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Megachurch answers call to financial accountability

Eastview Christian Church promotes and instills financial integrity and trust throughout the congregation by employing a combination of oversight and sound policy. By Mark Zimmerman As God entrusts your ministry with additional resources, the need for well-established financial controls becomes more and more imperative. From a small church of 19 people in 1955, to one where attendance regularly exceeds 5,000 today, Eastview Christian Church has seen its annual operating budget grow from a few thousand dollars to several million dollars over the past 60 years. With that growth, we’re keenly aware that God’s mandate to steward his resources well hasn’t changed. However, the consequences of doing it poorly are exponentially greater.

24 | Church executive | 04/2013

Under our church’s original structure, much of the financial controls were regularly reviewed and carried out by church elders and volunteers. As the church expanded and transitioned to a structure of policy governance, staff roles increased; consequently, the direct involvement of elders and volunteers in financial processes diminished. To maintain accountability and adequate transparency under this new governance model, Eastview relies on submission to regular reviews by the board of elders, as well as adherence to clearly established policies and procedures pertaining to the stewardship of church resources. >>

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