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Remote Video Monitoring and Security at the Facility: Part 2 As you know, other than security guards and video security systems, alarm systems are also used in corporate security. Alarms are very helpful in providing you with an ability to control the area without the need of exact cover of an area as with video surveillance systems. When some suspicious movement occurs the alarm systems will notify you about it. But will it be enough to just have the alarm system? When an alarm goes off, you can never be sure of the reason behind it. Maybe its a false alarm. You usually have to check it out in order to get rid of doubts. Here is where the video security systems help a lot. Of course, when the alarm goes off it is much more convenient to use the security cameras instead of going to the scene. Thanks to this you can check out if the alarm is a real threat to security and if you have to take appropriate measures to alleviate the threat. Also, what if the protected area is too large for one person to do remote video monitoring? It is hard for one person to monitor a lot of cameras at the same time. To solve this problem it isn't necessary to hire more dispatchers. The use of sensors is the best solution. Thanks to them when there is suspicious movement the alarm goes off and the suitable camera is activated for the dispatcher. Without doing a thing, he can immediately assess the situation. He makes a decision and, if it is necessary, he calls for the security guards. Moreover, he can remotely navigate the cameras. In conclusion, video surveillance systems help a lot in providing security at the facility. However, the best way to obtain a maximum security level is to combine remote video monitoring, alarm systems and security guards.

Remote Video Monitoring and Security at the Facility- Part 2