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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 - All Intel Locations It’s recommended to watch a video in addition to the text descriptions. This will make it a lot easier for you to find everything. This Black Ops 2 Intel Locations Video Guide contains detailed instructions:

There are a total of 33 Intels in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Each Story Mission has exactly 3 intels. Once collected they are saved automatically and will not appear again. After collecting them you have to complete the entire mission! The game will not recognize your progress otherwise. Even after collecting the last intel the High IQ trophy / achievement will not pop until the mission is over. Obtaining every intel of a mission is also a requirement for the challenges. Completing challenges unlocks new perks and awesome weapons! In your Carreer Record you can see if you've found all the intels of a mission.

Mission 1 - Pyrrhic Victory #1 - After jumping off of the vehicle move up the hill and stay right. Watch out for a destroyed vehicle. To the right of the vehicle is a small crater and the intel can be found on the ground. #2 - After jumping out of the chopper you will be on a ship. At the rear of the ship (where all the enemies are standing) is the intel. #3 - After killing the guy at the radio station you will have to run away and defend your position. Once you move to the 2nd cover look out for wooden ladders that let you climb trees. On a small wooden platform on top of a tree is the intel.

Mission 2 - Celerium #4 - After completing the little wing suit sequences in the beginning you have to fight off some enemies and go up some stairs. You will enter a wide open area with enemy vehicles and parked VTOL's. There is a small chamber near in the stone wall near the VTOL's. That's where the orange glowing intel can be found. #5 - After entering the facility you will enter a corridor that explodes. You will be blown back by the blast and see roboters and enemies coming in. To the left of the corridor is some type of office. The intel is sitting on a table. #6 - After helping "Erik" out of his container you will have to open a security door together with him and get a special technological device. After that several enemies will attack. Follow the waypoint until you come to an office. Instead of going through the left door, go right and search for the intel on a desk.

Mission 3 - Old Wounds #7 - After riding the horse for the first time you will go into a cave. You will then have to listen to a dialogue. Once the dialogue is over look to the right and you will see the intel sitting on a shelf. #8 - While defending your base from approaching tanks and soldiers watch out for red flags in the desert. There are several of them, but if you go straight from the gates of your base you will reach the one with the intel. The intel is underneath the flag. #9 - Once you reach the area with the wooden bridges search for the intel in front of a dark cave. The cave is up a small hill and the intel is in the sand on the ground.

Mission 4 - Time and Fate #10 - After going through the village you have to open the door of a burning barn and several horses will be coming your way. Kill the enemies inside the barn and look for the intel at the back of a wagon. #11 - After jumping over the balcony railing of a building you will to an area where you see three big white towers. Go inside the tower on the right and climb up the ladders to find this intel. #12 - You will come to a point where two allies open a hatch on the ground and you have to go down a ladder. You will then be in an underground area. After killing the enemies in the first room look for a small room to the left. The intel is sitting on a bench.

Mission 5 - Fallen Angel #13 - This intel is in the room where the mission starts. Look to the right and it will be sitting on a shelf. #14 - After escaping the floating bus you can find the intel in a room to the right. #15 - After sneaking past the drones you will leave the water and see a collapsing stone wall in front of you. Among the debris is the intel.

Mission 6 - Karma

#16 - After entering the server room the intel can be found on a desk on the right side. #17 - After reaching the Mall you need to go to the lower level. Watch out for a shop called "d'HO". Inside this shop is the intel. #18 - After going outside you have to stop Defalco from escaping with Karma. Stay on the right side of the area as you progress. Watch out for an advertisement display that shows a woman and has "Salon" written on it. Near this display is an information desk and on the desk is the intel.

Mission 7 - Suffer With Me #19 - After going over the rooftops you will jump down to a catwalk and from there you will jump down to a corridor with offices. Search the shelves to the left before you go down the stairs. #20 - While going through the slums watch out for a destroyed stone pavilion. Stay on the left path when proceeding to the next checkpoint. There will be a building with a red graffiti on its walls. Inside this building is the intel. #21 - After exiting the slums and watching the cutscene you will be inside a building. Keep going straigth and you will walk right into the intel.

Mission 8 - Achilles' Veil #22 - After going outside on the stage go to the right corner of the courtyard. There is a tower entrace. The intel is on the first floor of the tower. #23 - After completing the interactive cutscene with Harper and Menendez you will come to a courtyard where many enemies are attacking you. Once you enter the area go into the first building on the left. Well hidden behind some crates is the intel. #24 - After fighting through the buildings where the previous intel was found you will come to a canyon that has very few houses. Look for a white colored house. The intel is on the rooftop. You can climb up there by using the ladder that is attached to the wall of the building.

Mission 9 - Odysseus #25 - A few minutes after the missions starts you will come to a blue meeting room with a turret. You will then have to access a computer in the control room of the ship. In the same room with the marked computer is the intel. It's on a table.

#26 - Shortly after the interactive cutscene with Briggs you will go through a door with your teammate Harper. Go down the first set of stairs and you will come to a room with lots of tables and computers. Before going down the next set of stairs go right and you will find the intel on a table. #27 - After reaching the upper deck of the ship look for some parked VTOL's to your right. The intel is sitting on the entrance of the last VTOL. It's exactly 62 meters away from the next checkpoint.

Mission 10 - Cordis Die #28 - After you rappel down (or get knocked down) the highway you will see a blinking sign with blue text that says "Freeway Evac Route". On the other side of the street is a burning vehicle and right next to the vehicle is the intel. #29 - After driving the truck you will have to destroy two CLAWs. Inside a long building on the left side is a desk with computers. On that desk is the intel. #30 - After entering the Downtown Plaza immediately make a left and go into the "Shops at the Plaza" building. Go up the stairs and on the second floor you can find the intel on a T-Shirt stand.

Mission 11 - Judgment Day #31 - After the mission starts go up the stairs and turn right. Go inside the building with the yellow number "27" on its walls. Go up the stairs to find the intel on a desk on the second floor. #32 - After entering the circular room that has huge screens all over the walls go up the stairs three times. The intel is on one of the computer desks on the left side. #33 - You will come to a dark, blue circular room. There are two stairs leading up - it's right before the mission ends so don't go too far! Instead of going up the stairs, there are two stairs leading down. They are hard to see. Search near the walls of the room. Then use one of the two stairs that lead down. Stay close to the wall and keep moving till you see the intel sitting on a crate.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 All Intel Locations  

This text guide will help you to find all of the intel locations in the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 video game.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 All Intel Locations  

This text guide will help you to find all of the intel locations in the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 video game.