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Proper Hair Care: Great Tips and Tricks Daily hair care can easily be turned into a pleasant process. To test the strength of your hair tightly wind one of the strands of hair around two fingers and see how easily it becomes curly. If the curl is formed too easily, your hair is probably damaged. If you prefer easy styling that keeps the mobility of the hair you should not spray hairspray directly on the hair but to apply it to the comb. In this case, the hairspray will be distributed evenly and won’t cause hair damage. To style fine hair use special styling tools, giving the appearance of more volume. If you do not want to split or spoil your hair follow one piece of simple advice. After washing your hair, start brushing it before it dries. After combing, using a round brush and hair dryer, you can easily style your hair. In addition, to get the best result from your conditioner put it on wet hair and keep it on for a few minutes before washing off. For approximately 3 minutes, rub conditioner into your hair, not forgetting the roots and tips. While blow-drying, do not dry all your hair at once. It’s better to divide it into four strands, and dry each strand separately. It will not let your hair get tangled, and accordingly prevent you from painful combing which, inevitably leads to pulling hairs. Following these simple recommendations your hair will always look fascinating without any trouble. No need to be lazy; adopt simple, caring procedures and your hair will gain shine, vitality and attractiveness!

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Proper Hair Care: Great Tips and Tricks