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Everyone knows the use and application of a pump. Regardless of whether it is civil construction, agriculture, domestic purpose, chemical industry or any other fluid handling application, pumps are inevitable equipment in the daily work of every modern man.

Taking the teeming demand of pumps into consideration, intellectual minds have come up with more innovative and technically sound pumps for different sectors. One of such innovations is the dosing pump.

Dosing pumps have great usability in the fluid control sector of industrial plants. These are designed for both domestic as well industrial uses; while the latter use is more predominant.

Dosing pumps are very much in demand in the Indian market. What's the reason? Growing urbanization and industrialization in the nation is the main reason for it. Dosing pumps are predominantly used as industrial equipment rather than a domestic tool. Taking this industrial demand into consideration, a number of Indian firms are nowadays providing better deals in this fluid based application system.

Cheap Dose pumps have wide usability in the market owing to its beneficial features: •These are easy to operate and maintain and are also portable owing to its compact shape. •It doesn’t require much lubrication because of the presence of inbuilt 1.25 stroke length solenoid armature.

•They are efficient to handle all sorts of fluids in all ranges of viscosity. •These are usually made up of premium quality glass filled polypropylene, which along with enhancing its mechanical property also makes its cost effective.

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Dose pumps and their demand in indian market