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IT 205 Week 8 Assignment Bead Bar E Commerce Site Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation Click Here to Buy the Tutorial oduct/product&path=149&product_id=2009 For more course tutorials visit

Assignment: Bead Bar E-Commerce Site Microsoft® PowerPoint® Presentation In this assignment, you will exercise critical thinking skills. For each of the points discussed, remember to suspend judgment when determining the best possible recommendation for the Bead Bar. The comparison of technological solutions required to address each of Bead Bar’s needs

requires problem solving skills and logical inquiry. You will form evaluative decisions when you determine your recommendations for the Bead Bar. Resources: Information Systems Technology Individual Due Date: Day 7 [Individual Individual] forum Create a boardroom quality Microsoft速 PowerPoint速 Presentation for the Bead Bar executives, including speaker notes, detailing your recommendations for the building of a Bead Bar e-commerce site. Discuss the following points. Be sure to provide reasoning when offering your recommendations. Define e-business for the Bead Bar. How could they use e-business to increase their sales? The technology needed for the project, and what benefits that technology would produce How Web site traffic should be generated Electronic payment capabilities needed for the site Encryption

Be as thorough and concise as possible with your suggestions, but remember to limit the text on your slides to key points. You should elaborate on each point in the speaker notes. You may use Chapters 6 and 7 in your text as references to get started. Include a reference slide with citations in APA format. Post the presentation in your Individual forum.

It 205 week 8 assignment bead bar e commerce site microsoft powerpoint presentation  

IT 205 Week 8 Assignment Bead Bar E Commerce Site Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation IT 205 Week 7 DQ 1 and DQ 2 IT 205 Week 7 CheckPoint Bea...

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