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EXPERIMENTATION AND INNOVATION, THE HEART OF R&D Our quest for the best in sound quality and listening experience keeps us at the edge. The place where Art inspires us to stretch, explore, and take chances. Where Science turns what might be possible into what can be made and reproduced. Always…we keep listening to music, live and recorded, striving to go farther than we’ve been before. We listen to our customers and tap into their visions and dreams. We challenge ourselves to stay open, take in new ideas, test current assumptions, and learn. Remembering that drivers transform sound energy into art, into strong emotions that resonate in the human brain and being. Always…we maintain strong focus on basic research, testing, and rigorous measuring. Our aim is to ensure that what we perceive in the realm of Art can be captured and replicated, through Science, in the realm of everyday experience.

I use SEAS drivers for their outstanding sonic performance. I place unique requirements upon a driver’s behavior, pushing it to its limits. SEAS has taken those challenges, modified the design and delivered. I greatly value the consistency of their production processes and the quality with which their units are built year after year. All this taken together allows me to design remarkable loudspeakers." Siegfried Linkwitz

The art of sound perfection  

Seas The art of sound perfection

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