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Stretching exercises can change your life for the better Many people who visit fitness clubs do not pay much attention to stretching exercises. But this type of exercise is more important than you might think. Numerous studies prove that stretching exercises are useful not only for the body. They have a beneficial impact on brain function such as improving memory and reducing the risk of developing certain types of disease (including cancer). David Geier, Director of Sports Medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina, says that flexibility is the third pillar of fitness, along with cardio workouts and strength training. Flexibility and stretching exercises help the body to achieve an optimal level of activity, play an important role in the prevention of injury, and may even help to prevent serious disease such as arthritis. The more flexible your muscles are the easier they are to train. Stretching exercises can help to improve blood circulation. Good blood circulation, in turn, can protect you from a huge number of diseases, from diabetes to kidney disease. Flexibility also reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Stretching exercises can change your life for the better