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Solar water pumping an important tool during drought By Tim Velder, PRECorp Marketing Communications With decades of ranching experience in the Hulett area under his belt, James S. Neiman is right when he says: “If you don’t have water, you don’t have anything.”

Like many PRECorp members in 2012, the ranch experienced a convergence of negative weather in the past year. No snow. No spring rain. Natural stock ponds dried up in 2012 as Moth-

er Nature turned off the water faucet. “We have reservoirs that went dry, that have never went dry before,” Neiman said. One thing Wyoming usually has plenty of is sunshine. As Mr. Neiman watched the sun bake his pastures north and west of Hulett, he decided to use those rays to bring water to his thirsty cattle. In 2012, Neiman installed a solar water pumping system using PRECorp’s rebate program. The program can significantly reduce the cost of a photovoltaic solar panel and pump by providing wholesale prices for a member’s system as well as a 25 percent reimbursement grant secured through USDA Rural Development for the system and its installation. There are no funds currently available for 2013. PRECorp is applying for additional funding to reauthorize the program in 2014. Check with PRECorp Member Service later this year to find out the availability of funds. Shipping costs and the price of certain accessories are not covered by the grant. However, members can save more money because there is no annual charge for service or cost of electricity. Continued on page 3.

James S. Neiman turns on the solar powered water pump behind the photovoltaic panel on his ranch near Hulett.

Photos by Tim Velder/PRECorp

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Solar pumps

from page 2.

Since maintenance costs on the systems are extremely low, the total system usually pays for itself in less than four years. The Neiman system is located throughout the ranch using wells up to 200 feet deep. He strategically placed holding tanks at pasture borders. Mr. Neiman also buried a 1,700-gallon storage tank and gravity-flow pipe system to supply water in greater volume. “If you don’t have a lot of water, but you have a lot of livestock, put a supply tank in,” he said. “That way if the sun doesn’t shine for two days, you still have water.” The pipe system also enables Neiman to direct the water to areas his cattle gather. If landowners are not comfortable installing the system themselves, PRECorp can provide a list certified professional drillers and panel installers to ensure the equipment works properly. Sheridan County rancher Cole Benton has a similar story to tell. The rugged countryside at the ranch makes it difficult to haul water to pasture cattle. The cost of putting a PRECorp line to the well would have cost about 10 times the cost of the solar pump. James S. Neiman stands at the 1000-gallon tire stock tank filled by a solar-powered pump.

Why use solar water pumping?

Benton replaced a former windmill pump with a solar pump and a storage tank system. His 300-foot-deep well provides plenty of water for his yearling cattle that occupy that unit of pasture at different times of the year. "It works super," he said. "I have never been out of water."

Benton is keeping the solar option in mind in case some of his other windmills break down.

Solar water pumps offer many advantages:

For more information on the solar water pumping program or other PRECorp member services, contact a member service representative at 1-800-442-3630.

• They can operate in remote areas with no power lines or where lines are too expensive to maintain. • They are cost-competitive with other remote methods of pumping water, such as windmills and engine generators. • They require less maintenance than windmills or generators. • They produce the most water on sunny, hot days when livestock need it the most. • They are easy to install and can be made portable to use at more than one well site. • They rely only on the sun for power so there is no fuel to transport and no fumes or exhaust. • They are quiet and reliable.

The solar-powered pump at the Cole Benton ranch north of Leiter, left, feeds into an overflow storage tank, right.

PRECorp photo

CEO Straight Talk


The January issue of the PRECorp’s monthly magazine is different from the other issues during the year since this is the only issue which is solely dedicated to PRECorp. In addition to the regular informative articles I would like to draw your attention to the information on some very important member programs that are highlighted this month. These include the various scholarship programs which PRECorp offers and our very important Operation RoundUp program. PRECorp feels very strongly that supporting its communities is an essential part of being a m i k e eas l ey , member-owned cooperative. Our Mission is more CEO than just providing high-quality and competitively priced electric power and services to you, it is also about enhancing the quality of life in our communities. I can think of no better way to do that than to support our youth and to provide a program such as Operation RoundUp to help those who are in need. These programs allow us the opportunity and means to support our own. I hope that you agree that this is a worthwhile effort. I spend a lot of time talking to you about the “bigger picture” for PRECorp and I thought this issue was a good opportunity to lay a great foundation for 2013. If you look on the facing page you will see our Strategy Map in its entirety. Nearly one third of the PRECorp Team contributed to the development of the strategy that is represented in this “one page” summary. The Board and Executive Staff completed this during its strategic retreat this past August. It represents a strategy which will be pursued for the next several years. If you look at the top of the Strategy Map you see our Mission. This Mission is our overall target and the reason for our existence. The Mission drives our Vision, and the Vision represents the four broad areas of strategic focus for PRECorp. Under the Mission and Vision are four perspectives which include Members, Financial, Internal Processes, and People and Team Culture. Each of these perspectives is color coded and has specific items which identify specific actions or measurements we will use to achieve results. At the bottom of the map are Values and Principles. It is not by chance that these perspectives serve as the foundation for everything above them. At the core of our foundation are our Values and Principles which support of People and Team Culture and everything else in the Strategy depends upon the success of our People, Culture, and Values. We have also grouped our Internal Process Perspective into three themes. These are Member and Community Engagement, Sustainable Growth, and Operational Excellence. The Objectives in red (numbered P1-P12) are supported by a host of specific actionable and measurable initiatives which the PRECorp Team is engaged in pursuing. Our successful completion of these various strategic initiatives over the next several years will ensure that we realize our Vision and execute our Mission. As an example, the Scholarship programs and our Operation RoundUp mentioned in this issue of the PRECorp News play into our Strategic Theme of Member and Community Engagement and are initiatives for the objectives numbered P1 and P4. Continued on page 5.

Unpacking the PRECorp Vision PRECorp will be an innovative leader through growth in territory, services, and membership. • We are positioning around a growth philosophy. When opportunities are found or present themselves, we can take advantage of them. • Our size mix of load with heavy industrial along with residential makes it very important to keep a seat at the table at Basin Electric (our wholesale power supplier). • Our share of Basin Electric's load is shrinking because of declining sales, but mostly from growth in western North Dakota. • Our share of Basin Electric’s load must be 10% of Basin’s to retain a Board seat. • We are losing territory and members due to City of Gillette annexations. • We have acquired territory in the past such as the Upton Industrial Park, Montana Mines and the Antelope Mine. • PRECorp’s wholesale power bill is more than 77% of our total costs. We will be strategically aligned as we increase economies of scale, leverage opportunities for diversification, and improve team engagement. • As we increase our volume of service, the average cost of providing that service goes down. • We strive to utilize teams to accomplish our work, but recognize the need for a more directive leadership style in urgent situations. • PRECorp’s resources and processes can be leveraged to help other cooperatives that have resource and process constraints. • We will leverage existing infrastructure to enhance local services. • We will ensure every employee knows our Mission, Vision, and values, and clearly understands how the tasks and projects they do every day helps meet those goals. • We will maximize the use of our technology and the talents of our people to support our members’ needs. We will strive to influence regulation and political policies at all levels of government through involvement of our stakeholders. • We will be involved in our local and state government activities to support the voice of our members, and to help educate them on the facts for issues that impact our industry. • We will help our members have a voice and help them to use it. • We will ensure education and involvement so regulators understand how their proposed, new, and existing regulations impact our members; and how to best manage their goal while understanding the impact on our member owners. We will be an example of excellence to our cooperative network, and will be the electrical power service provider, and employer of choice in the region. • Safety is a priority. • We will live the values of Accountability, Innovation, Integrity, and Commitment to Community. • We will provide help and support to other cooperatives when needed. • We will strive for top member satisfaction scores. • We will earn high employee opinion scores.


CEO Straight Talk All of PRECorp’s strategic activities and many of our business-as-usual activities have connections to and references in our Strategy Map. We refer to this process as Strategic Alignment.

from page 4. I hope that this narrative and the Strategy Map presented on this page helps you to better understand what our Strategy is and how important it is for PRECorp to not only have a Strategy,

but to actually execute its Strategy. By successfully executing our strategy we will be able to deliver even more value to you, our member-owners.



Scholarship applications available here and online By Tim Velder, PRECorp Marketing Communications PRECorp has attached various scholarship applications in this issue of the PRECorp News for eligible high school graduates and college students from northeastern Wyoming. PRECorp’s service territory covers Campbell, Crook, Johnson, Sheridan and Weston counties. Applications are also available online at www.precorp. coop, or through your local school guidance office. Basin Electric Scholarship due February 1 (Pages 7 and 8) Basin Electric Power Cooperative will award scholarships in the amount of $1,000. One student from the PRECorp service territory may be chosen. The filing deadline for the Basin Electric Power Scholarship is February 1, 2013. PRECorp Scholarship due June 1 (Page 9) In 2013 PRECorp will award up to 15 scholarships in the amount of $1,500 each to qualifying graduates of the 13 high schools in its service territory. To be eligible the applicant’s parents or legal guardians must be members of, and receive electric service from Powder River Energy. The applicant must be a student who is enrolled or plans to enroll in an accredited two-year college, fouryear college or vocational technical school. The scholarships are available to 2013 high school graduating seniors in the PRECorp service territory. The PRECorp Board of Directors Scholarship selects the recipients. The deadline for the Powder River Energy Corporation Scholarship is June 1, 2013. Youth Camp applications due February 7 (Page 10) Students wishing to apply for the all-expense-paid Cooperative Youth Leadership Camp July 14-19 in Steamboat Springs, Colo., are encouraged to submit their applications by February 7. Forms are available at your local high school guidance office or at www. Students must be age 16 on or before June 1, 2013, and their parents must be members of PRECorp to be eligible. Swanda Scholarship due April 1 (Page 11 and 12) The PRECorp Foundation board of directors will award the 2013 Swanda Scholarship. The $2,500 award is for a Crook County High School senior planning to enroll in a course of study in the agricultural or animal science field at a University or vocational/ technical school in Wyoming, North Dakota or South Dakota. Seniors at Sundance High School receive preference this year on the program’s rotating schedule. However, seniors from Hulett and Moorcroft high schools are also encouraged to apply in the event an alternate must be selected. The filing deadline for the Swanda Scholarship is April 1, 2013.

Other applications available online The WREA Scholarship program The WREA Line Worker Scholarship program is intended to help local people complete an approved regional line worker training program to learn basics of line work, and enable that person to become an apprentice line tech. The $3,000 scholarship will be paid over the course of the program. The scholarship deadline is March 1. Applicants must be at least 18 years old, possess a valid driver's license, and maintain a 2.5 grade point average while you are enrolled in the training program. Go to to print out an application

Dar Hackworth and Neil T. Adkins memorial scholarships The Dar Hackworth Scholarship and the Neil T. Adkins Scholarship programs are intended to help local people complete an approved regional line worker training program to learn basics of line work, and enable that person to become an apprentice line tech. Candidates must submit applications to WREA Suppliers Group no later than May 1. Candidates must be at least 18 years old, possess a valid driver’s license, and maintain a 2.5 grade point average while you are enrolled in the training program. Along with the scholarship application form, you must also submit a transcript of grades and two letters of recommendation from a teacher or employer. Go to to print out an application. Scan this into a QR code app on your phone to download scholarship information.

2013 Scholarship Application

Please complete the form below. Completeness and neatness ensure your application will be evaluated appropriately. Name _______________________________________________________________________________________ Last 4 digits of SS #________________ Home Phone ____________________________________________________ College Phone__________________________________________________ Permanent Address: _____________________________________________ City: _____________________________ State: ______ Zip: ____________ Mother’s Name:__________________________________________________ Father’s Name: __________________________________________________ Student’s parent is:

Member cooperative employee

Member cooperative consumer

Co-op System Name: ____________________________________________ Co-op City / State / Zip: __________________________________________ High School name and address from which you graduated or will graduate this spring: ___________________________________________________ Activities, Achievements, or Honors:

Sending a résumé does not replace any part of this application. If space provided in any section is inadequate, you may continue on additional sheets. Attachments must follow the same format. DO NOT repeat information already reported on the application form. Your name, address, and name of this scholarship program should be included on all attachments.

Work Experience: Describe your work experience (e.g. food server, babysitting, lawn mowing, and office work). Indicate dates of employment for each job and approximate number of hours worked each week. Employer/Position



Hours per Week

____________________________________________________________________ ____________________ ___________________ ________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________ ___________________ ________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________ ___________________ ________________ Goals And Aspirations: On a separate piece of paper, write a brief statement or summary of your plans as they relate to your educational and career objectives and long-term goals and include it with this application. High school seniors must include a transcript and complete this section. Students currently or previously entered in college or vocational-tech school must include college transcript of grades. Completion of ACT and/or SAT scores is not necessary.

GPA _______

ACT: English _______ Math _______ Reading _______ Science _______ Comp _______

SAT I: Verbal _______ Math _______

Name and address of accredited school you plan to attend in the fall of the year: _____________________________________________________________________________City ________________________________ State ________ _____________________________________________________________________________City ________________________________ State ________ 4-yr College or University

2-yr Community or Junior College

What will your class status be in the fall of the year?


Vocational-Technical School Sophomore



Major course of study: ___________________________________________ Minors: ________________________________________________________ Essay Question (Required): As part of the application, you are required to compose and submit an essay. The essay should be no more than one page, typed with a font size no smaller than 12 point, and double spaced on 8½ x 11 paper. Include your name on the top right-hand corner of the essay. Student Essay Topic: How would you describe the value of your local cooperative to you and your immediate family? Student Signature: _______________________________ Date: __________________________________________________ continued on back

continued from front

Applicant Appraisal (Required) To the Applicant: This section is required and must be completed in the format provided. If incomplete, your application will not be evaluated. The section is to be completed by a high school or college counselor or advisor, an instructor, or a work supervisor who knows you well. To the Adult Appraiser: You have been asked to provide information in support of this application. Please give immediate and serious attention to the following statements. When complete, please return to applicant. If you prefer, photocopy this section and return to applicant in a sealed envelope. A letter of recommendation does not replace this section.

The applicant’s choice of a post-secondary educational program is:

extremely appropriate

very appropriate

moderately appropriate


The applicant’s achievements reflect his/her ability.

extremely well

very well

moderately well

not well

The applicant’s ability to set realistic and attainable goals is:





The quality of the applicant’s commitment to school and/or community is:





The applicant is able to seek, find, and use learning resources.

extremely well

very well

moderately well

not well

The applicant demonstrates curiosity and initiative.

extremely well

very well

moderately well

not well

The applicant demonstrates good problem-solving skills, follows through, and completes tasks.

extremely well

very well

moderately well

not well





The applicant’s respect for self and others is:


Appraiser’s Name_________________________________________________ Title ___________________________ Phone _________________________ Signature _______________________________________ Organization__________________________________________ Date ____________________

Scholarship Submittal Requirements The student is responsible for submitting all materials on time. Incomplete applications will not be evaluated. Complete this application (attach additional sheets if necessary). Your name and address should be on all attachments. Recent academic transcript, whether it be from a high school, college, university, or trade school. Current College Freshman – Judges will screen and require more than one semester or quarter of grades. If this applies to you, submit your high school transcript. Copy of your college entrance examination (ACT and/or SAT) scores. (Only college Freshman.) Essay. Applicant Appraisal. Mail your complete application packet as directed below. If you are a dependent child of a member cooperative consumer, or a child of a member cooperative employee, send this application and all supporting documentation to your member cooperative. (Each member cooperative will be responsible for selecting finalists in these categories.) Cooperative Applications must be sent to Cooperative. Deadline: February 1, 2013. All scholarship entries are confidential and will only be viewed by the Basin Electric Cooperative or Member Cooperative Selection Committees. Information such as schooling, achievements, and career plans may be used for publicity purposes. SUNDANCE – CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS 221 Main Street • P.O. Box 930 • Sundance, WY 82729 (800) 442-3630 Phone • (307) 283-3527 Fax

GILLETTE 200 Garner Lake Road • P.O. Box 937 • Gillette, WY 82718 (800) 442-3630 Phone • (307) 682-0733 Fax

SHERIDAN 1095 Brundage Lane • P.O. Box 5087 • Sheridan, WY 82801 (800) 442-3630 Phone • (307) 674-9018 Fax

2013 Scholarship Application Student Information: Name:_____________________________________________________ Address: __________________________________________________ City:_______________________________________________________ State: _____________________ Zip: ___________________________ Email: ________________________________________________________________________ Phone: _________________________________ Name of High School: __________________________________________________________ Date of Graduation: ______________________ To be eligible for this scholarship, the student’s parent or guardian MUST be a member of Powder River Energy Corporation Full Name: Father/Guardian:_____________________________________________________ Employer: _______________________________ Full Name: Mother/Guardian: ____________________________________________________ Employer: _______________________________ I plan to attend school at: ________________________________________________________________ Beginning: _____________________ Please provide address of school treasurer/tuition office and contact name: This information is to be included in a complete format to be considered a valid application. College Contact:_______________________________________________________________ Phone: _________________________________ College Address: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ City:_______________________________________________________ State: _____________________ Zip: ___________________________ Please complete the following: (scores if applicable) ACT________________ SAT __________________ G.P.A. _________________ Class Rank _______________ Out Of _________________ Miscellaneous Information: (attach additional sheets as needed) Attach transcript of grades (can be from online). Compose a brief essay/description of: •

Activities you have participated in school and in your community, including employment, volunteer activities, and hobbies.

Your financial need including other scholarships awarded, plans for financial support including grants, family assistance, etc.

General information about yourself which would provide a fuller portrait of you as applicant.

Submit one reference from a teacher, counselor, or employer. Return application and other documentation to: Powder River Energy Corporation Attn: Marketing Communications Division PO Box 930, Sundance WY 82729 For more information: Deadline: Must be received in our office by May 31, 2013

SUNDANCE – CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS 221 Main Street • P.O. Box 930 • Sundance, WY 82729 (800) 442-3630 Phone • (307) 283-3527 Fax

GILLETTE 200 Garner Lake Road • P.O. Box 937 • Gillette, WY 82718 (800) 442-3630 Phone • (307) 682-0733 Fax

SHERIDAN 1095 Brundage Lane • P.O. Box 5087 • Sheridan, WY 82801 (800) 442-3630 Phone • (307) 674-9018 Fax

2013 COOPERATIVE YOUTH LEADERSHIP CAMP APPLICATION Camp dates are July 14-19, 2013. Student Information: Name:_____________________________________________________ Address: __________________________________________________ City:_______________________________________________________ State: _____________________ Zip: ___________________________ Email: ________________________________________________________________________ Phone: _________________________________ Name of High School: __________________________________________________________ Date of Graduation: ______________________ Full Name: Father/Guardian: _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Full Name: Mother/Guardian: _____________________________________________________________________________________________ School: _____________________________________________________ G.P.A.:___________ Year in School*: __________________________ *Applicants must be 16 years-old by June 2013.

List special activities in which you have participated including sports, honors, and community involvement:


Why would you like to participate:


Please also include the following with this application:

Reference letter: Not required, but if possible, attach a reference letter from someone familiar with your academic, community, or personal history. A current copy of a photo of yourself. Return application and other documentation to: Powder River Energy Corporation Attn: Marketing Communications Division PO Box 930, Sundance WY 82729 For more information:


SUNDANCE – CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS 221 Main Street • P.O. Box 930 • Sundance, WY 82729 (800) 442-3630 Phone • (307) 283-3527 Fax

GILLETTE 200 Garner Lake Road • P.O. Box 937 • Gillette, WY 82718 (800) 442-3630 Phone • (307) 682-0733 Fax

SHERIDAN 1095 Brundage Lane • P.O. Box 5087 • Sheridan, WY 82801 (800) 442-3630 Phone • (307) 674-9018 Fax

2013 Swanda Scholarship Application Antone & Julie Swanda Introduction: A scholarship in the amount of $2,500 will be provided to one Crook Co. high school senior planning to enroll in a course of study in the agricultural or animal science field at a University or vocational/technical school in Wyoming, North Dakota, or South Dakota. Scholarship proceeds will be paid directly to the school in the student’s name in equal amounts of $1,250 per semester upon satisfactory proof of having met the minimum GPA. The scholarship award will be rotated between the following Crook Co. high schools based on the schedule below, but applications will be accepted from students at each high school to ensure the availability of an alternate applicant if necessary: • 2013 – Sundance High School • 2014 – Hulett High School • 2015 – Moorcroft High School

Criteria: • Applicant must have a 2.5 GPA and demonstrate financial need; • Upon enrollment in college or technical school, student must maintain full-time status by carrying a minimum of 12 credit hours; • Minimum 2.5 GPA must be maintained.

To Apply: Complete application on Page 2 and submit with the following: 1. Transcript of grades 2. A brief statement/description of: • Career goals and future plans. • Financial need including other scholarships awarded, plans for financial support including grants, family assistance, etc. • General information about yourself that would provide a more complete portrait of you (e.g., school and community activities, including employment, volunteer activities, and hobbies). 3. Submit two letters of recommendation (e.g., a teacher, counselor, or employer). The information contained in this application is for the purpose of obtaining funding from the Powder River Energy Corporation Foundation, Inc. The undersigned understands that the information provided herein will be used to determine grant funding. He/she also warrants that the information provided is true and complete, and that the Powder River Energy Corporation Foundation, Inc. may consider this statement as continuing to be true and correct until a written notice of a change is provided. The Powder River Energy Corporation Foundation, Inc. is authorized to make all inquiries deemed necessary to verify the accuracy of the statements made herein. ___________________________________________ Student Signature

____________________________________ Date

2013 Swanda Scholarship Application Antone & Julie Swanda Student information: (Last) __________________________________________ (First) ____________________________________ (MI) ____ (Mailing Address) ______________________________________________________________________________________ (Physical address, if different than mailing address) _________________________________________________________ (City, State, Zip) (Phone)



(Email) __________________________________________________

Parent/Legal Guardian information: 1. (Last) _______________________ (First) _________________ (MI) _____ (Relationship to applicant) _________________ (Mailing Address) _____________________________________________________________________________________ (City, State, Zip) __________________________________________________ (Phone) ______________________________ 2. (Last) _______________________ (First) _________________ (MI) _____ (Relationship to applicant) _________________ (Mailing Address) _____________________________________________________________________________________ (City, State, Zip) __________________________________________________ (Phone) ______________________________

College/Technical School information: (High School Name & Location) __________________________________________ GPA _______

ACT _______

SAT _______

(Graduation Date) ____________

Class Rank: _______

out of _______

(College/Technical School Name) __________________________________________ (Expected Start Date) __________ (City)_____________________________________________ (State) _______________________ (School Contact Name) _______________________________________

(Zip) _______________

(Contact Phone) _________________________

Please return application materials Postmarked by April 1, 2013 to: Powder River Energy Foundation Attn: Les Penning, Executive Director PO Box 930 Sundance, WY 82729


Outage notes: During a power outage, restoring electricity to our members is the highest priority and PRECorp crews work around the clock to restore service. Severe damage to power lines and distribution systems may take days to repair, especially if treacherous weather conditions persist. PRECorp emphasizes the importance of being prepared for dangerous winter storms and the power outages they may cause. Prepare ahead of time to have adequate supplies and know how to stay warm safely to weather a winter storm emergency. This is particularly important for families with special needs. • When you have a power outage the first step to take is to make sure it is a utility outage and not just a blown or tripped circuit in your house. If you are unfamiliar with your home power panel check with your neighbors to see if they have power. If they do, chances are you only have a tripped breaker. • We have a dispatcher on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Call 1-888-391-6220 and relay any outage or trouble information you might have. Please let the dispatcher know how critical the repair is - our linemen will work in the middle of the night if necessary. Our dispatcher will then take that information and send a line crew to find the problem causing the outage and begin work to restore the power. • At present, using the phone to report troubles is the only way we can be absolutely sure that you will receive an immediate response - especially at night or on weekends. Please do not use email to contact us. If you have more than one account with PRECorp, you will need to have your name, telephone number and meter numbers available to distinguish which account is affected by the outage. • The meter number is printed on your bill, and is also located on the face of the meter itself. The service address is located on the top portion of your bill above your mailing address. • Stay at least ten feet away from downed power lines. The voltages are so high that even getting close to one can draw an arc that could easily be fatal.

Report an outage: 1-888-391-6220


Wyoming Hunger Facts R

Feed A Family Powder River Energy is supporting the Wyoming Food Bank of the Rockies this holiday season. The fundraiser is called “Feed Operation RoundUp, Feed a Family.” Through the holiday season 100% of all funds raised through January will help the Wyoming Food Bank’s distributions to nonprofit organizations. The Powder River Energy Foundation and CoBank have donated a total of $10,000. Funds will primarily be used to help fund the Food for Thought Backpack Program. Approximately 3,880 children in this area have been identified as food insecure, meaning they don’t know where their next meal is coming from. The backpack program gives hungry children a bag of food for out-of-school time, especially during weekends and extended breaks in the school calendar. The Wyoming Food Bank of the Rockies delivers food supplies to distribution centers in Buffalo, Gillette, Hulett, Newcastle, Sheridan Sundance, Upton, and Wright.

• About 1 in 10 Wyoming citizens struggles with putting enough food on the table. • 39% of Wyoming children qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch. (That’s almost 26,000 children). These are the children of the working poor. Those who are employed but who are not bringing home enough income to cover all their expenses. • 13% of Wyoming children live in families with incomes below the poverty threshold and 31% live in families with incomes less than twice the federal poverty threshold ( 2009) • 9.4% of people in Wyoming live in poverty (Food Research and Action Center, 2009) • 6.2% of Wyoming seniors live in poverty How can I help? By joining Operation RoundUp this holiday season, 100% of your funds will directly benefit the organizations served in your county by the Wyoming Food Bank’s distribution nonprofit organizations. Monthly donations usually amount to a Continued on page 15.



Feed A Family

From page 14.

few cents, and the average yearly donation is roughly $6 per year, per account. That six dollars from just one person can provide 24 meals to those in need. Signing up is easy! Fill out and mail in the form below to Powder River Energy at PO Box 930, Sundance, WY, 82729. You can also check the enrollment box on the Powder River Energy Corporation bill, call the Member Service department at 1-800-442-3630 or stop by a business office in Sundance, Gillette, or Sheridan. Members may also sign up online at or The Foundation, created in 2007 under the auspices of the Powder River Energy Corporation, generates funds for charitable

organizations in PRECorp’s service territory in Campbell, Crook, Johnson, Sheridan and Weston counties. Members of PRECorp contribute through the Operation RoundUp program where cents are added to their monthly bill to bring it to an even dollar. Scan this into a The Foundation board of directors meets quarterly to consider applications from charities ranging from education and arts, to preservation, health care, and economic relief.

QR code app on your phone to sign up for Operation RoundUp.

For the New Year, help those in need: Fill out this sign-up form and join us in fighting hunger. R

Feed A Family

Insert the completed form in your remittance envelope. Enroll all my accounts in Operation RoundUp Enroll one of my accounts in Operation RoundUp (Acct. #) ______________________ Enroll specified number of my accounts in Operation RoundUp

(Acct. #’s) _______________________________________________________________ I’d like to make a one-time donation of $ ______________________

(Make checks payable to PRECorp Foundation.) Name __________________________________ Phone ___________________ Date ___________________ Signature ____________________________________________________




Safe use of electric heating products adds winter warmth PRECorp Marketing Communications When used properly and safely, electric blankets and other heating devices can help keep you toasty during cold winter months. Here are a few safety tips for electric blankets and heating pads to keep in mind: • Purchase items only if they have been approved by an independent testing facility, such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL). • Inspect all cords and connections for cracks and frayed edges, which are a huge fire and injury hazard. Replace blankets or heating pads with faulty cords. • Discard your blanket or heating pad if you see dark or charred spots on the surface. • Do not put another cover on top of an electric blanket unless the safety instructions included in the packaging specifically state it’s safe to do so. Some newer models protect against overheating. • Once your electric blanket or heating pad is switched on, keep it laid flat—a folded device can cause a fire, as can a blanket that’s been tucked in (which can bend wires). • Never use heated bedding while asleep—look for a model with a timer that switches off automatically.

Space heaters If you choose to use a space heater to supplement your home’s heating system, some of the same rules of thumb apply, including purchasing a safety-certified model and reading the included safety instructions. More tips for space heaters: • Keep units 3 feet away from combustible materials—such as bedding, curtains, clothes, and rugs. Also avoid using them in areas where you store flammable liquids like kerosene and gasoline. • In general, plugging space heaters directly into a wall outlet is best. If you must use an extension cord, make sure it’s the correct type and is the right wire gauge size for your particular space heater. Otherwise, use a wall socket that can handle the load. • Check safety instructions before using a space heater around water—some models are not intended for use in bathrooms. • Supervise children around space heaters so they aren't accidentally shocked or burned. • Finally, unplug and store the space heater in a safe place when you’re not using it.

Call before you dig: Call One-Call of Wyoming at 1-800-849-2476 at least two business days before you intend to dig and request the location of all underground facilities on public rightsof-way in the area of the construction or excavation. Be prepared with information about the scheduled time, location, and nature of your activity and the name of any contractor involved in the project. You may also have to pay for locates between meters and structures on private property. After the lines are located on both sides of the meter, you may proceed with the excavation. But remember if you know there are facilities in the area of your dig, you may need to take special care not to damage any lines or pipes POWDER RIVER ENERGY CORPORATION

and this may sometimes require hand digging as a precaution. Ignoring the line locations, or refusing to call before digging, could make the digger responsible for death, injury, multiple lawsuits and/or financial liability. Plan ahead. Call One-Call of Wyoming call at 1-800-8492476, at least 48-hours in advance of starting your project.

Regular business: 1-800-442-3630 • Report an outage: 1-888-391-6220

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