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Remote Video Monitoring and Security at the Facility: Part 1 There are a lot of factors for making a company successful. One of these factors is providing the security of offices and stores. This security has to spread to the entire area of the enterprise and to all people that work in the facility. Before video surveillance systems were put into use, security was provided with the use of security guards. This is, of course, very expensive. The company has to pay the salaries of all the guards and the larger the area your business covers, the more guards the company will need.Also the more workers you hire, the harder it is to control the quality of their work. Nowadays, with the availability of remote video monitoring, security at the facility has become easier and more controlled. In this case, a dispatcher becomes the main person responsible for providing security. It’s much more convenient as well. When the dispatcher is working with remote video surveillance they can be anywhere at any moment and can view the whole area without going out. This gives you real-time monitoring of the whole facility. Video security systems are today's choice. Thanks to them you don't have to hire a lot of security guards that will patrol the area. Security cameras will do it instead of them and this kind of surveillance will be much more effective because video surveillance systems will provide you with a video recording. With security guards, you have a higher risk of human error whereas video recording is never wrong and won’t fall asleep on the job. Remote video monitoring will provide you with accurate and truthful information whenever you need it.

Remote Video Monitoring and Security at the Facility- Part 1