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If you want to keep your loved ones safe at home, you need to protect them from dangers within and without using mini spy cameras. What are Mini Spy Cameras? Mini spy cameras work just like any ordinary digital camera. They are, however, smaller and may make use of deceptive housing for covert operation. You can use them to monitor the activities of your newly hired nanny or have them activate at night to catch burglars, vandals, and trespassers in the act. The Different Forms of Mini Spy Cameras Mini spy cameras come in numerous guises. It's important to familiarize yourself with all of them in order to use the most appropriate type for every situation. Keychain Mini Spy Cameras This type of camera is suitable for daily, on-the-go use. Having a keychain connected to your bag, mobile phone, or just having it inside your pocket at all times is nothing out of the ordinary. Little do they know, however, is that there's a camera within it and which you can use to capture photographic evidence whenever and wherever it's necessary. Even more importantly, they're simple and quick to operate and no one will have to know that you've taken photos if you wish your activities to remain a secret. Pen Camera Here's another item that won't look out of place if you have it inside your bag or clipped to your shirt pocket at all times. Just one click of this pen and you've taken the shot you wanted! Clock Radio Here's a stationary mini spy camera that you can place anywhere your home. It will unobtrusively record video footage of the room it's in and you may be able to configure it to transmit real-time footage to your email. If any emergency comes up, you'll be able to know exactly when and where it took place and send for help immediately. Mini Air-Purifier Another guise commonly used for mini spy cameras are air purifiers. If you've long been known as a health buff then having an air-purifier in your living room won't raise eyebrows. Even better, air purifiers are not something you have to switch on or off so there are fewer chances of people dabbling with it and accidentally finding out what it's all about. Wired or Wireless

Spy cameras come in wired or wireless systems. Wired systems are more affordable, easier to install, but harder to conceal. Wireless systems are more expensive and require configuration but offer advanced features.

There is a variety of mini spy cameras to choose from. Get the type that suits your needs from TBO-Tech Self Defense Products.

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==== ==== Hello Check Out These Great Mini Spy Camera Products Now! ==== ====

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