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Give Life to Ideas – 2D Animation Animation is universal. Cartoons and 2D animated videos are loved all over the world and have an impact that words alone cannot. They can be especially useful as business tools to promote a brand and the products or services they offer. The messages they share can be more accessible than any other form, and the impact of well-made animated video will go much farther than a good blog post. With words, an author can express and explain ideas, but there is less room for actual creativity or uniqueness. In the marketing world, blog posts and entries can only take you so far. An animated video, backed by a good animation production company, can do all the talking required in a more elegant way. Today, animated videos are given stories and beautiful, artistic designs. They engage the viewer and grab their attention all while showcasing a brand in one form or another. Animation can also be used in explanation. Explainer videos are created to help viewers understand the service or product being offered. Companies like Dropbox and Crazy Egg saw enormous boosts in revenue and traffic because of their explainer videos. These videos help break down complex ideas and turn them into works of art, accessible and easy to understand by just about anyone. These videos are also easier to share, since a good animated video is more engaging than a word entry. While 3D animation can be beautifully done and exciting to watch, it requires more processing and time, more money and more effort for creation over 2D designs. 2D animation is simpler and more affordable without sacrificing artistic creativity and style.

Video marketing is the fastest growing section for Internet advertising, and studies have found that viewers will retain information from videos as opposed to text. Break Media states that ad spending by 2016 will reach over $5 billion, and that exposure to videos has never been higher. According to Internet Retailer, videos bring a conversion rate anywhere from 25% to 70%. This means that those who view videos are more likely to purchase the product or use the offered service than those who do not watch a video. Internet Retailer also reports that people will stay on a page with a video two minutes longer than one without. And according to Business Insider, over half of adults online watch videos on social media, a number that has increased in the past few years. The amount of information on the Internet makes keeping someone on a page for two minutes an enormous achievement. Holding the attention of a viewer is essential in today’s digital age. With the rise of video marketing and the number of professional animation production companies available, making an animated video has never been easier, and the rewards have never been higher. Fo rmore information or animated video you can also visit on

Give Life to Ideas – 2D Animation