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Glass Fibre Dispenser For Volumetric Mixers

GLASS FIBRE DISPENSER FOR VOLUMETRIC MIXERS The Power-Sprays glass fibre dispenser for volumetric concrete mixer trucks is designed to automatically cut and feed alkali-resistant glass fibre directly into the continuous mixing unit. This low maintenance system enables even fibre distribution and accurate dosing and consequently results in a cost efficient solution. Driven by a 24-volt motor with a variable speed controller the unit is built into a cabinet, which is designed to also house and protect the glass fibre roving. The cabinet is easy to mount onto the truck. Alternatively, both the chopper and the glass fibre roving can be mounted in separate compartments. Units can be configured to fit almost any truck layout.

Specification: Weight: O/A Dimension: Electrical Requirement: Motor Maximum Speed: Air Requirements: Roving holding capacity: Fibre Cut Lengths: Capacity:

For further information contact: Power-Sprays Limited Avonmouth Way Avonmouth Bristol BS11 9YA

31 kg 60×40.5×60 cm 24V DC 3000 RPM 10 CFM @ 15 PSI (300 ltr/min @ 1 Bar) One bobbin (approximate 18 kg) 6, 12.5 and 25 mm 200-900 grams per minute, depending on the roving Tex and motor speed

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