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SEPTEMBER 2007 Official Publication of Powder River Energy Corporation

PRECorp Board Participates 100% in Operation RoundUp® When Powder River Energy Corporation's Board of Directors voted to develop an Operation RoundUp® program to support the communities we serve they knew the success of the program would ultimately depend on the generosity of the PRECorp members. It was a risk they were willing to take because they are members themselves and they care about the same things you do: strong schools, a solid economy and safe, friendly neighborhoods. The Board is proud to announce they have 100% participation in Operation RoundUp® and would like to thank all the members who are also participating in the program. Operation RoundUp® works in conjunction with the Powder River Energy Foundation. The Foundation was established to administer the funds accumulated through not only the Operation RoundUp® program, but also any other donations members may wish to make. For instance, some members may wish to donate their capital credit checks back to the Foundation as a way to support the communities they live in. The Foundation also allows PRECorp employees to show their support to the communities we serve. Currently, the Powder River Energy Board of Directors, also serves as the Foundation Board of Directors. However, in the future the Foundation Board will be an independent Board made up of members from each of the five counties we serve. If you would like to serve on the Foundation Board of Directors and haven’t already done so, please contact JoAnn Hoffine at 307-283-4904. Members and non-profit organizations in Crook, Weston, Campbell, Johnson or Sheridan County please consider the Powder River Energy Foundation for future funding. Forms are available at and grants/PRECorp Foundation or at our Sheridan, Gillette or Sundance offices. Simply fill out the form and return it to P.O. Box 930, Sundance, WY 82729 ATTN: JoAnn Hoffine. The Foundation Board will meet quarterly in March, June, September and December in conjunction with the Powder River Energy Board of Director meetings. Applications must be received by January 31 for the March meeting, April 30 for the June meeting, July 31 for the September meeting and October 31 for the December meeting. To sign up for Operation RoundUp® simply check the box on your bill, visit our website at or contact our customer service department at 800-442-3630.

Owned by the Members We Serve It may seem like just a catchy marketing slogan, but in reality, it’s the principal that Powder River Energy Corporation was built on. In 1945 a group of ranchers from Campbell, Crook, Weston, Sheridan and Johnson Counties lobbied to bring electricity to their ranches, thereby forming Powder River Energy Corporation then known as Tri County Electric Cooperative and Sheridan Johnson REA. We are a non-profit organization governed by a Board of Directors. A Board voted into office by you, our members/owners. The Board meets once a month. They must live on PRECorp’s system and they are re-elected every 3 years at our annual meeting Powder River Energy is proud to be a part of the communities we serve. We work hard to achieve a better quality of life for you, our members.

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PRECorp Starts CFL Study It’s hard to pick up a newspaper these days without seeing an article, editorial or advertisement for Compact Florescent Light bulbs (CFLs). Most say CFLs are good for the environment because they use less electricity and last longer than incandescent bulbs which also leads to reduced electricity bills. There are several websites that offer savings calculations if incandescent bulbs are changed to CFLs, including the PRECorp website,, but being in the business of electricity we wanted to find out firsthand if CFLs would affect the harmonics on our distribution system, if all types of bulbs were available, if the quality and color of light was affected and if CFLs really saved as much electricity as the manufacturers claim. On July 1, two PRECorp employees changed all of the light bulbs in their homes to CFLs and two employees changed only the high use bulbs (living room, kitchen, bathroom, porch lights, etc.) to CFLs. The electricity usage at their homes will be tracked for actual savings by replacing the bulbs versus the cost to purchase the bulbs. However, even the process of replacing the bulbs was a learning experience. Here are some interesting findings: • The homes averaged 65 light bulbs. Each employee said they were surprised by the number when they were taking an inventory. • Some bulbs were not available in the style or wattage needed even by special order: • Globe bulbs on dimmer switches • Three way bulbs in any wattage • Any bulb in excess of 150 watts equivalents • Decorative bulbs for ceiling fans in lower wattage (7W) • Yellow bug lights for outdoor lighting are available in CFLs • Replacing all the bulbs in a home did affect the harmonics in the home, but not to an unacceptable level. However, any increase in harmonics can affect the lifetime of electrical appliances.

Photovoltaic Program PRECorp’s photovoltaic (PV) program allows members to take advantage of solar benefits. PRECorp offers technical assistance to help members decide how well the system will work for their application and the type and size of system they need. PRECorp has also been able to arrange special incentive vendor pricing that allows PRECorp members to purchase the systems up to 40% below retail discounts. Some members may choose to install the PV equipment on their own. However, members in need of assistance can contact area contractors who are qualified to install the equipment. If you are a contractor who would like to be added to a PRECorp list of area electricians please visit our website at & Docs/Contractor Forms and complete the “Small Works Application.” For additional cost assistance, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is offering alternative energy grants this year. Conditions of the grant make it difficult for individuals who want a single photovoltaic or wind system to qualify, but PRECorp can help by consolidating the needs of several members into a single grant application. The grant can add an additional 25% savings to the cost of the systems. Interested members need to immediately contact PRECorp in order to participate in the group grant application. Call John Rodgers, 1-800-442-3630, for more information.

For information on Powder River Energy Corp.’s proposed general rate filing with the Wyoming Public Service Commission please visit our website at; News; Stakeholder Info. Copies of the information are also available at our Sheridan, Gillette and Sundance offices.

POWER Lines A publication of Powder River Energy Corporation P.O. Box 930 Sundance, WY 82729 As an official publication of Powder River Energy Corporation, the purpose of Power Lines is to communicate to member/customers information concerning their electric cooperative, and to offer suggestions and ideas regarding the safe, efficient, and economical use of electric energy. Back issues of the Power Lines can be found on Powder River Energy’s website at: Power Lines Editor: Doreen Schaar


Powder River Energy is proud to be a part of the communities we serve. We work hard to achieve a better quality of life for you, our members...

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