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PRECorp Mission Powder River Energy, your electric cooperative, will deliver high quality, competitively-priced electric power and services to our member-owners, while enhancing the quality of life by providing leadership and service in our communities.



PRECorp will be an innovative leader through growth in territory, services, and membership. We will be strategically aligned as we increase economies of scale, leverage opportunities for diversification, and improve team engagement. We will strive to influence regulation and political policies at all levels of government through involvement of our stakeholders. We will be an example of excellence to our cooperative network and will be the electrical power service provider, and employer of choice in the region. M1. At PRECorp my voice is heard

M2. PRECorp’s rates are fair and competitive

F1. Control Distribution Operating Costs

F2. Manage Wholesale Power Cost

F3. Retire Capital Credits




Internal Processes

P1. Member connectivity through innovation, education, communication P2. Support and encourage political relevancy

P5. Seek diversification of load mix

P3. Maintain proactively balanced regulatory framework

P6. Expand economies of scope and scale


People and Team Culture

P4. Support and develop community resources


M4. PRECorp is a good corporate citizen and leads by example

M3. PRECorp is easy to do business with

T1. Maximize Team Alignment with Strategy and Execution

P7. Maxmize engagement with wholesale power supply

Keeping Members First • Sustainable Growth

P10. Achieve excellence in core business

T3. Achieve a greater Team understanding of benefits and compensation

P11. Leverage technology to drive efficiencies

T4. Embrace succession planning, knowledge transfer, and retention


• Accountability • Commitment to Community


We will empower our Team

• Competitive Rates and High Quality Service

• Enhancing the Quality of Life of our Members


To successfully deliver the Strategic Processes

P12. Maintain competitive and fair rates for all

Support and Develop the PRECorp Team •

Ensuring stewardship and financial strength

P9. Maintain financial stability

P8. Manage risk of stranded investment T2. Appropriately Deploy Directive and Team Based Leadership

That provide a truly cooperative member experience

Guided by what matters most