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"The Joy of Roy" House Welcomes 20 Amigo Power Home Remodeling Group


~ -





Old roofing above the entranceway ...




__ .-----........-------_.-


Skylight area-Goosetape, anyone? Ducktape ain't workingl .~-~~---



--- -

More slippery, old roof - rear of house ... "Santa, don't slip climbing into the chimneyl"

The assault on Mt. Everest begins!

The tarpolins are unfurled!

Whose under there? Come out, come out - whoever you are?!

"Carry "WHAT- WHERE - ARE YOU ####???!!!! for that! "


Wow ... New roof begins and it's not even time for lunch!

Hey, boys- I think I left my car keys under there


Summiting!!! It's a total TEAM effort!

Coming down the home stretch!

New roof to keep The Rotunda nice and dry!!!

& inside

Glad I fed my amigos ... Those frijoles work!

"Roof ragged and facing a shower? Poof! Away global warming CALL POWER !!!"

The Joy of Roofing  

Power super fan and customer Paul Bikoff shares his remodeling experience with the world!

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