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Avonmouth Way, Avonmouth, Bristol. BS11 9YA : +44 (0)117 9820067 Fax: +44 (0)117 9820060 SPECIALIST MIXING, PUMPING & SPRAYING MACHINERY MANUFACTURERS FOR GRC

DUAL-PURPOSE GRC PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT Traditional Hand-Spray and Vibration Cast Premix Package A typical set of equipment comprises: PS9000 Series GRC Spray Stations Power-Sprays offer a variety of spray stations for tradional Hand-Spray GRC. The most popular are the compact, mobile PS9000’s.

GRC125 Combination Mixers Premix GRC is based on a high strength low water/cement ratio mortar. This is prepared at high speed. The Alkali Resistant Glass fibre reinforcement is then blended into the mortar at slow speed. Power-Sprays build a range of Premix Mixers from manual to fully automated batching systems.

Automated Water & Admixture Dispensing Systems Accurate control of water and admixtures is essential for good quality control

Vibrating Tables Power-Sprays construct a range of Vibrating Tables specifically designed for Premix GRC. Tables are fitted with adjustable amplitude vibrators with the option of variable frequency control systems to ensure efficient compaction. Hand Tools and Accessories Power-Sprays supplies a complete range of specialist hand tools and accessories.

Power-Sprays Ltd is a member of the International Glass fibre Reinforced Concrete Association