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Left to right: Rod Flanders (Church Mutual); Philip C. Bushnell (Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services); Pat Moreland (Church Mutual); Eric Spacek (GuideOne Insurance) — foreground; Karl Williams (GuideOne Insurance); Dana Crowl (Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services); Shawn Yingling (Glatfelter Religious Practice) — foreground; Cheryl Tamasitis (Philadelphia Insurance Companies)

exposures and the need to employ adequate controls to protect the information they capture and store. Also, a lot of small and midsize churches are starting to understand the exposures they face related to the people leading the church. These people have the fiduciary responsibilities, or they’re on the board of directors. Large churches have understood these risks for many years, and the types of folks who sit on the boards of these institutions are usually aware of their obligations and the responsibilities they have assumed. In smaller institutions, though, that hasn’t always been the case. I think it’s important that we continue to make them aware of their exposures in this area. Shawn Yingling: Churches face many challenges when managing their exposure to loss. Protecting their buildings, their staff members and their congregation is important. What is also important in this day and age is managing the actual costs that a church incurs versus its budgeted costs. I hear this very frequently from churches and religious organizations of all sizes. A church sets an annual budget and allocates funds to meet anticipated expenses. However, as the church moves through the year, the actual expenses incurred many times stray from what has been planned for and allocated. That certainly causes stress within the organization and is cause for keeping church leaders awake at night. Stephen Drachler: In terms of minimizing or negating risk, I think it’s important for church leaders to communicate in ways that help attendees >>

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