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Quidditch Themed Room with Harry Potter Wall Art: How to Make One There are not many children who are not Harry Potter fans and most of these are also crazy about Quidditch as well. This wizarding game has taken over the imagination of children, as with everything else in the books. You might consider remodeling the bedroom of your child, or playroom for that matter, into a Quidditch themed room with Harry Potter wall art. As soon as Quidditch is first explained in the books, everyone wishes they could at least go to see a match. Most wish they could play it as well. It sounds more exciting than any typical muggle sport could possibly be. How is it possible for football or soccer to compare to a game that is played on broomstick? Also memorable is the time when Harry sees his first Quidditch poster. This is as new a thing to him as it would be to any of us. He is amazed to see that the players do not stay in one place. They are able to move around as if they were alive. You almost have to imagine what it would be like to have posters like these. Ordinary team posters cannot measure up in comparison. If your child is as captivated by Quidditch as most, this is a great theme to decorate his or her bedroom. The whole space can be remodeled so that you know, not only that a Quidditch fan lives there, but also which team is the favorite. The first step, therefore, is to find out which team is the favorite of your child. Most likely, it will be one of the four Hogwarts house teams. Gryffindor will be the favorite for most children. If this is the case for yours, the colors of the room will need to be scarlet and gold. If it is Ravenclaw your child prefers, the colors are blue and bronze. For Hufflepuff, they are black and yellow while Slytherin is green and silver. With the colors set, you can go about making the room more Quidditch oriented. One way to do this is to buy removable wall art featuring Harry, Ginny, Ron and Oliver Wood in all their gear for Quidditch. This art can be bought in different sizes, even ones that are big as life. The art is also reusable. This means that it can all be moved around the room over and over again into

different positions. You can also get a snitch, a quaffle, bludgers, bats and brooms. House flags and banners with the name and colors are also available, further defining which house your child prefers. With this kind of reusable art, it will be easy for children to create their own games. A Quidditch themed room with Harry Potter wall art is easy to create. Any child that loves Harry Potter and is a fan of Quidditch will feel like the fantasy has come alive. What was an ordinary bedroom of a muggle can be transformed into a room that would make Hogwarts student proud.

Quidditch Themed Room with Harry Potter Wall Art- How to Make One