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Harry Potter Film Wizardry In case you didn’t know, the book Harry Potter Film Wizardrywill be released soon. The book is about how the Harry Potter films were created. Trailer for a book is presented below.

Release of the book is scheduled for October 19 and apparently, Harry Potter Film Wizardry is a very interesting book. I always wondered exactly how the magic is created on the screen. When I watched the first movie during my childhood, I thought it actually was real magic! Over time I learned about special effects and how they are used in modern films, but even that knowledge doesn’t make the magical feeling of the movies go away. The Harry Potter movies are amazing and I think that every Harry Potter fan wants to know how exactly the film crew managed to create such a wonderful and magical world. This book is definitely in the “must have” category for every Harry Potter fan. Thanks to this book everyone can learn the secrets of Harry Potter movie magic, exactly how your favorite scenes was made, and what was happening behind the scenes. I have already pre-ordered my copy and now I am anxiously waiting for Harry Potter Film Wizardry to arrive on October 19th.

Harry Potter Film Wizardry