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CEO Straight Talk


We do our best to make safety our top priority I hope that you are becoming a bit more familiar with PRECorp’s “strategic themes.” These five themes represent strategies that we use to accomplish PRECorp’s mission, and within each of these strategies, are a host of specific initiatives that we are acting upon in response to the voice of our customers. We hear you, our customer, telling us three important things: m i k e e a s l e y, CEO

1. My electric bill should be affordable; 2. PRECorp’s services should add value to my quality of life; 3. PRECorp is a good corporate citizen and leads by example.

So far this year I have highlighted various initiatives within our “Low Cost” and “High Quality” themes, and I look forward to highlighting initiatives from the remaining themes in the months to come. This month 1. PRECorp is a Low-Cost provider of I want to step back and electric service speak with you about the single most important factor 2. PRECorp is a High-Quality provider in our ability to execute our of electric service strategic initiatives. This dialogue is especially critical in 3. PRECorp strives to enhance the light of the recent vandalism Quality of Life with Member Services at one of the PRECorp substations in northern Crook 4. PRECorp creates Positive County. Community and Social Impacts Safety of the PRECorp team and the public is the single most important factor in our ability to execute our strategic initiatives. We have not specifically highlighted this factor in our five summarized strategic themes because all of our staff knows the importance of safety in everything that we do.

5. PRECorp maintains a Balanced Regulatory Framework

every single employee in the company. Our standards for safety are so important that we document and track each incident that may involve a safety matter, and violations of our safety rules are investigated. The visibility of incidents and the subsequent investigations lead to corrective measures so that everyone learns from the events and understands how seriously we take safety. The recent vandalism at the Wenande Substation in northern Crook County is especially troubling. Someone shot into the substation damaging the main power transformer and causing our members an unnecessary power outage. This act was an attack on your equipment and on the employees of your cooperative who put themselves in harm’s way every day to keep your lights on. Additionally, I feel that targeting a substation – whose namesake Bob Wenande was a well-respected member of our community and a past Director - just added insult to injury. The work that we do at PRECorp can be inherently dangerous, and we do our best to keep safety as our top priority. Attacks on our system and unnecessarily putting our people in harm’s way are unconscionable and have no place in our culture and values here in northeast Wyoming. Our Board has offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons who attacked and damaged the Wenande Substation. This is a testimony to the importance our Board places on taking care of your cooperative and its support for the safety and welfare of the PRECorp team. Safety begins with every one of us and is our top priority. If you have any information that could be helpful in the investigation, please contact the Crook County Sheriff and let’s work together to do everything we can to prevent such an event from happening again.

PRECorp has a culture of safety that we are proud of, but it does not come without significant effort from

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2. precorp’s services should add value to my quality of life; Safety of the PRECorp team and the public is the single most important factor...