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PRECORP NEWS In last month’s article I introduced five key areas or “themes” that represent the strategies that we are using to accomplish our mission. These “strategic themes” focus on: 1. PRECorp is a Low-Cost provider of electric service 2. PRECorp is a High-Quality provider of electric service 3. PRECorp strives to enhance the Quality of Life with Member Services 4. PRECorp creates Positive Community and Social Impacts

m i ke eas l e y, CEO

5. PRECorp maintains a Balanced Regulatory Framework Last month I explained the possibility of an earlier-than-expected increase in our wholesale power costs and what we have done to soften the impact of a possible increase. These efforts represent just one initiative we are working on as we continue to focus on being a low-cost provider of electric service. Another important strategic theme that we are focusing on is being a high-quality provider of electric service. It is important that we keep both low-cost and high-quality electric service in mind at the same time, as over-emphasizing one over the other would likely create undesired outcomes. PRECorp’s system includes more than 10,000 miles of line spread over 16,200 square miles of service territory. With a system of this size it is easy to have something go wrong at any given time. Our efforts to prevent outages or to quickly respond to outages that do occur are very important initiatives we are working on as we focus on being a high-quality provider of electric service.

We are approaching this initiative from several perspectives. We changed our methods and procedures for tracking outages by increasing the level of detail that we collect about the “what, when and why” of each outage that occurs on our system. This will help us to better focus on the “root cause” of the outages and will help us to also focus our resources on prevention as well as restoration. We have also upped our game on our outage reporting procedures. We will be giving you more notice in the event of planned outages, and we are reporting our outage events to the Wyoming Public Service Commission so they are better informed and can help to coordinate state emergency response services if they are needed. We have also made some improvements in our outage call handling systems and procedures that will help us to better respond to outages. Preventing and responding to outages is very important, but these are not the sole measure of highquality power. We are also focusing our efforts to improve our response time to power quality issues such as blinking or dimming lights, and we ask for our members’ help by reporting such issues. The causes of blinking or dimming lights can range from trees in the lines, failing equipment, and sometimes even problems on the customers’ side of the service. We have a team of experts ready to respond to these problems, so please let us know if you are experiencing any power quality problems. These initiatives are just a small part of the overall efforts made by the PRECorp team to deliver highquality and low-cost power to you. Next month I hope to share some of our member service programs that we hope can improve your quality of life. The benefits you receive from cooperative ownership are many, and I hope that your relationship with PRECorp is one in which you truly feel the cooperative difference.

Regular business: 1-800-442-3630 • Report an outage: 1-888-391-6220


Regular business: 1-800-442-3630 • Report an outage: 1-888-391-6220 2. preCorp is a High-Quality provider of electric servi...