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Bucket Lift

WHEELED BUCKET LIFT WITH AIR CYLINDER A full GRC mix is heavy. The GRC 125 Combination Mixer efficiently mixes up to 125kgs but this is too heavy to move by hand. Even a mix using a 25kg bag of cement weighs over 60 kgs and exceeds the two man lift limit. Power-Sprays have recognized this and have developed a range of bucket lifters/movers to suit all applications. All the mixers use the new Power-Sprays mixing vessel, reinforced with a removable steel reinforcing ring for added safety. Steel bars welded to this ring locate on all versions of the bucket lifter mover. Once the mix has been produced the mixing bucket is raised slightly and it is pulled to the area of the factory where the mix is required. A locking safety arm ensures that the bucket remains stable during moving. Once at the required location, the bucker is raised by the pneumatic cylinder. The locking mechanism is disengaged and the mix is poured either into the spray station or for premix directly into the mould. The empty mixing bucket is then returned to the mixing station. While the mix is taking place the air cylinder is refilled via a quick release coupling.

A fork lift mounted version and a crane mounted version are also available For further information contact: Power-Sprays Limited Avonmouth Way Avonmouth Bristol BS11 9YA

: +44 (0)117 9820067 Fax: +44 (0)117 9820060


Power-Sprays Bucket Lift  

Wheeled bucket lift with air cylinder to easily move and pour concrete mixes.