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In January’s issue of the PRECorp News I introduced PRECorp’s Strategy Map and spent time explaining it from a high-level viewpoint. In February I focused on our Strategic Themes of “Member and Community Engagement,” “Sustainable Growth,” and “Operational Excellence.” I also pointed out how our various articles aligned under these “themes.” This month I wanted to spend some time talking about our Internal Process Perspective. The Internal Process Perspective contains four broad objectives under each Strategic Theme. Each of these broad objectives has a number of focused initiatives for the PRECorp Team to accomplish. Each PRECorp team member has specific activities and tasks that they are responsible for that tie back to these initiatives. We track our progress on these initiatives throughout the year and our Board of Directors reviews the progress on a regular basis.

MEMBER AND COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT P1. Member connectivity through innovation, education, communication Internal Processes

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P2. Support and encourage political relevancy

P3. Maintain proactively balanced regulatory framework

P4. Support and develop community resources

SUSTAINABLE GROWTH P5. Seek diversification of load mix

P6. Expand economies of scope and scale

P7. Maxmize engagement with wholesale power supply

P8. Manage risk of stranded investment

This helps us maintain focus on our mission and vision, and ultimately it provides you with even more value. Companies that are good at executing on strategy deliver more value to their owners, and for you as a member-owner, that value translates into better OPERATIONAL customer service and lower costs than we would EXCELLENCE have if we did not focus on strategy execution. As an example of how this delivers value to you, I want to focus on the Strategic Theme of Operational Excellence. You will see an P10. objective called “P10. Achieve excellence in core Achieve business.” excellence in Under this objective is a company-wide core business initiative to develop, implement, and execute a maintenance policy and program. This initiative significantly ups our game in why, how,


and when we do maintenance on our system. Over the years our system has grown to more than 10,000 miles of power line and 53 substations. We have more than 190,000 poles to maintain. We are leveraging technology, good planning, stringent standards, and a lot of hard work to execute a plan that results in a complete inspection and maintenance of this system in a five-year cycle. The primary purpose of the maintenance plan is to enhance reliability and proactively reduce preventable outages for PRECorp’s members as measured annually by duration, frequency, and momentary outage minutes. Some of the major areas of focus for this plan annually will encompass a detailed line inspection that requires physically visiting more than 38,000 facility locations spanning across more than 2,000 miles of our distribution system. An additional 118 miles of transmission line will be covered as well. All of our overhead distribution and transmission structures are wood, so we OPERATIONAL will be testing EXCELLENCE approximately 12,000 distribuP9. tion poles and Maintain financial stability 688 transmission poles annually to better understand P11. the health of the P10. Leverage Achieve structure and the technology excellence in remaining life. to drive core business efficiencies One other major area of focus is on our substations, P12. Maintain of which we test competitive and fair rates 10 substation for all power transformers and all associated apparatus annually. As we proceed through 2013 with this ambitious maintenance plan, we look forward to ensuring reliable power and competitive rates now and in the years to come. I hope this helps you to better understand how we align our activities to our strategy and I look forward to continued discussion on our 2013 initiatives and how they align with our long-term Strategy Map, Vision, and Mission. If you would like to see more information on our Strategy Map, go to: strategy-map/

Regular business: 1-800-442-3630 • Report an outage: 1-888-391-6220

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