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Rev. A1A

1. All clearances and protective devices to be in conformance to the most stringent requirements of either the NESC, NEC or other codes of governmental or regulating authorities as applicable.


UM8.7B-02 or UM8.7B-06 for the Metering Call-out

Built to RUS standard UC1 for 3 Phase Cable Terminal

4160V 300kVA or 500kVA Transformer 50' Min Transformer Vault

Vault 4" to 6" Above Grade 4160V Meter Cabinet 3' Min 10'Max

Approx. 20' to Consumer Stub 20' Grade

Underground Cabling (36" Minimum Bury)

Approximate 30" bury on vaults. Compact area on which vaults are set.

4160V Primary Delivery Padmount Metering 300kVA & 500kVA

Design Parameters: See design notes for each assembly per staking sheets. Rev. A

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UM8.7B-02 UM8.7B-06