one-size-fits-all.” Often times an off-the-shelf component must be modified to meet the specific requirements of a unique vehicle installation. Agency personnel are unique as well. Everyone has different needs and expectations depending on their role and experience. Safety Vision realizes the most critical component of a comprehensive surveillance system is the flexibility to meet all of these needs. Leveraging advanced technology and the considerable skill and expertise of its team members, Safety Vision prides itself in tailor-made solutions. A solid foundation is essential to making sure everything comes together. It starts as early as the first meeting with agency personnel. Experienced account executives listen critically to the agency’s request, instinctively looking for ways they can alleviate specific concerns. Safety Vision engineers products that fit a wide variety of applications to start, but transit vehicles are diverse, and the environments they traverse vary widely. “I like to Jason Donat, Safety Vision’s service department manager, oversees the company’s extensive think of us as an elite team of specialists that deploy service operations. to our customers to devise custom solutions,” says Randy Wise, Vice President of Sales. Often a comprehensive, on- like they expect it to. I don’t leave until it does. I love when everything site survey is essential to fully understand the scope of the complete falls into place and the client is happy.” Jason doesn’t stop after he leaves the agency facility and returns solution. The executive works with project managers and field home to Safety Vision in Houston. He checks in remotely to make sure technicians to ensure the equipment is just right. This might involve tweaking the product outside of its published specifications. Custom everything continues going smoothly. He also manages the in-house mounts and camera shields must sometimes be fabricated. Sometimes Service Department, where real people work to answer all manner only a slightly different lens will cover an angle, or maybe removing of client concerns. When the surveillance system doesn’t work as IR illuminators provide a better view through the windshield. The expected, correcting that discrepancy must be a priority. When a surveillance system must perfectly integrate with the vehicle and how client calls Safety Vision, they’re routed to a Service Technician who it is used. To that end, the New Product Development team actively specializes in the system the agency uses. These technicians are also works with both executives and customers, using their input in the available to answer emails promptly and effectively. Video conference development of new solutions. The resulting technology becomes even and remote computer sharing programs are utilized so the service more flexible and useful, such as the Observer™ Hybrid series of DVRs technician can see what the client sees and properly evaluate the issue with minimal interference of the day-to-day operations of the agency. that use a combination of digital and analog cameras. When it comes to taking complete advantage of that new technology, All of this important activity is also reported to the account executive Safety Vision steps in again. Understanding the complex functionality so the whole team is informed. At no time is any support outsourced of the video playback software and management system is critical to third parties. An on-board surveillance system is not complete without the in meeting that goal. The return on investment for the surveillance system cannot be realized until all of the benefits it provides are close teamwork that results between the agency and a vendor who completely understood. To accomplish this, Safety Vision provides strives to provide a complete custom solution. This requires the multiple outlets to provide training to agency personnel. Instruction trusted personal connections Safety Vision prides itself on making is conducted both on-site, and in “Safety Vision University,” a specially with all of its customers, building the experience that leads to best outfitted classroom at the corporate headquarters that can replicate supplier relationship. what agency personnel experience at their own facility. When it comes to ensuring everyone in the agency is satisfied, Service Manager Jason Steven Winnefeld is the documentation specialist for Safety Vision, LLC, a pioneer in mobile video surveillance systems. Safety Vision prides itself on its Donat takes it personally. “After the installation, I like to work with institutional knowledge. Visit Safety Vision at For a people one-on-one to make sure the system as installed is working just complete set of references please visit: 6


ABOUT SAFETY VISION Founded in 1993, Safety Vision, LLC is among the most recognized vendors of mobile video surveillance products in North America. These products are used by agencies, companies, and organizations to provide elements of mobile safety, which in turn save time, resources, and money. Key industries include: Mass Transit, Law Enforcement, Work and Transportation Trucks, First Responders, and Pupil Transportation. Looking to the future, Safety Vision continues to incorporate innovative features such as wireless downloading, real-time remote viewing, GPS mapping, uninterrupted power supplies, and hybrid recording technology to further enhance its safety package.

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Safety Vision offers solutions with the flexibility to meet your fleet’s most important needs. The innovative Observer™ and powerful RoadRecorder® series of DVRs utilize our rugged 41 series analog and 45 series network IP cameras to record any angle on any vehicle with outstanding clarity. Our hardware is perfectly complimented by our advanced software to provide a system tailored to your agency. Safety Vision is looking forward to building a partnership that produces the total solution for you.

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The RoadRecorder® 7000S NVR, Observer 4112 HVR, 41 series and 45 series cameras.

What constitutes a comprehensive surveillance system?  

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