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PRECorp offers special rates, programs By Tim Velder, PRECorp Marketing/Communications Specialist PRECorp member/owners can save on their electric bills by taking advantage of some special programs.

then releases its stored heat whenever needed to maintain the desired room temperature.

The programs and rates give members an opportunity to save a little money or leverage several hundred dollars to make efficiency or safety upgrades to their homes. The following is a list of some of the programs that PRECorp has to offer.

Residential Heat Rate PRECorp also offers a special electric heat rate to help members take advantage of a credit provided by PRECorp’s main power supplier. The Residential Heat Rate (RHR) allows residential members to receive a credit of 2.754 cents per kilowatt hour for the electricity they use to heat their home between October and April. With our already low rates, that makes electricity a very affordable way to heat your home.

Conservation Loan Program PRECorp’s Conservation Loan Program offers a zero interest loan up to $2,500 for members to complete energy efficiency improvements, such as: upgrading windows, installing Energy Star appliances, replacing incandescent bulbs with Compact Florescent Light bulbs (CFL), or adding insulation. The loan can be paid back over a three-year period. Applicants must meet certain credit history criteria.

Power Lines

Residential Time of Day Rate PRECorp’s Time of Day (TOD) rate is available to those members who install a qualifying Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) heating system.

The heat rate is offered to residential members who have permanent electric resistance heat, cove, and/or an electric heat-pump space heating system. Members are required to have a licensed electrician install equipment, provided by PRECorp at no cost, to meter the electric heat load separately from other usage in the home.

ETS technology allows consumers to pay less for their heating energy. Members can take advantage of the lower rate for all their electric usage by operating other appliances during off-peak hours from September 1 to May 31.

Green Tags “Green Tag” is a shorter name for a Renewable Energy Certificate. PRECorp members can support the development of a renewable resources such as wind, solar or biomass, through the Basin Electric Power Cooperative Prairie Winds Energy In Motion program.

ETS works like a thermos bottle by storing heat until it is needed. The ETS heater is charged (heated) with lower cost, off-peak electricity. It

Each Green Tag costs 20 cents, which is equivalent to the environmental attributes of 100 kWh of renewable energy. For example, if a home

takes 900 kilowatt hours per month and the member would like to purchase renewable energy to offset their entire usage, then the member would purchase nine Green Tags. The monthly offset or Green Tag cost would be an additional $1.80 to the member’s monthly power bill to ensure that the energy you use is added to the power grid from a renewable energy facility and supports the further development of these facilities. Surge Protection Program PRECorp’s Surge Protection Program protects members’ homes from power surges and lightning by breaking down incoming voltage to a level safe for the “white goods” within the home, including the washer, dryer, refrigerator, freezer, microwave and hard-wired HVAC systems. In addition, there is limited warranty coverage for those items in the rare event that lightning or a surge is powerful enough to damage the surge protection device and pass through to damage the covered appliances. PRECorp sells a variety of residential surge protection devices, including devices for sensitive electronics and other equipment. Each device features its own warranty. If a device is damaged by a surge or lightning, PRECorp will replace the device immediately and assist members in filling out a claim for the equipment. Please visit with a member service representative for more details.

POWDER RIVER ENERGY CORPORATION 221 Main Street • P.O. Box 930 • Sundance, WY 82729 1-800-442-3630 • Report an Outage: 1-888-391-6220

The PRECorp Annual Meeting will be held on Saturday, August 25, at the Clarion Inn Convention Center in Gillette, Wyoming.

Need a ride to the meeting? Call 1-800-442-3630 to reserve a seat.

Annual Meeting set for August 25 The 67th Annual Meeting of the members of Powder River Energy Corporation will be held at the Clarion Inn in Gillette, WY, on Saturday, August 25. The event will feature voting for board members, reports from PRECorp CEO Mike Easley, Board President Tom Davis and Treasurer Phil Habeck. Those who attend will receive giveaways, and will be entered in a drawing for door prizes.

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The luncheon will feature entertainment by cowboy poet (and Carbon Power & Light General Manager) Chuck Larsen. Look in the July WREN magazine for proxy information, candidate profiles, annual reports and more information about this year’s event. While you’re in town, check out the downtown area for its shopping and sculpture walk. Go to for more information about special things to do in town on August 25.

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PRECorp cuts interest expense with debt refinance By Tim Velder, PRECorp Marketing and Communications Specialist

Power Lines

Managing our borrowing costs is one way PRECorp looks to maintain highquality, low-cost electric service to members. On April 10, 2012 the Wyoming Public Service Commission approved Powder River Energy Corporation’s application to refinance $14.4 million of loans with United States Department of Agriculture’s Rural Utilities Service. The existing debt will be refinanced by CoBank, a national cooperative bank serving rural industries. The refinancing takes advantage of a more favorable interest rate, lowering the blended rate of the loans from 4.97% to 3.67%. Photo courtesy Gillette Chamber of Commerce

Downtown Gillette features the Avenues of Art, where local artists can showcase their work in high-traffic areas in the city.

POWDER RIVER ENERGY CORPORATION 221 Main Street • P.O. Box 930 • Sundance, WY 82729 1-800-442-3630 • Report an Outage: 1-888-391-6220

It is anticipated that PRECorp will save nearly $1.4 million in interest expense over the next 20 years as a result of the refinance transaction.

As an official publication of Powder River Energy Corporation, the purpose of Power Lines is to communicate to member/customers information concerning their electric cooperative, and the safe, efficient, and economical use of electric energy. Back issues of the Power Lines can be found on PRECorp’s website at:


The heat rate is offered to residen- tial members who have permanent electric resistance heat, cove, and/or an electric heat-pump space heat...