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==== ==== Get Your Complete Basement Waterproofing Manual Here! ==== ==== How To Stop A Basement Water Leak Stopping a basement water leak is a must to avoid water damage to your home. Keep reading to learn how to stop the water leaks and a flooded basement. 1.The first step should be spent during a dry spell in the weather by cleaning the area of concrete blocks and slab where the majority of the water is during the rains. Make sure this area is clean and dry before the next rain event and also for your first application of the cement. You want to be able to watch and see where the water begins to seep through first, so you can pinpoint your target areas for repair. A few old towels will help here by wiping the area and watch for the leaks to reappear. 2 Once you can pinpoint the main area's where the water is coming in it is a good idea to mark the wall or floor. Many times the water comes in from chipped places in the block, cracks, or holes in the blocks. That's where you should concentrate your efforts. You may have a whole wall with standing water but only one or two area's where your water is actually coming from. I think it's best to wait for the next dry spell to spread the cement for the first application, but it can be mixed and spread right then, with the water leaking. 3 What you need to purchase is a fast setting hydraulic cement. I use "Fast Plug" by Drylok. It works real well in filling the cracks, holes, or chipped places where water comes in. After you work those area's with the fast setting cement it is a good idea to treat the entire wall with some masonry waterproofing. Again, I use Drylok for this too because of the performance and end result but your home center has what you need for the leak stoppage aspect of it. 4 It may take several rains along with several treatments to actually find and stop all the leaks, but once this is accomplished your water worries should cease along with the mops and buckets used for cleanup. Basement waterproofing is a very important home maintenance project that shouldn't be ignored. 5 The mixing ratio is 3 to 1. That's 3 scoops of powder to 1 scoop of water. I usually mix about 6 scoops of powder to 2 on the water. This gives you plenty to spread before it starts to set up. It will set up in 3 to 5 minutes so you have to be ready to spread it when you mix it. Spread it good over your areas that seeped water and recheck it during rain days.

6 If you still have a leak when it's raining you can mix up the Fast Plug and spread some more on the seepage areas. This stuff will still set up and it will stop the leaks when it does. Just repeat the procedures of observation, then repair until all the water leaks have stopped. Finding the main area's where your water is coming in is a critical part of the process. Make sure the area is clean before starting the project. Neglected water leaks in a basement can cause major problems over a period of time.

==== ==== Get Your Complete Basement Waterproofing Manual Here! ==== ====

How To Stop A Basement Water Leak  

A guide for water proofing a wet basement.

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