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ISCOM 361 Week 5 Individual Assignment Accent Industries Example Click Here to Buy the Tutorial oduct/product&path=356&product_id=5395 For more course tutorials visit Individual Accent Industries Example Resource: pp. 735–736 of Purchasing & Supply Chain Management Write a 1,050- to 1,200-word paper, addressing the topics below. Determine how laws that affect supply chain management influence the evaluation of and relationship with suppliers.

Define concepts of purchasing and supply measurement systems. •

What are pros and cons of measuring performance? Summarize five to six purchasing and supply chain performance measures you feel are most important. Explain why they are important. Describe how you would develop a performance measurement and evaluation system. How would ethics influence the system?

Choose two purchasing and supply strategy trends. •

How will these trends affect supply chain strategies in the future? What are some changes that may affect purchasing and supply professionals?

Create a balanced scorecard for purchasing and supply chain management, and decide how ethics and ethical decision affect the scorecard. Use a minimum of one reference and APA guidelines apply. Use headings for each bulleted requirement.

Iscom 361 week 5 individual assignment accent industries example  

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