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optimisation & stabilisation

ComEC energy


The Universal Energy Controller for Commercial Applications

cut electric bill & save up to 18%

reduce CO2

energy. efficiency. control.

Markets &Applications The retail market is weighed down by rising electric costs and narrowing profit margins. The need for an energy efficiency solution is vital for sustainability.

Restaurants, CafĂŠs & Fast Food

Shopping Malls & Retail Stores

Petrol Stations & Convenient Stores

Hotels & Resorts

Supermarkets & Food Stores

Refrigirated Storages & Factories

ComEC is the solution, it is the most advanced voltage optimiser for saving electricity. ComEC is best suited for supermarkets, restaurants and coffee shop networks, retail stores, petrol stations, convenient stores, hotels, refrigerated storages and factories. ComEC provides the most cost-efficient solution, generating the highest saving in facilities that include refrigerators, freezers, kitchen appliances, HVAC and lighting; extending the lifetime of electrical equipment and increasing your profit margins. ComEC improves your bottom line by cutting the electricity bill and reducing maintenance costs. It is a scalable solution suitable for small enterprises to medium and large facilities.

ComEC savings per electric load*





Kitchen appliances

10 %

12 %

14 %

15 %

Heaters and boilers

14 %

17 %

17 %

16 %

Freezers, refrigerators and cooling equipment


12 %

15 %

17 %

HVAC, air conditioners, ventilation, and fans




10 %

18 %

19 %

20 %

21 %

Lighting systems (conventional fluorescent, CFL, PL, Metal Halide)

* Estimated savings for a range of electric loads


Voltage Control &Savings Worldwide Fast-Food Network


Nation Wide Retail Chain

ComEC 3x160A




Benefits Astronomic clock for outdoor lighting control Automatic & Manual Bypass

Refrigirated Container Services

15.6% ComEC 3x250A


Full branch rollout solution Small footprint, wall mountable


Resorts & Hotels

ComEC 3x125A


Remote EMS improves energy performance Installed within 4 hours

Leading European Petrol Stations

Guarant eed


Voltage stabilisation No change to electric infrastructure

Supermarkets & Food Chain

ComEC 3x800A

Benefits Redused carbon amissions Undervoltage protection

12.3% ComEC 3x250A

Benefits Adaptive voltage control Extended equipment lifetime

is a global provider of energy efficiency solutions leveraging decades of expertise in voltage optimisation and control. We offer a wide range of systems including: ComEC - cutting facility’s electric bill up to 18%, LEC - cost-efficient street & road lighting and commercial solution, reducing up to 35% of total electric consumption, and SinuMEC - improving overall electric AC motors efficiency. All our products seamlessly integrate with Remote Energy Management system for on-line remote control, analysis and monitoring of all electric usage in real-time. With over 25,000 PowerSines systems are installed worldwide our customers are successfully contributing to the environment and saving energy.

ComEC All-in-One Universal Energy Controller ComEC is an advanced energy controller built around an adaptive voltage control technology. ComEC stabilises and regulates the incoming voltage with reductions of up to 20V by 2.5V steps. Using sinusoidal INV™ (Induced Negative Voltage Technology), ComEC optimises the voltage, improving power quality and protecting your equipment. Voltage optimisation boosts efficiency, reduces maintenance and operating costs and increases your bottom line. ComEC installs after the main switch and immediately generates savings. It requires zero maintenance and enables you to contribute to a greener environment.

Product Benefits Adaptive voltage control protects against under voltage and maximises saving Voltage stabilisation stabilised power supply for all electric equipment Integrated Automatic Bypass ensures voltage output is kept above minimum level, protecting against over temperature and short currents Manual changeover switch manual bypass for service and safety Automatic saving calculations with daily, weekly, monthly and yearly slices. Network electricity analyser measures all electric parameters and energy consumption Remote Energy Management System for control, alarms, reports and services Small footprint simple to install, compact and wall-mountable Zero maintenance

Save 10% - 18%

ROI 1 - 3 years

ComEC Product Range 3x80A – 3x1450A

ComEC maximises your savings Cuts electric costs by up to 18% Reduces carbon emissions Reduces reactive power by 45% Total Daily Electricity Consumption for 3 Phasas KW




35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0

Extend equipment lifetime

Reduce CO 2

Remote Energy Management System In addition to direct savings generated by ComEC, PowerSines offers an on-line Remote Energy Management System (EMS) that seamlessly integrates with ComEC devices. The Remote EMS enables users to monitor, analyse and control in real-time the electric consumption in all facilities. The Remote EMS consists of a GSM Controller, that communicates with ComEC, sending data to the central server over the Internet and mobile networks. Users can securely access on-line and historical data aggregated in the Remote EMS server through a web browser anywhere. The Remote EMS can be added to your ComEC solution through a SaaS (Software as a Service) model with minimal costs. This enables you to achieve immediate business profitability, by minimising the effort and resources needed for establishing a complex communication infrastructure.

Solution Benefits On-line saving results and consumption figures sliced by day, week, month or year Reports, charts and Excel forms for smart analysis of electric usage Real-time alarms (SMS and emails) for abnormal conditions, anomalies and failures Remote setup of all ComEC configuration parameters

Remote Administrator Tools Application Server

ComEC Energy Controllers

Mobile User

GSM GPRS Web User GSM communication is enabled by a local SIM card

Voltage &Optimisation ComEC is the advanced voltage optimiser: Maximises saving Dynamically controls and stabilises the voltage at the optimum level Prevents the supplied voltage from dropping below the pre-set level Improves power quality, mitigates harmonics, voltage peaks and dips Extends equipment lifetime

In the last decade utilities have continuously increased the supplied voltage in order to provide an adequate voltage level to the rapidly rising demand for electricity and growing number of electric appliances. The typical voltage supplied today is over 230V and it fluctuates in the range of Âą10% due to changes in demand, infrastructure and other factors. As a result, electric equipment and appliances are often operated in overvoltage conditions causing wasted energy, losses, electric stress and shortened equipment lifetime.

Operating electric equipment at reduced and stabilized voltages with ComEC generates up to 18% energy savings and significantly reduces equipment failures and maintenance costs.

Over Voltage The Right voltage

Energy Inefficiency Equipment Failures

{ 225v

Energy Saving Zone

{ 215v Under Voltage

energy. efficiency. control.

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ComEC - universal energy controller  

PowerSines saves up to 18% on all electric loads in commercial facilities

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