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What Makes a Popular Video? There have been countless animated videos and films that have gone viral and solidified themselves into popular culture. For various reasons, these videos have been shared and seen millions of times. So what makes a popular animated video? What is it about certain movies or commercials that makes them so beloved and memorable?

The truth is, there is no one single factor that makes a video popular or viral. If there was, we would be swimming in gold coins like Scrooge McDuck. It really all depends on several factors. Whether you are developing a video or curious to see what makes a good one, here are some tips and ideas that could help your next animated video campaign go viral: Know Your Audience By now, most people understand and accept that animated videos are not just for children. They can be for babies, teenagers, adults, and even the elderly. Because of this, the animated video will have to be developed for the proper audience, whether it is for one of those groups or several. In marketing, you will need to know exactly who wants your product or service, as well as those who potentially could become customers. Like any article or blog, a video will have to

cater to the target audience. There are some things that would not be appropriate in a video geared toward children, but might be appealing or funny to an older audience. Likewise, a video that targets children should not use overly complicated dialogue that would be difficult for the viewers to understand. Knowing your audience will make producing the video much easier and it will make the final product more engaging. Be Creative No one wants to watch a bland, boring video. It takes more than simply having your video animated to attract and engage viewers.

Animated videos are a chance to really show ideas and messages in ways that cannot be done elsewhere. By being creative - and even a little wild - you have a better chance of making a memorable video. If creativity is not your personal forte, working with a professional animation studio is the best way to produce a unique and interesting video. Have a Good Team Animated videos can be made with a small group and an even smaller budget, but they do not always end up being worthwhile. Bringing in a respectable and professional animation production team makes all the difference. They make animated videos for a living and many have large portfolios of their past work. A good production team will work with your company and develop a video that matches the audience as well as the product.

An engaging animated video is not easy to make, but with the right resources the results can be amazing. A good video requires creativity, research, and a clever and experienced animation production studio. There is no one-size-fits-all type of solution to making the video take off, but the right effort will bring ideas to life. To learn more about some of these projects visit

What Makes a Popular Video?