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JK Rowling Interview & the Continuation of the Harry Potter Saga As you know, Oprah had a great interview with JK Rowling. It was a very interesting interview which I watched with excitement. If for some reason you missed it, you still can watch the JK Rowling interview on this page (it’s separated onto several parts; use links to scroll between them). A lot of things were discussed during the interview about JK Rowling and the Harry Potter books, but there was something mentioned during the interview that bothered me. Rowling said that even though she finished the Harry Potter story, she could not stop writing about Harry Potter. She mentioned that she might write the eighth book about Harry Potter and develop his story even more. At first I was really excited to hear this news, but after I thought about it I came to the opposite conclusion. The problem, in my mind, is that the Harry Potter story is over, and writing a continuation of the story would damage the ending that was previously written. In my opinion, it would be better to write something new instead of this such as a story about Harry Potter’s children going to Hogwarts. I am quite sure that JK Rowling can create another amazing world such as Harry Potter’s since she is so gifted at creating Harry’s world. So if the Harry Potter saga has actually reached its end, it’s time to create a new masterpiece. What do you think about this? Should JK Rowling write a Harry Potter continuation or should she focus her talent on an entirely new story?

JK Rowling Interview & the Continuation of the Harry Potter Saga