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Lines POWER November 2009

Official Publication of Powder River Energy Corporation

Boost Efficiency and Safety Before Winter Winds Blow Beautiful winter landscapes and holiday traditions are highlights of the season ahead. But is your house ready? Along with the winter wonderland is the likelihood of frigid temperatures and higher electricity usage. PRECorp encourages everyone to check for areas around your home where safety and efficiency improvements can be made.

Energy dollars can pour out of drafty doors, windows, attics and walls without even being noticed. A small investment of time now can save you money on your monthly bill and can ensure that your home is safe as well. PRECorp suggests these steps to prepare your home: • Seal leaks between door frames and windows with weather stripping or caulking. • Make sure attics and flooring, especially above unheated spaces such as crawl spaces and garages, are properly insulated. • Replace screens with storm windows and doors. Double-pane windows with low-e coating can reduce heating bills by 34 percent in cold climates compared to uncoated, single-pane windows. • A furnace that is 30 years old or more should be replaced. Furnaces built before 30 years ago are usually less than 50 percent energy efficient. • Consider installing a programmable thermostat. An easy-to-install clock thermostat can automatically raise and lower home temperatures for energy savings day and night. • Make sure bathroom, laundry room, kitchen and outdoor outlets have ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) and test and reset them monthly. If these outlets do not have GFCIs, have them professionally installed.

0% Interest Loans Available for Energy Improvements To complete the tips listed above and get your house prepared for winter weather, take advantage of PRECorp’s 0% interest Conservation Loan Program. Qualified members can borrow up to $2,500 to make energy improvements to their existing homes. You can also take advantage of substantial tax breaks or credits offered by the US Government. For more information about these opportunities, visit, keyword “tax credits.” PRECorp will also be continuing their successful Energy Efficiency and Conservation Seminars. These seminars are free and open to the public and are required for those applying for a 0% loan. Seminars are held the third Wednesday of the month at the Sheridan, Gillette and Sundance offices at 5:30 pm. This month’s seminar is November 18, 2009. An RSVP is required to attend. Please contact Betty Finn at 1-800-442-3630 or For more information about this and other programs PRECorp has to offer please contact a Customer Service Representative or visit

All PRECorp offices will be closed the following days to observe Veteran’s Day and the Thanksgiving Holiday: Wednesday, November 11, 2009 Thursday, November 26, 2009 Friday, November 27, 2009

Need Help Managing your Electric Bill This Winter? At Powder River Energy Corporation we know how hard it is to make ends meet with the rising cost of just about everything. Below are some options for those finding it hard to pay their electric bill this winter. Budget Billing - Budget Billing is a way to even out your monthly payments in order to avoid those high spikes that can sometimes occur during the winter months. We take the average of your last 12 months of service and multiply it by 1.05. This rounds up your bills in those months where you use less electricity and rounds them down during months of heavy usage. To be eligible for Budget Billing, you must have had service at your location for one year or more and it must be residential service. Your account must be current. Budget accounts are reviewed every six months. If your average use has increased or decreased by 10% or more, you are notified and are given the option of increasing or decreasing the budget amount, depending on which direction it needs to go. To sign up for Budget Billing contact a Powder River Energy Corporation Customer Service Representative at 1-800-442-3630. Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP) - The Wyoming Department of Family Services has limited funding available which can assist qualified applicants with their primary heating bills. In addition, they also offer crisis assistance for those facing a life or health

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threatening situation, a heating system failure during winter months, or who need deposit funds for a fuel hookup or to avoid a shutoff. Contact NOWCAP at 1-800246-4221 to obtain an application form. Applications are taken beginning October 1 of the program year and the application cut off date is the last business day of the following February. Energy Share of Wyoming - Energy Share of Wyoming is a private, non-profit organization established to help people in hardship circumstances with energy related emergencies. It assists people with energy problems when no other resources are available to them and when these problems are caused by circumstances beyond their control. Energy Share of Wyoming is a partnership of numerous concerned individuals and organizations in the state. The Salvation Army is the local representative for Energy Share and is responsible for assessing need and determining eligibility for Energy Share assistance. To apply or to locate your local Salvation Army field representative, please call toll-free 1-877-461-5719. Applications can be made from December 1, 2009, through May 30, 2010, subject to the availability of funds. More information about any of the above programs is available at our website

A downed power line may not be a dead line. It could cause serious injury or death.

FOLLOW THESE TIPS FROM YOUR ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE TO STAY SAFE: • Assume all power lines are energized and dangerous. Even lines that are de-energized could become energized at any time.

• Never touch a downed power line! And never touch a person or object that is touching a power line.

• If someone is injured as a result of contact with electric current, do not try to assist him or her. You could be injured or killed. Call 911.

• If a power line falls across your vehicle while you are in it, stay inside until help arrives. • Call 911 immediately to report a downed power line. Then call your electric cooperative.


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