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Green Tags A Renewable Energy Initiative What is a Green Tag?

A Green Tag represents the intangible environmental attributes associated with producing one MWh of electricity from a renewable resource, such as wind, solar, or biomass. Powder River Energy Corp. make Green Tags available to its members by purchasing Green Tags from Basin Electric Power Cooperative under its Prairie Winds® Energy in Motion Program.

Why buy Green Tags?

Powder River Energy Corp. desires to provide its members with the opportunity to support the production of renewable energy by offering Green Tags to its members.

How can I purchase Green Tags?

Powder River Energy Corp. will make Green Tags available to its members in the following manner: A member may purchase a minimum of 1 block which is equivalent to one-tenth (0.10) of a Green Tag and represents the environmental attributes of 100 kWh of renewable energy.

How will this affect my electric bill?

The purchase of Green Tags is paid for by an EXTRA monthly premium, which shows up on your bill in addition to regular monthly charges. The cost per block is $.20 extra per month.

Is there a limit to the number of blocks a member may purchase?

Members may elect to purchase as many blocks as they want from the Corporation. Customers who elect to purchase blocks of Green Tags under this rate schedule will indicate the quantity they intend to purchase monthly. The commitment to purchase Green Tags will be for a minimum of a one (1) year period and will continue on a monthly basis thereafter until the Corporation is notified in writing to either change or end the customer’s participation.

Please indicate the number of 100 kWh blocks of Green Tag energy you wish to purchase each month. Each block represents a $.20 investment in the future of renewable energy.

1 block (100 kWh per month) 2 blocks (200 kWh per month) 3 blocks (300 kWh per month)

Other: _______________________________ Please specify the total number of blocks you wish to purchase each month.

Name (please print): ___________________________________________________________________ Address: _____________________________________________________________________________ City, State, Zip: ________________________________________________________________________ Phone Number: _______________________________________________________________________ I understand that my commitment is for one year and will continue on a monthly basis until I notify PRECorp in writing to change or end my participation.

Signature: _____________________________________________ SUNDANCE – CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS 221 Main Street • P.O. Box 930 • Sundance, WY 82729 (800) 442-3630 Phone • (307) 283-3527 Fax

Date: ________________________

GILLETTE 200 Garner Lake Road • P.O. Box 937 • Gillette, WY 82718 (800) 442-3630 Phone • (307) 682-0733 Fax

SHERIDAN 1095 Brundage Lane • P.O. Box 5087 • Sheridan, WY 82801 (800) 442-3630 Phone • (307) 674-9018 Fax