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SWEPT AWAY BY THE ACCURACY AND REALISM OF THE SOUND Perceptive listeners search for it – the aliveness and emotion transmitted in real-time performance, and conveyed through a superior sound system. High-end speaker manufacturers build to it. SEAS provides it, from driver to manufacturer to listener. The challenge requires a bold approach. At the front end, the intersection of scientific disciplines – Physics, chemistry, electromagnetics, materials science, mechanical engineering, neuroscience, to name just a few. Then the interplay of Art and Science – Addressing the objective and subjective dimensions of acoustic energy, sound production, and listening experience. Followed by pragmatic execution – Constant experimentation and testing to find the right materials. Purchasing parts from vendors who will deliver quality and consistency over batches, over years…or making them in-house. Monitoring the craft of the production process every step of the way. From energy waves to breathtaking music and voice. These are the lengths we go to. –5–

The art of sound perfection  

Seas The art of sound perfection

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